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81 Hironobu Kageyama

He's great he has a great voice and his songs are great but most of his songs are I think anime songs

82 Issay
83 J (Onose Jun)

Luna Sea bass player. His solo work lasts for ten years already. Last album "On Fire" He's awesome, isn't he!?

84 Hizumi (D'espairsRay)
85 Aoi Aoi
86 Miku (An Cafe)
87 Ryo (9Goats Black Out)

He can do anything he wants with his voice. Go to a soft deep voice, to a deathly scream without effort. Besides, he's a marvelous song writer, graphic designer, and has a long career as a musician.

88 Satsuki
89 Uruha Uruha V 2 Comments
90 Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
91 Kenji Sawada
92 Klaha (Malice Mizer)

Why is he so low on the list? Like, come on! It's Malice Mizer. Malice Mizer had very good vocalists like him and Gackt (sorry Tetsu...)

93 Hiro Takahashi
94 Isshi (Kagrra)

One of the best singers to grace the Visual Kei scene, such majesty in his voice, tis a shame he passed away in 2011.

95 Fujiwara Motoo (Bump Of Chicken)
96 Kyono (Mad Capsule Markets)
97 Yoshiki Fukuyama
98 Dada (Velvet Eden)
99 Hirosuke
100 Jui (Vidoll)
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