Best Michael Jackson Dance Videos

Pick the video that you think the king of pop danced most fantastically.

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1 Ghost

IT'S HARD TO DO THIS!... like wow, I'm juss practicing!... and it's hard... plus it moves your legs a lot - SmoothCriminal

In the world book of records as the longest music video... The dancing was amazing and I love the song. -

The best dance moves of all times it is just amazing

2 Remember the Time

One of the greatest music videos of the 90's. The choreography was just impressive and MJ looked stunning in it. The whole story was interesting - Irina2932

It's my favourite video from him. I love the rhythm, it's just make me feel dancing!

3 In The Closet
4 Smooth Criminal

It should be #1, like NOW!, because when he when he was performing this song on Dangerous tour, right after the 2nd CHorus he starts dancing as HELL, go on Youtube and check it out - SmoothCriminal

It's awesome but not that part when that fat little afro boy was dancing it was funny it reminded me of Justin Bieber for some reason - SmoothCriminal

OF COURSE, it's the #1 Criminal dance song of all time - SmoothCriminal

How does he do that lean? It is just awesome

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5 Bad V 1 Comment
6 Black or White
7 You Rock My World You Rock My World
8 Jam
9 Give In to Me
10 Blood On the Dance Floor Blood On the Dance Floor Blood on the Dance Floor was an American crunkcore group that last consisted of multi-instrumentalist, singer and rapper Dahvie Vanity and singer and rapper Jayy von Monroe, that formed in 2007 in Florida and disbanded in 2016 . more. V 1 Comment

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11 Thriller

Michael is amazing dancer on YouTube I love Michael all my heart I am his only fan it touches melissa's heart.

12 Scream

scream is amazing and Michael looks so pretty on it!

Awesome dancing. My sister is crazy about this song. She Usally tap dances when she hears the music

13 They Don't Care About Us V 1 Comment
14 Beat It
15 Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
16 The Way You Make Me Feel
17 Billie Jean
18 Dirty Diana
19 Teaser
20 Brace Yourself
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