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1 Wrecking Ball

Such a good song, yet the video spoils it all; a little too provocative?

Yeah! But this song is totally breathtaking. And she's not the only singer who does that! So video doesn't matter. An amazing song she gave us.

I loved this song. It makes me see Miley in a different way. Absolutely lovely. No song has ever made me feel different about a person. This is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard

This song is best song from miley.It deserve to be number 1.Miley is a great singer.And this song prove it again.I love this song.

People hate this because of its video, but minus the video, it's...meh. - naFrovivuS

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2 The Climb

This song is beautiful. I remember I sang it for my school talent show when I was is grade 3! It's great because it talks about life's struggles and how there's always going to be "the climb", which is comforting during times of need, whereas most songs now are about love... And other stuff...

I'm not really a big fan of Miley Cyrus... But I LOVE this song... Its beautiful, and very inspiring... Mileys vocals are perfect... And the video is awesome as well... THE BEST Miley Cyrus SONG EVER.

Not a big fan of her... But this song is amazing... True story of life's struggles is conveyed in it beautifully. Love it... Its her best song... And moreover comes in her movie too...

The only good Hannah Montana song - Cartoonfan202

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3 Party in the U.S.A.

I used to hate all English songs and when I heard miley's songs I became the fan of her now, when ever I scroll on T.V. and I see any movie of Hannah I always want to see it and this song and the climb I love the most

One of her best and most catchy songs

My fave of all Miley songs.

No no no no no.. This song can't be old & should be number 1. I'm tired of wrecking ball.Though it is nice but Miley did say "she's regretting making that song so stop voting that and make " Party in the USA number 1.

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4 We Can't Stop

Wow Great! Cool song. My favorite song by Miley. I just love it

Awesome song. It's damn excellent love miley after this song

This song is awesome, for teenagers this song is perfect...

I like this song, But don't like her video. - LapisBob

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5 When I Look at You

You can hear them, the lyrics, miley's unforgettable voice, the "beautiful melody" shouting for all their worth. Fragile but strong. A letter, a message loud enough to drown out the wind. The words that will stay with you forever.

Has definitely got to be the greatest song she has sang. Watch her perform it live on American idol.. BRILLIANT!

This Song Is Beautiful. I Believe Is Her Song On The Number 1

A beautiful melody when the nights so long

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6 7 Things

Easily her best song but why is there now two lists of her top tens? What was wrong with the last one? And where's Rockstar?

It's really catchy and fun to listen to.

I LOVE it! Hah laugh out loud

She loves a guy for doing terrible things? Yeah, not a great message, but the song is alright. - DCfnaf

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7 Butterfly Fly Away

Really beautiful song. Makes me damn happy whenever I listen it. Its really touching I must say. - mohit100

Makes me cry its awesome

Beautiful song! Definitely one of my favorites by her

I love the song because it's a family tradition in her family and the way she sings it I just love it it's peaceful song and I don't know what else to say I'm speechless

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8 Adore You

I don't know what's the magic has this song that I'm in love with it."Adore you" is really beautiful song. Miley looks so natural in the vevo. I don't care what people thinks about her. She's a amazing singer in my opinion. I'm sure everyone going to love this. Lyrics is simply brilliant. This song should be at least top 5. I don't know people what's see in "we can't stop"? It's a good party song but not better than "Adore you".

This is my favorite song by Her! Her vocals shine and show life to her talent. She really sung this song from her heart.

Are you people crazy? I can't believe that this track is #10. There must be something missing in your musical order. This is even better than wrecking ball

This song should be top 3

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9 Can't Be Tamed

This is awesome...I love miley and this song.The video is also great.Miley have great voice.I wanna thanks to miley for giving us amazing song.I still listen this song every day.AND thanks again for amazing album...
Love you so so much.

Tottaly rocks.Great video, nice song and the dance move is just wow.I can't understand why its fall down in 9.Its should be in top 5 beside we can't stop..I think its better than we can't stop for this song smilers...

One of her best song! Love the music video and the dubstep to the song and the beat! Must be on top 5

Wow...Miley must've tried to warn us about 2013...well...alrighty then. Anyways, good song to rock to. - DCfnaf

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10 Malibu

Miley Cyrus has released her new single! And the Miley that everyone wanted is here. No more sellout hoe Miley, no more Hannah Montana...just country pop Miley. - DCfnaf

This new single gonna be one of her best songs of all time

Voting and listening this song at the same time

Beautiful Miley and Beautiful Malibu.
This countryPop things really suit her.
Keep it up with the good work 😊

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11 FU

Really well done and produced the lyrics are actually really sharp and French Montana just adds a lil texture.. to be honest her best song from her album

How do you not love this song?

This song, is everything

Why is this not in the top Ten over "7 Things"? - DCfnaf

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12 Fly on the Wall

Paparazzi, Love, Action! This song has it all!

Hello I'm jennifart perez ad I believe that this is Miley Cyrus' best song ever. it should be number 1. a good catchy beat so everybody vote it up please!

I am in love with this song! I can't stop listening to it. Why the heck is this 10? It should be at least among the first five.

It could get annoying, but you gotta love that she dissed the paparazzi - DCfnaf

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13 Inspired

It's really good! Beautiful country pop. Miley is doing FANTASTIC this year. - DCfnaf

Def the best song

This song is so god.I don't know why but I cried when I heard this song for the first time.Very inspiring and heart-touching lyrics.

Why? Why? Why?
Why people making hit those songs which has no meaning? If you honestly compare this to other 2017 songs.I am sure, even if you are a miley hater you'll admit how good this song is!

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14 Younger Now

Referencing all of her stages. Hannah Montana, Partying, Sex, Country, etc. - DCfnaf

This song has thousand meanings.You just have to listen with your heart ❤

She looks happier than ever.I never imagined she's that much talented.This songs has kind of Hannah Montana vibes.So I love it more. The Dance part is my favorite.Proud Smiler 😊

I love how she represent the whole things that she had been through.I am going explain the song.
"Even though it's not who I am,I'm not afraid of who I used to be"
$ - Remember people,Hannah Montana was a character.That wasn't miley.It is a role that played by her so you can't wish to act like one that she is not.So she wanted to do something that cover her fake self.2013 was the year she made her own choice to live her own way.And she is not regreting by done it.
"No one stays the same".I am sure you are not the same person that you used to be.Every day you must wanted to change yourself.You wanted something new happen.So did she. And the doll she hugged it was her self.All the hatred she faced alone.It was horrible so she hugged herself and wished everything is going to be okay.She is a human being toobjust like all of you.So be nice to everyone.And yes this song is also inspired by her idol Elvis Presely.

15 Who Owns My Heart

Every time I listen to this song I get chills, It makes me want to go out and party all night with my girl.

This is awesome. Love it. Cool and a real party song with sexy voice.

Love it and also love Miley and I will love her always I am a great fan of her and of her voice

Pretty good song. - DCfnaf

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16 See You Again

I don't know what else to say other than I love it. I really don't care for Miley Cyrus but I really do like this song just because I think everyone can relate to it. but its not a really slow song it's a fun upbeat song that everyone can have a good time with.

How is this not number 1?!?! I was addicted to this song for a few months!
It never get overplayed and old

So simple and a great song..

I loved the old Miley...

But the new one is also nice but

Not beautiful as the old one...

:) I am a bif fan of yours more over your songsssS

Ah is very good

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17 Start All Over

Very cool & Crazy & Unique song... You'll like it whenever you hear it till the end...

Cool song and also the video. She looks so pretty on the vedio. So much entertainment, so much. I love the song. You'll notich one thing that the video is going nonstop. And she did great as well. Go ahead

Listen this song and watched the video. She looks cutie little angel.


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18 Don't Walk Away

This is the one old song of miley that is still in my phone,

My favorite song

Don't walk away when I am talking to yeiw,ah uh!

Cool song.still love it.

Old songs matter
pretty awesome,
i wish this song had a video,

19 I'll Always Remember You

This is a great song - RoseCandyMusic

I enjoy this song

This song is one of the best song pleas lisen

I love this song! I cried when I heard it though, it reminded me of my friend who mov
ed away, This song is awesome!

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20 Hoedown Throwdown

Its her best this is my 1. Hoedown Throwdown 2. Party in the usa 3. Wrecking ball 4. Best of both worlds 5. We can't stop

It's a catchy and a fun song. Everyone can enjoy with it. I really like it. Whenever I feel bore this song cheer me up.

I love this song for the video. Her cuteness made me love her. She's now crazy but still cute. But not good as Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus is good but Hannah Montana was better


I like this dance

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