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1 Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball Cover Art

Only voting for this one so it moves back to Number 1. Great song. One of 2013-2015 Miley's most meaningful songs. The song is breathtaking and it's underrated. Why? Because she swung naked on a wrecking ball in the music video. Please, that doesn't make the actual song awful at all. Really great song and I think it's better than the current number 1.

It's a killer song. Damn I can't get enough this at all. Every time I listen and think why this song took less time. I mean it should be longer. I played again and again. It's not just number 1 song in this list. It's worlds number 1 song in my list. Miley is so incredible singer in the earth.

I loved this song. It makes me see Miley in a different way. Absolutely lovely. No song has ever made me feel different about a person. This is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard

She was a sweet girl once and always a good singer. Now I suddenly see a new her and I really don't like it. This song is amazing as long as you avoid the music video. It makes it cheap.

2 The Climb The Climb Cover Art

Beautiful song about life's struggles. Every time I hear this I get a nostalgic feeling that makes me want to listen to all of Miley's old Songs in her Hannah Montana years from 2006-2009 or makes me want to re-watch The Miley and Mandy Show. This song here showcased Miley's awesome personality to its fullest extent.

This song is beautiful. I remember I sang it for my school talent show when I was is grade 3! It's great because it talks about life's struggles and how there's always going to be "the climb", which is comforting during times of need, whereas most songs now are about love... And other stuff...

The Climb is easily her best song. Even listeners that don't really like Miley will probably love this song. This song basically addresses life's struggle but being strong enough to get through it. It beautifully conveys the struggle of life. The climb is the most important part of the mountain, not the other side.

This is her best song. It's just so meaningful and romantic, with beautiful lyrics that everyone can relate to. For me it's still like her signature song. It proved that Miley can be super popular and creative without doing the things she does now.

3 Party in the U.S.A. Party in the U.S.A. Cover Art

I used to hate all English songs and when I heard miley's songs I became the fan of her now, when ever I scroll on T.V. and I see any movie of Hannah I always want to see it and this song and the climb I love the most

I and we all love Miley and I love her all songs always.But I think we missed our old Miley because he was great and today's Miley is also great but I really missed Hannah Montana if you also so ask a question from Miley "Can You Be Hannah Montana Again? "please

If only Amy Rose (voiced by Miley Cyrus standing at 5'10" & weighing 394 lbs) & Mario (6' 6" & 704 lbs due to his extremely large steroid problem) sang a duet of this song. Amy Rose is 2 inches wider than the very muscular Mario.

Besides being a *little* cheesy and having a ton of autotune, this is actually a good song. However, it's not better than Wrecking Ball due to it being simplistic and generic. Still a fun and catchy song.

4 We Can't Stop We Can't Stop Cover Art

It doesn't get better than this. I have a lot of memories attached to this song, and whenever I hear it, I am instantly put in a good mood. It just makes you feel like dancing and partying.

I didn't like this song at first because of the video but after listening to it a few more times I felt that I like the song. It's so amazing, makes you feel carefree.

Miley fans are just drunk and they praise Miley after all the wrong stuff she did. She belongs to an animal shelter along with her fans.

Wow Great! Cool song. My favorite song by Miley. I just love it

5 When I Look at You When I Look at You Cover Art

I remember watching "The Last Song" in the movie theater with my best friend and we were both so impressed with Miley's growth- she seemed so much more mature and had really broken out of her shell. And this song was so perfect, she really wasn't rainbows and butterfly Hannah Montana anymore. I felt so differently of her and had so much more respect. Such a beautiful song that anyone can relate to while thinking about a family member, lover or friend. Deserves to be #1

You can hear them, the lyrics, miley's unforgettable voice, the "beautiful melody" shouting for all their worth. Fragile but strong. A letter, a message loud enough to drown out the wind. The words that will stay with you forever.

From Egypt Hi to all USA people.
This song is one of the best songs I have ever heard in my entire life for one of the greatest singers in all times Miley Cyrus.
We love you so so much.

Has definitely got to be the greatest song she has sang. Watch her perform it live on American idol.. BRILLIANT!

6 Adore You Adore You Cover Art

I don't know what's the magic has this song that I'm in love with it."Adore you" is really beautiful song. Miley looks so natural in the vevo. I don't care what people thinks about her. She's a amazing singer in my opinion. I'm sure everyone going to love this. Lyrics is simply brilliant. This song should be at least top 5. I don't know people what's see in "we can't stop"? It's a good party song but not better than "Adore you".

This song is actually so beautiful. I mean Oh my gosh! Please listen this song. The lyrics is awesome. This song dedicate to my love (Bulbul)

"Baby can you hear me?
When I'm crying out for you
I'm scared oh, so scared
But when you're near me
I feel like I'm standing with army
Of man of armed

When you say love me
Know I love you more
When you say need
Know I need you more

One of her breathtaking song. I just love it. The video is so beautiful. How we are thirsty for love, She express it by the video. And how we feel about it every single moment. No doubt it's simply beutiful.

Are you people crazy? I can't believe that this track is #10. There must be something missing in your musical order. This is even better than wrecking ball

7 Malibu Malibu Cover Art

There really aren't words to describe how perfect this song is. Everything is just amazing and she looks so happy with life. I just covered this incredible song and would really appreciate anyone who can give my cover a chance. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you'll see and hear.

Miley Cyrus has released her new single! And the Miley that everyone wanted is here. No more sellout hoe Miley, no more Hannah Montana...just country pop Miley.

I wanna see this song in top of the list.Finally I've waited so long to watch "Hannah Montana" vibes.Well I love Miley but I became smiler after watching Hannah Montana so this one is my most favourite.I don't know what am writing its just I am so happy and excited for her upcoming new songs.

This new single gonna be one of her best songs of all time

8 Can't Be Tamed Can't Be Tamed Cover Art

One of her best song! Love the music video and the dubstep to the song and the beat! Must be on top 5

Miley was really good at rock, I wish she would have stuck with it, she would have been as unique as she is now still!

This is such a awesome song. Makes me feel independent but where is stay and permanent december.

I kinda like this kind of music of hers.I know when she sings pop she goes crazy but that's little bit fun.Oh well I love her clean act also.But this song is my favorite.I hope she will return to pop no to bangerz but pop.

9 FU FU Cover Art

Really well done and produced the lyrics are actually really sharp and French Montana just adds a lil texture.. to be honest her best song from her album

This song is perfect, I think it deserves the top ten over Fly on the Wall

Probably one of her best. Should be higher than We Can't Stop

How do you not love this song?

10 7 Things 7 Things Cover Art

Easily her best song but why is there now two lists of her top tens? What was wrong with the last one? And where's Rockstar?

She loves a guy for doing terrible things? Yeah, not a great message, but the song is alright.

It's really catchy and fun to listen to.

It is the best song ever by Miley! Thanks for such a great song

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? Midnight Sky Midnight Sky Cover Art

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11 Butterfly Fly Away Butterfly Fly Away Cover Art

Very smooth song and great lyrics. It's always make me feel so good. I love the old Miley and miss her so so much. Still love her. She sang it with her father. And this song express that her father always there for her. So do we (Smiler) Miley. We are always there for you.

♥Caterpiller in the tree
How you wonder who'll be
Can't go far but you always dream
Wish you may and wish you mind
Don't you worry hold on tight
I promise you there will come a day
Butterfly fly away♥

Really beautiful song. Makes me damn happy whenever I listen it. Its really touching I must say.

This song is pretty emotional and a heart touching song. I always use to sing this song. I love the old Miley very much.

One of the most heart-touching songs ever. you can hear the emotions in her voice. this song always brings tears to my eyes

12 Inspired Inspired Cover Art

Why? Why? Why?
Why people making hit those songs which has no meaning? If you honestly compare this to other 2017 songs.I am sure, even if you are a miley hater you'll admit how good this song is!

Wait what? Why this song is down here? Very emotional and so meaningful.It's sad people just making hit those songs which are made up with lot of drama,has no meaning but here is the best song that no one care.She should have Grammy for this one.

If this song written by Miley and haven't got any award for this one then totally injustice happend with her.

Love the new album "Younger now",among all the songs "Inspired" is my favorite.Makes me cry.I am very proud of her.

13 Fly on the Wall Fly on the Wall Cover Art

This is a great song! I think she is expressing her experience with paparazzi
It is almost creepy, but fun!
She has a great voice and this shows different skills of talent!
I think it would my scale!

I am in love with this song! I can't stop listening to it. Why the heck is this 10? It should be at least among the first five.

Hello I'm jennifart perez ad I believe that this is Miley Cyrus' best song ever. it should be number 1. a good catchy beat so everybody vote it up please!

Its got a great beat! Though wrecking ball is feirce and beautiful at the same time, fly on the wall just can't be beat

14 Younger Now Younger Now Cover Art

Just how talented this girl is? Not just a singer but a brilliant song writer & this song is extra special. She included all her ups & down which is rearrange beautifully.I really love her.

This video has such a beautiful message she is saying that change is a thing that happens to everyone and that it makes you stronger.

Very underrated song. This song has a deep meaning about her life. Seriously people these days are tasteless.

Referencing all of her stages. Hannah Montana, Partying, Sex, Country, etc.

15 See You Again See You Again Cover Art

I don't know what else to say other than I love it. I really don't care for Miley Cyrus but I really do like this song just because I think everyone can relate to it. but its not a really slow song it's a fun upbeat song that everyone can have a good time with.

How can anyone in their right mind go for this horrible stuff? Stupid and vulgar... All of it everything she says and does. We need to pray for her

This song is so unique and very different. I just can't listen to this song just once I repeat it about 4 to 5 times a day. I totally lovvveee it.

I love this song since I was 11. Now I am a huge smiler. Love her every new songs but nothing goes compare it.

16 Who Owns My Heart Who Owns My Heart Cover Art

Every time I listen to this song I get chills, It makes me want to go out and party all night with my girl.

Love it and also love Miley and I will love her always I am a great fan of her and of her voice

This is awesome. Love it. Cool and a real party song with sexy voice.

I love it but her voice sounds like she was sick.

17 Nobody's Perfect Nobody's Perfect Cover Art

This song motivate me every time I listen it & it is so catchy. I love it.

I am Nobody. Nobody is perfect. Therefore, I am Perfect.

The Bible said ant nobody perfect we all sinners stfu leave her alone

That's a very cool song

18 Don't Walk Away Don't Walk Away Cover Art

This is the one old song of miley that is still in my phone,

My favorite song

Don't walk away when I am talking to yeiw,ah uh!

Cool song.still love it.

I remember,I won 2nd prize for singing this song in my school.Awww! I miss those days.I am not complaining though.I really love her & this song.

19 Start All Over Start All Over Cover Art

Cool song and also the video. She looks so pretty on the vedio. So much entertainment, so much. I love the song. You'll notich one thing that the video is going nonstop. And she did great as well. Go ahead

Very cool & Crazy & Unique song... You'll like it whenever you hear it till the end...

Listen this song and watched the video. She looks cutie little angel.

She looks so cute and adorable in this song. Cute Miley😍

20 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cover Art

I enjoy this song very very much. It's so meaningful and she sang it with fun. If she made this video it will be more fun. Unfortunately she didn't make it. But love this so much...

Doesn't matter who create this song?
Miley always sings better.

Please don't tell me this was one of Cyndi Lauper's songs!

I love miley cyrus and her songs

21 Hoedown Throwdown Hoedown Throwdown Cover Art

I love this song for the video. Her cuteness made me love her. She's now crazy but still cute. But not good as Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus is good but Hannah Montana was better


It's a catchy and a fun song. Everyone can enjoy with it. I really like it. Whenever I feel bore this song cheer me up.

Its her best this is my 1. Hoedown Throwdown 2. Party in the usa 3. Wrecking ball 4. Best of both worlds 5. We can't stop

This song was stuck in my head all day

22 Maybe You're Right Maybe You're Right Cover Art

As much as I am not a big fan of Miley Cyrus, this is a Really great song. I love the lyrics. It's so beautiful. I think at this moment she is very good singer. Cause she can write her own song by herself. And the way she sing its really beautiful. Her party and sad songs are so creative. Including this song. I am so much love with this song. Wanna hear it guys? Just listen.

I love the song and how the way she sang it. Really unpredictable. This song is full of emotional and heart touching song. One who broke up a relationship they can actually can feel the meaning. Beautiful, amazing, emotional, romantic all the mix has this song. I assure you. You'll love it♥

So beautiful, emotional and soulful! Incredible production and vocals and one of my favourite ballads ever!

"Maybe You're Right"
Nice song I must say. She is a very good singer but I don't know why she acts so crazy? Show your talent Miley, ((Nidhi))

23 Fall Down Fall Down Cover Art

I used to listen her old music like The climb, When I look at you, Can't be tamed, Butterfly fly away, Let's dance etc etc. There's no song that I'd not heard. But when this song releasd I was so exciting. Because after a long time she realise it. I was kind a dissapoint for her voice but believe me later you can't rid of her voice. It's addicted. I love this song. I hear it every single day.

I know this song belongs to cause he made it but Miley left a great moment of her singing style. It's so addicted and fantastic. All credit should goes to Miley.

Beautiful song should be in top 10 songs!

William is owner of the song but
Miley killed it.She rocks

24 Take Me Along Take Me Along Cover Art

Not any word to express about this song. I love it. I just love it. Listen this song. It's very soulful and a beautiful song. Nobody can compare with it. Very cathier and emotional. If anyone say it's a bad song than I'll say he/she is a deaf or has bad taste of music.

I don't know what I have to say about this song. I just love it. Belive me guys. This is one of her best song by far. Very emotional and a beautiful. I know Miley's all songs are amazing but this one is best. Sometime it makes me cry.

I love this song. Sometimes it made cry:(. Very emotional.

I don't understand why you're leaving me
I don't understand how without you I can't
Please don't, don't leave me here
Take my hand, I plead in tears
I don't understand why you can't take me with

This song makes me sad :'( and I love

25 Liberty Walk Liberty Walk Cover Art

Love this song. Her rapping style is too cool. I always use to sing this one. One day some of my friends in school caught me while I, m singing. They loved it and took this song from my cell. I love Miley so much.

So she had a rapping skill! sweets

One of my favorite song,Miley you rocks

Her best song ever. I love it, I love, I love. Check out the lyrics. So meaningful. She sung perfectly.

Team smiler ^_^

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