Top Ten Best MMO Browser Games

This is a list of the most popular web browser games. Web browser games are different from the the MMORPG becase it requires no downloads.

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1 Ikariam

The story of Ikariam starts on a sunny island in the Mediterranean:
Industrious workers, soldiers and researchers build on their own little empire between white beaches and rocky hills.

The many thousands of players of the latest Gameforge browser game first jointly work on exploiting the raw materials of the island better, before using trade and also the help of their soldiers to grow into a glorious people.

Every clan of fighters, however dauntless, is doomed without forming alliances and making commercial agreements, without supporting other peoples and using the assistance of friends.

Ikariam shines not only with its graphics that can compare with any modern computer game, but also with a fascinating mix of trade, warfare and diplomacy.

Ahh Ikariam is the Best... Even if they remove my server. Ph I still like the game

Ika was good but devel. Killed it with new versions... Its not same game like it was 3 years ago when I started to play it... But still is the BEST browser game

I have played many online games, but none better than IKARIAM!

BEST GAME! PLAY IT OR DIE! ;)Ikariam is the best strategy game online ever created so far! TO THE BE THE BEST! LOVE THIS GAME 4 EVER!

Yes. I play Ikariam too and it is the best browser game I have ever tried and I have tried a lot... New Versions are updating very fast and the newest version is very good! The only way it can be boring is when you're city is the biggest of all and you can'tupgrade anything!

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2 Infinite Battle

faster then ogameand with lots of new technology! and its completely free!

3 Travian

Most addicting game ever.

Build your empire on economy or by stealing from others. Attack, defend, lead, there's an immense amount to be done. Tons of fun to be had.

Met a lot of awesome people from all parts of the world because of Travian.

So simple it can run on anything.
So startegic wholle alliances will meet up to trace strategies.
So addicting people have played whole servers without unlogging (PROOF)

It's just awesome

Travian is a good game, you meet new people, and you have much fun plying it for days, weeks, months you just can't stop =) You say you'll quit after this round but then you register next time just to check and you'll start play again

Superb Game I love it... It's the game where we can build empire. If there is show of battle war we will be getting more members to play this game but then also its superb cool game

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4 OGame

OGame � Conquer the universe!

The endless expanse of the universe is the home of the probably most successful browser game of all times: OGame.

The players are galactic emperors building mines and factories on their home planets. They explore technologies to venture into distant galaxies. More than 30 million players compete against each other for supremacy of the universe: Be it as a lonely merchant of raw materials or as a member of a martial alliance fighting battles of unlimited size. The interest in OGame is still unbroken even after six years.

5 Grepolis

Just awesome, the game may seem like a boring game when you first start it but when you actually start playing the game I mean when you start conquering cities, building up your city, building up your troops, killing off the opponents troops etc. there are so many things to do. but you will only feel at the top of your game when you are winning so when you are loosing you will hate playing but that's your fault because if you do everything they correct way then there is no way that you can be loosing.

All in all, it's a great game to play for all ages.

Superb. This game is by far the best of the MMOs.

The excellent naval combat, graphics and not forgetting the alliance warfare, Grepolis by far tops this list.

Grepolis is the best online browser game for me. I've played it 1 and a half year and still am playing. You have to try this game.

Grepolis is a game for all types of gamers. Excellent quality, graphics, and the game you could ever hope for. I say try this game today for alliances, gods, world wonders, and REAL people.

6 Forevex

You will learn how the stock market works playing and having fun. Invest without any risk, totally free. At this stock exchange game, everything is ruled by the fame of the stocks. At forevex quotes athletes, politicians, actors, musicians, brands, etc... Buy and sell stocks and become an expert investor. Gain neteuros in this stock market game and exchange them for amazing gifts, real money or prizes.

The language of this website is Spanish, but it is very easy understand and play.

7 Arthic

Arthic is a flash multiplayer game based on science fiction story line. Due to great graphics and gameplay it seem to start new era in browser games. Thanks to community system Arthic is becoming one of the best of kind.

8 Lords of Evil

Lords of Evil is a complex game of strategy, ingenuity, and power. As you strive to become a top player in LoE you must allocate your resources and military forces strategically. Are you a defensive player looking to become powerful in resource levels and defensive buildings? Will you choose to walk the offensive path and brutalize people with your strong military force and take the resources you want? Addictive, fun, and a with great development team, Lords of Evil, remains to be one of the future great web based strategy games meant for players of all ages! What are you waiting for? Your kingdom awaits!

9 Tribal Wars

I used to be addicted to this game, my favourite browser based game EVER!

Very good game, no end-game scenario (alliances just fight until a strong tribe take out all the other tribes), but it is very well thought and balanced, and could be very fun if you're a team player.

It is constantly being improved, but as usual sometimes in worlds where players have too many villages (near the end) it is very hard to go 1v1 against a premium player (one that pays money for the game)... but if you're in a good tribe, that won't be a big issue.

What I like the most about it is that it is both simple and sophisticated at the same time, you can do both micro-management (timing tricks.. etc) and macro-management (planning continent domination, and later... world domination *evil smile* muahahaa)

10 Gladius 2

The Contenders

11 RuneScape

A game that really tests your patience. It's true a lot of kids play it but the majority of players is still adults!

RuneScape is boss!

Why not 1st

12 Zandal

Zandal is a science fiction online game about wars futurist.

in this game you can build your own unique futurist city able to be seen for any players who explore you planet. and you can build special city by exploring the universe looking for new items.

it has also the best explore tools ever seen because you can explore 120 planets graphic and complete offline and you can attack them in there too.

you can see an idea of the combat by watching the image gif that you get in every combat.

13 The Legacy of Holy Castle

The brand new massive multiplayer web-game, The Legacy of Holy Castle, is making its appearance. Differ from other common web-game, The Legacy of Holy Castle is based on fantasy warfare story background, and the game also processes a combination of RPG and SLG elements to bring the most astounding gaming experience to its players.

14 City of Eternals

City of Eternals is a Vampire MMORPG set in the city of New Valencia. As we travel from district to district we learn the stories, history and issues that New Valencians face each day.

The game is too good for me at least play it for 2 years...

15 e-Sim

You wear equipments. Fight and try to deal highest damage in war. Destroy and dominate echonomy. With all real humans. 2000 monthly active players at Suna. Trading and fighting with you. Create armies, be prime minister create giant anonymous companies with other playe rs. h ttps://su na.e - s im.o rg /lan.203463/ register with this link contact with yuno44907 become level 7 and get bonus GOLD

16 eRepublik

Best game ever. I can't stop playing it. I was banned few times and I always register again.

Best game ever made. Try it and you will love it. It's military-economy based game. And there are many players to help yoy.

17 Adventure Quest Worlds

This very interest game

18 Star Trek Online Star Trek Online Product Image
19 Hero Town

I'm pretty new to Hero Town. It's pretty easy to figure out what to do. There is a tutorial, and a real friendly community that is growing each day. You can grind levels or skills, or if you like to explore there is a lot of that to do too. There is a lot of potential with plans to add a lot more. If you are looking for a good and very addicting browser text game then this is it.

20 Forge of Empires

Very fun to play!

Amazing new game by InnoGames. Following the success of Tribal Wars and Grepolis
Try it now!

21 The Crims
22 Soccer Manager

For all soccer fans, this is a game that really close to the famous Football Manager game. Give it a try, it's FREE!

23 Mastermind.LI

Seriously excellent game. Tons of depth, but is pretty easy to hop in without any experience. V2 is looking really slick.

Pretty fun multiplayer game. No download or email verification crap either.

24 Hostile Space

Hostile Space is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that takes place in a vast persistent galaxy. Players take on the role of a star ship captain with goals including planetary exploration, mining, bounty hunting, smuggling goods, and taking on terrible space monsters. There is a diverse set of races and classes to select from. Rewards include ship upgrades, new weapons, psionic abilities, new skills, and alien technology. Gameplay is focused toward small team play but soloing is possible throughout the game. Since the galaxy is persistent, new quests are available every day, and new areas/creatures are added regularly.

25 Shakes & Fidget
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