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41 Tundra / Desert
42 Medication
43 Styrofoam Boots / It's All Nice on Ice, Alright

Probably the best lyrics I've ever heard, simply put. Great song.

Hilarious blasphemy at its best...

And then the drums kick in.

44 Baby Blue Sedan
45 Lives

Under rated song, great lyrics

46 Florida

This is one of my favorite songs, very nice to hear.

47 Interstate 8

Surprised this one isn't higher... This song definitely gives me the feels!

This should definitely be higher. It's in my top 25.

This song is definitely one of my favorites :)
sad its not higher though

48 Tiny Cities Made of Ashes

The coca cola song. It is a really weird song but, I love this one.

49 Life Like Weeds
50 Dance Hall
51 The Good Times Are Killing Me

The most sweet song about drugs that I have ever heard.

Have one more have 20 more one mores.

52 Perfect Disguise

From the bottom of the best to the worst, well what can I say?

53 The Whale Song
54 Broke
55 Jesus Christ Was an Only Child
56 The Waydown
57 Sleepwalkin'
58 Lounge (Closing Time)
59 A Different City
60 Breakthrough

Gotta love those opening twenty-six seconds! Then it just explodes into the chorus! Awesome! So dang quirky!

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