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1 Voltage

Voltage is by far the most delicious Dew available. 10/10 for sure. Personally I feel like Typhoon and Supernova should have been kept alive as well. If the Apocalypse came in the form of tangy, delicious, and satisfying drinks. It would come in the form of this Trio! Think about it, your sitting there one day, sad as can be. Holding a can of some Shasta or Big K drink in your hand. Your life seems wasted, but then the ground shakes, the sky darkens, the oceans tremble. You're hit! First with a tidal wave of flavor from Typhoon, then you get electrocuted by 50 Billion volts of satisfaction from Voltage. Then just when you thought it was over...The sun, the very sun explodes! It's power and energy impacts your very soul with a Supernova that can only be described as out of this world. You're body left twitching from the sensation. You wonder "could this be the end? Is it really over" As your eyes begin to close, your vision starting to fade into nothingness. Then a white ...more

Whenever something has the flavor of blue raspberry, its pretty my guaranteed favorite choice of whatever I'm eating. Same exact thing with Mountain Dew Voltage, IT IS GODLY!

Greatest Dink of all time. Would drink if you don't like boys

It's the greatest of all time

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2 Baja Blast

Can't live without this flavor

I drink an entire case in 1 day

I drink 7 up

so good

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3 Code Red

The best dew in my opinion nothing can stand up to the red king.

I think its awesome and I will drink it every day for the rest of my life.

I don't like Voltage that much. Code red is the best drink ever! - venomouskillingmachine

Code red is awesome it's too bad it is getting harder to find, but still I love the drink. I also like the original, but code red is awesome. It deserves to be number 1

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4 Original

Original is the classic - BorisRule


The original is the best. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Been hooked since the early 90's. Nothing beats the canned version brought down to near freezing temperatures.

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5 White Out

Best flavor ever

White Out is the bomb it is awesome nothing beats moutain dew with a blast of citrious it is the best mountain dew ever made hands down!
Plus it won the 2 dewmocracy voting contest - yankeefan72

This is my favorite soda on Earth. If I could, I would buy enough cases to fill up my backyard just in case a nuclear war happened. But sadly I do not see it anymore.

This flavor is amazing! I can't belive it is only number 5, it should be in first place! This is such a smooth Dew, but it's sad I can't find it near me. I live in Virginia and the closest bottle is 48 miles away from me at a 7/11! I call it a lemon lime flavored Dew, it reminds me of sprite BUT BETTER! I say this drink is 9.7/10. :D

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6 Pitch Black

The Only dew I will drink.


The best one by far

It the best mountain dew ever wish they make it again if they make it again someday I will buy as many as I can before your heart will beat I actually bought the last one they had where I live my brother was mad please bring it back and I will buy it

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7 Live Wire

Hands down the best!

The simple combination of orange and dew is amazing. Better than any other orange soda, and is currently my favorite dew. I just wish they sold it in all states... - mtndewlord

My absolute FAVORITE soda of all time. I'm still mad that it's so hard to get ahold of nowadays - taishisohma

The best dew I ever drank! Then it disappears about 10 years ago.

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8 Mountain Dew Throwback

Throw back is awesome. It's like the original Mountain Dew but better because it tastes slightly better and it doesn't use high fructose corn syrup. I wish they would make it permanently on the shelves

This IS the original Mountain Dew. By far the best. Regular (not original) I'd give second place, the rest are just passing fads...

Its mountain dew without high fructose corn syrup of course it's better

One word comes to mind awesome

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9 Game Fuel Berry Lime

They need these in stores more often, they use to be in every store in my town, now I gotta go to a different state to buy them. It's my opinion, the best tasting mountain dew, and my family and friends all agree.

What...This is the best but, it was only on the shelves briefly. I went nuts when I could not have it anymore. I want it back before I have a melt down!

One of the best new flavors in a while, possibly my favorite - mtndewlord

Tastes like skittles

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10 Sangrita Blast

Sangrita Blast is the most deliciously unique drink I've ever tasted. It's red, tangy, and sweet but it has this ever-so-slight bitterness that makes it the choice for mature soda drinkers. It's the only reason I have left for going to Taco Bell.

It's my favorite Mountain Dew and right behind it is Baja blast. Sangrita blast reminds me of Hawaiian Punch with Mountain Dew but then when you drink it fast it even has a grape flavor and I think it's sour.

As far as beverages go Sangrita blast is the best thing to ever happen to my face! Berry lime would come in as a close second.

I bought a 12 pack off amazon for 25 dollars. I told my mother to buy it just because I missed it, and as of 3/24/16 I have 5 left

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11 Kickstart Black Cherry

The best of all Kickstart flavors

It's the best kickstart drink ever


12 Game Fuel Cherry-Citrus

Should be number one with Baja blast a close second! I love the tropical flavors and both game fuel and Baja blast both remind of what it would be like sipping fruity umbrella drinks on a beach in the tropics.

It is a SHAME that this is so low. This is the greatest beverage ever created. I would give up red meat for a lifetime of this flavor. This is my favorite dew and the overrated Voltage is my 18th favorite.

The best one I have ever had I live in canada and go though the states regularily just to buy it

Just found some cases of this in 2013. Its defiantly my favorite. Called my buddies and bought 15 cases of this.

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13 Lime Wire

Live wire's orange flavor does exactly what the can says. It gives you a spark! It is the best tasting in my opinion, and it also wakes you up more than the other! The other flavors are absolutely amazing too though. Code red, Voltage, White Out, Original, too bad they discontinued supernova... Oh my goodness I'm gonna have some now.

It's called Live wire not "lime wire" it is orange and the best flavor ever! I love it but it was hard to choose because pitch black was slightly not as good as live wire! I will love it forever and always!

it just tastes amazing, it kinda reminds me of long hikes through the mountains on a fresh spring morning, cause it's what I would drink to get me ready for said trip

Amazing but it's hard to find where I live. I wish it was more popular in my area so that stores would carry it.

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14 Typhoon

I absolutely love this flavor I buy 3 to 4 typhoon freezes a week when it came out I bought as many as 15 bottles every couple of days so good and thirst quenching you should put it back out in all forms cans bottles and 2 liters as well as the Baha blast I would buy it and nothing else

Should have won, probably one of the best flavors I have ever had. I wish they could put it back on the shelves permanently. It would be the greatest thing to see it come back.

Typhoon is the best thing that has happened to mtn dew! I'm not a big dew fan but this made me love it so much more! It the only thing I will drink if I ever drink soda

Although this did not win dewmocracy II, I believe it was the most unique of all three flavors. While I didn't mind white out, distortion was just a flat-tasting dew -- awful. Anyway, I believe a recount is in order ;) Bring back typhoon!

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15 Supernova

Totally the best mountain dew type in the universe. You would think that Strawberry and Melon wouldn't be a good combination but it is so amazing! I don't know how this isn't number one. But probably only because of the fact that it isn't all that popular. But it should be number one, no doubt

What?! How on Earth is this number 10? Supernova has a sweet flavor that no other dew can match. And who ever would have thought to make a strawberry melon dew? Genius! People need to get their taste buds checked, because supernova is coming to town!

There is no other soda. That can stand up to. The taste bud exploding flavor of supernova. Best best way I could compare it to. Would be the equivalent of stuffing. Your mouth full of skittles.

I would love to see this and Pitch Black to come back.Best flavors ever! I would think that this would be higher than Pitch Black, but I love both flavors anyhow.

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16 Kickstart Fruit Punch

Tried it for first time today. Not bad.

I love all mtn dew and I love kick start but fruit punch beats them all

Love it shude be #10

17 Solar Flare

This is by far the BEST Mountain Dew flavor that there is. This NEEDS to come to bottles and cans, it's such a shame that nobody else had a chance to try it. Tropical punch combined with Mountain Dew = perfection

I absolutely love this flavor and this coming from someone who has been a code red fan for a very very long time. PLEASE PUT IT IN BOTTLES AND CANS AND NOT JUST 7 Eleven!

Only at 7/11! I want this in bottles and cans!

It's just too good man. Why the Hell did they pull it recently?

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18 Kickstart Orange Citrus

Best flavor for my 14 year old gaming
body the koolaid man would be proud OH YEAH!

19 Lemonade Game Fuel

Slightly tart, but still has that great dew flavor you can't compete with. So good.

This should be released as a permanent flavor by far the best flavor.

Loved this one, definitely need to bring it back

Should be in the top ten

20 Kickstart Limeade

This mountain dew flavor has the taste of regular but the punch of monster, I say this is in my top 5

I had this drink I want to have the best sex of my life with it it a lemonade flavor

Not best Mountain Dew, but best kickstart by long mile

Best ever

21 Dark Berry

Dark berry is the best ever! It's like black and blueberries mixed!


22 Arctic Burst

its so deliciously superb

23 White Label
24 Green Label
25 Distortion

My favorite Dew flavor they ever had

Really with they brought this back, absolutely tastey

26 Kickstart Watermelon

Is the best vro

27 Blue Shock
28 Strawberry Kiwi Kickstart

Strawberry kiwi beats all but it is ALWAYS sold out. I can never find it on the shelves

29 DEWshine

Tastes fairly good. Has a similar taste to regular Mtn Dew, but is watered down (in a good way. ) A very refreshing taste. Also, it's nice that it comes in a glass bottle.

Has a great, clear taste.

Best ever... I got a 4 pack every day in the summer its amazing

I love it I like the Curtis

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30 Black Label

Very underrated for its delicious original flavor. It seems very high class for a Mt Dew product.

This is the best soda ever! Unfortunately it is only available in a select few stores as of right now. Also it has a lot of sugar.

Luckily they sell this at my school. It's good asf but I also tried White Label and that one beats this. - Mcgillacuddy

31 DEW.S.A.

This is the best flavor Mountain Dew has done in a long time. Please bring it back.

This stuff needs to come back, too many summer memories were made with this drink in hand.

Better than the original!

The three best mountain dew flavors combined to make the best drink ever!

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32 Kryptonitwe
33 Ice Cherry
34 Game Fuel Tropical

While I don't quite remember the taste, it was great! - mtndewlord

Why can't I have more of this?

35 Game Fuel Mango Heat

This deserves to be number one because no other dew delivers such a tantalizing kick

Worst Flavor by far

36 Kickstart Midnight Grape
37 Mountain Dew Black Label

I got to try it on a college campus. It is much different than any other mountain dew I have tried before.

Please vote this drink top one want owned this in stores not in gas places for you who with me put this number one thank you

Best mountain dew I have ever had.

Needs more people to try it they love it

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38 Pitch Black II: Back With A Sour Bite

I think the sour pitch black was the best. Keeps you wanting more.

The only sequel to a mountain dew flavor.

39 Mountain Dew Spiked Lemonade
40 Ultraviolet

This taste like the color purple to bad they only made this in diet because it would have been much popular and probably would have been a permanent flavor if it were just regular

this is the best.

41 Code Blue

The best

What a great pop, the best I could ever imagine.

42 Red
43 Game Fuel Wild Fruit

This one is best

44 Diet Ultraviolet
45 Passionfruit Frenzy

Best flavour ever! Very underrated.

46 Game Fuel Arctic Burst

Because it good

47 Diet Mt. Dew

Diet mt.dew kinda sucks, just saying - yousuckidont

Diet Mountain Dew sucks

Awesomeness in a can!

I drink over a case a week. Love it.

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48 Electrocution
49 MDX
50 Revolution

I have tasted them all, and I will always consider Revolution to be my favorite. I really hope it comes back one day. If it ever does I'm going to stockpile it like crazy before it gets taken away again.

This is by the far the best are you even kidding me?!?!?

Very underrated Dew, by far the best in my opinion.

I never had this one, but it looks really good - mtndewlord

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