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1 Amazon MP3

Love it.. Everything I click just served to my bright entertainment in the best quality I always crave for, Clan get me no worries in this aspect I'm fully satisfied with. The very first time, the very best one can get. Keep up the best to your regard

I believe that this site is the first among the rest; therefore I want to use this site or said purpose.

Bang bang back ground music

I love this site because this site is give me my favourite songs free thanks

Visit Website
2 MP3Skull

I have a 4th generation iPod with 16 gigabytes. I downloaded an app called free music. It's orange has a white arrow pointing down with a music sign in the arrow with the word free under the music sign. When I go on the app and click browser, I go to this site and download songs. The songs are saved to the app.

One stop for all music - classic or hot pops!
Easy for a trial listen and simply right-click to download!

Thanks for this great list! So far have only tried but it's great. I'm in my late 50's so am always looking for the old stuff and always seem to find the songs I'm looking for - highly recommended.

This website is awesome for hearing songs as well as fow=r downloading songs... I lv it... I was the person who commented before this... I will say it again that I lv this website infinity times! Who ever found this website I tell him or her that you have done a very good and great job...

3 mp3Clan

Mp3clan has everything you need. With its user friendly interface and a fast and accurate search engine their is no doubt that it is my favorite mp3 platform ever, it also gives you access to a full list of your favorite artist's albums. What makes mp3clan amazing is that it features a top 20 songs and albums charts in its homepage so you can keep track of today's hit music, in addition, it features a list of all music genres which makes it easier to find what you're looking for. It's simply the greatest.

The site is pretty cool. Has almost any song you want to look up, including latest stuff and you get to listen to the song before decided to download. The quality is outstanding. Have not encountered a bad copy for the year that I have been using this site.

Have a song in your mind? Just head to mp3clan. The BEST site ever for music. It gives you music suggestion. It shows top 20 songs of almost every country. And of course you can download the song in just one click. Can listen to song online. What else do you need?

So many references to seek. I go nowhere but here. What makes me happy as a DJ, I don't need references from my friends about the newest mixes. As a music lover that watch the progress of music competitions in my country, I'm amazed to myself by the references I've got from mp3Clan to get best jugdement.


This site is awesome, all the songs that you need r there!

It's great because you can find a lot of music from a lot of countries.

The best use of all the websites is chagrin to download songs and I was just on that page a week ago it was the best site but not so good anymore ;(

5 BeeMP3

Beemp3 is an excellent website to download mp3s. It provides full and completely free information about the mp3 song you are about to download, such as (bit-rate, size, and artist)

Easy to download mp3 here

I've been using it since I started downloading free music. It was great once still good now but the advertisements and popups are way too much these days.

I love it! It's so easy to download free songs and there's a wide variety of songs to choose from

6 SongsLover

Songslover. Pk I love this site amazing kindly changed this site name they redirect site on songslover. Pk due to some country banned this website but I love this site

Here they literally list the latest music... I can always get the new songs before they appear in the billboard!
Simply the best.

Real MP3 from Original Albums, not youtube downloaded! The best site for MP3! A+

Forget bee mp3 forget mp3skull... This is the bomb. Big ups

7 BaseShare
8 DJMaza

Its amazing. , all new and latest songs, and that also in high quality, and also have "less ads" #lessadsmp3site. , amazing!
Also good for #Bollywoodsongsfreedownload

Awesome website to download songs anytime anywhere

It always have latest collection

It is a very good website for downloading songs

9 MP3Box

MP3Box is another one very good website to play and download music online.


This site has been around for years and is one of the best! It is always up to date and always working. Very personal feel to it. Cheers!

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11 Dilandau

Best site for mp3 downloading and also very easy to use just type name of artist or music and you will get many downloading options

Another music website that I visit most of the time... Sometimes some songs can't be seen but my downloads have been 100% efficient.

You should check out this. All kind of songs can be found here. It is the best MP3 search and download engine.

Shows you the exact song and not some random mix that you don't want. Love it!

12 MyFreeMP3

Easy search and download. No stupid YouTube converted mp3's.
I always search this site first. If you can't find it here, you can't find it any way else.

Free MP3 search engine for listen online music or download mp3. No need register for downloads the songs.

One of the best places to download music, honestly has nearly every song you are looking for

70% of people view music as a friend because when everyone else leaves, music is always there.


I like this site, I could download a high quality of mp3/mp4 + I could get the lettest song.. It's my favourite website


This is how mp3 websites should be - fast, working links, no ads and direct downloads

Excellent, has everything

Best for download

Full mp3 search & download! Always works!

15 MusicPleer

It is the best site I have ever seen. You can listen to the track and then instantly download it. Best is the word

Awesome site with almost no ads. Great interface. Just Amazing!

Best music downloads site ever.

Best mp3 downloading site!


PayPlay. FM is an online music store from the Ukraine. It was originally launched in the USA. The download music store currently offers over 3,600,000 songs of independent music in MP3 format. The store is available worldwithe. The music in the store is sold at fixed bitrates, mostly 192 or 320 kbit/s depending on the song.



20 Mp3Ferret

Easy to use, listen, and download

21 VideokeMan

For all Pilipino music lovers

22 Internet Archive, Audio Archive

If you are in a hurry and wants to listen and download Top hits of the day then this website can do best for you. MP3 Fusion provides you very fast access to songs, whether you wants to listen them or download to your PC or laptop.

24 Ournia

Free Arabic mp3 download.

25 Naa Songs
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