Top Ten Best MP3 Websites

The Top Ten Best MP3 Websites

1 Amazon MP3

Mp3 clan are the best!

Ask for FREE downloads, these are not free. Don't care for.

Bang bang back ground music

I love amajon music


All sites have very poor mp3 content except You won't have to search for mp3 links because they will be right in front of you. Cheers to

One stop for all music - classic or hot pops!
Easy for a trial listen and simply right-click to download!

Nice carry on.. N upload nice songz..

Don't like the site at all! I went to the site and before I could even do a search, Google Play opened to download one of those stupid Candy Crush games. I backed up to the site several times to get to the search field and as soon as I clicked in the search box, another window opened up to try to install their own software junk. Stay away from this site!

3 musicforyou

Everything you want from a MP3 website

Absolutely amazing site! The software totally works and I have had zero issues with it. Incredibly straight forward and easy to use. I am yet to find anything this effective and easy for downloading music. The developer seems to be very passionate about his/her product.

Download songs with cover, no traps, no virus, amazing

This website should be number one on the list. It is by far the easiest and simplest to use. Its quicker than all the other websites I tried. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to do. I honestly wish I came across this website first because it would've saved me a lot of time.

4 mp3Clan

Easy, fast, simple user-friendly website.

Has wide range of music, which is always what I'm looking for.

Thanks! This is a real good site

Mp3clan has everything you need. With its user friendly interface and a fast and accurate search engine their is no doubt that it is my favorite mp3 platform ever, it also gives you access to a full list of your favorite artist's albums. What makes mp3clan amazing is that it features a top 20 songs and albums charts in its homepage so you can keep track of today's hit music, in addition, it features a list of all music genres which makes it easier to find what you're looking for. It's simply the greatest.

5 Mp3Viper is one of the best mp3 websites there is. Probably bigger than mp3skull and beemp3 put together. I love this site. Try it out you guys will not be let down, I promise you!

This website is amazing

Good site. I go here on every day looking for new songs. Or whenever I need a new song for whatever the reason maybe. Check it out you will like this site.

Has got to be the dumbest website out! When you search for a song it just give you a list of hits that it chooses not reflecting to the search you typed in at all! I'll stick with


Easy to download mp3 here

Love it, but it's hard to download nowadays, can't find the link

Beemp3 is an excellent website to download mp3s. It provides full and completely free information about the mp3 song you are about to download, such as (bit-rate, size, and artist)

This site sucks! You cannot download songs half the time and now that they changed it it's worse. I think their site got into some big trouble with their "free" downloads of illegal downloading songs


This site is awesome, all the songs that you need r there!

The best use of all the websites

Its best for new users

Its just amazing to use and fast

8 MP3Fresh.Net

Mp3fresh isn't good you have a limited selection of music artists for example. I went to type in Timomatic and it said no results came up for Timomatic. So no I wouldn't rate very high at all

Not a very good site. I performed several searches for songs from the late 1990's and early 2000's with no hits. Most songs are more modern popular songs so I can't rate this very high.

I love my song websites

It easy to download


Best mp3 website coming after mp3skull.

I like it better than mp3skull. Somehow it has become my main source of mp3 downloads after I failed to download through mp3skull. Vote for it guys.

It was horrible. Had nothing on it. Don't vote.

Extremely easy to use! Gives music genres on home page, easy one touch downloads! Perfect!

10 Emp3world

I visit this one almost every time - MatrixGuy

This isn't free at all I went to download my selection and it brought me to a site to buy the music so false statement that it is free very low rating for this site this is the Best Site for Download latest songs and Everything you need. So Visit

EMP3 World is having over 86000 songs, music tracks, remixes available in their database.

The site is having very straight-forward look that lets you search what you wants.

Along with the search box, this site offers you to explore song archive alphabetically.

Found this one song I couldn't find on any of these websites except this one. definitely going to be using this site from now on

The Contenders


Songslover. Pk I love this site amazing kindly changed this site name they redirect site on songslover. Pk due to some country banned this website but I love this site

Here they literally list the latest music... I can always get the new songs before they appear in the billboard!
Simply the best.

I guess I owe my vote for these guys for all long years been getting my music from them #loyalty gentlemen

Best mp3 site ever

12 HippoMp3

Great mp3 site that has pretty much any song you could ever want. Highly recommended, also has minimal ads on it which is very nice.

Great site tons of mp3 song result. It gives YouTube result too. Great to download songs and YouTube videos.

I visited the site from this list its really great to download songs and I love the variation it offers to download a song either to video or mp3 from youtube or directly just the mp3 song great... Good

Great one of the best you can download both mp3 and youtube music videos any can find any song one of the best from my point of view just give it a try... Awesome I a die hard fan...


I Liked it! Easy to use and straight to Download button. No Fake ads and nothing. Thank you - KritiSanon


14 MP3 Monkey

My primary source of music at the moment

Its quick and easy

I agree. just search and download. you can also listen before download. please do not remove this site. I'm gonna die

My favorite, however its not the best


Search engine very efficient

Very nice websites I downloaded better songs than amazon and mp3skull and mp3viper - 123sid

Everything is on this website! Not only the most famous, I could find very rare jazz, blues and piano music! Plus : no ads disturbing.

Fast. easy. useful. efficient. design. THE BEST.


RaRE MP3 is an excellent website to download mp3s. It provides full and completely free information about the mp3 song you are about to download, such as (bit-rate, size, and artist)

? A bit tough on the navigation?

It's a great web site

That's best web site


My main source, even before mp3skull!


It always have latest collection

Songs quality are good in the site

It is a very good website for downloading songs

Only Hindu music, don't waster your time

19 Mediafire

MediaFire is much better than 4shared. I can trust mediafire more than 4shared. Plus, you can't open 4shared mp3 files in Audacity, but you can open Mediafire files in Audacity just fine. 4shared seems like a slightly dangerous website, it has those flashy ads saying stuff like "YOU JUST WON A CAR! " Mediafire doesn't have any of those.

Google any song and then type mediafire then go to the mp3 link at the mediafire site. Download and enjoy

Well this site has nothing to brag about it is only to search websites



Site is now under com not xyz and looks clean and just works. - tonyman


Best Best Best, Easy and Simple no ads, Fast searching and awesome result, Love this site to much

Easy to use website. Found almost every song that I searched for quite easily, without having to figure out ways of downloading them. Usually, all other mp3 sites are hard to use because of all the ads and fuss about download button being hidden between all those ads. This site is damn superb and easy to navigate.

This is the best site to listen and download every kind of mp3 song absolutely free

IT WORKS! It actually works


Download Free Mp3 Songs

Very Good Mp3 Search engine Check any Mp3 files online

Just awesome mp3 site.. Must Use and recommended for music lover...

Nice Mp3 Songs search engine


This site has been around for years and is one of the best! It is always up to date and always working. Very personal feel to it. Cheers!


it sucks

I tried simply to download halsey songs... on all the sites above, none NONE of them have her but this. This one is my favorite aside from

25 Mp3Raid

MP3Raid is one of the most powerful MP3 Search engine. I am sure, you had visit this site several times to get your music download. The site is having very huge collection of songs. Finding the top international songs is never a simple task. This site provides you very comfortable navigation system to get your song downloaded.



28 4shared

Thank you for giving us free downloads

The best mp3 d-loads site

Good and easy, plus free!

This a awesome site

29 Jungle Vibe

I love the layout of this site.


Dead link or site!


This site is simple and has lots of songs in it. It has a good mobile interface too. I love it

This website is far cooler than I thought. very cool

33 MP3Box

MP3Box is another one very good website to play and download music online. - dragotommy

34 Isaitamil

Super site for Tamil songs.

35 Naa Songs
36 Dilandau

Another music website that I visit most of the time... Sometimes some songs can't be seen but my downloads have been 100% efficient.

Best site for mp3 downloading and also very easy to use just type name of artist or music and you will get many downloading options

You should check out this. All kind of songs can be found here. It is the best MP3 search and download engine.

Shows you the exact song and not some random mix that you don't want. Love it!


Free MP3 search engine for listen online music or download mp3. No need register for downloads the songs.

70% of people view music as a friend because when everyone else leaves, music is always there.

I've always wondered what it would be like if I started making music the way I heard it in my head and not in the club.

One of the best places to download music, honestly has nearly every song you are looking for


One of the best and fastest mp3 websites! No advertisements and popups! - vermajr

By far, best mp3 website. No pop-ups at all, no banner ads, etc.

Amazing lots of great songs to listen and download

Absolutely the best I've ever used. Easy to navigate and no adds.


Amazing website for English and Bollywood mp3 songs I love it

This site is best mp3 sites...

40 Itemvn

You can download original songs with original album covers. hell yeah!

Nice website, visit once and enjoy download unlimited mp3 music

Having album art for more songs.. And easy way to use

This should be no. 1 on the list you can download and upload music.. And it is unlimited forever! Download unlimited music for free any type of music any artist!

41 Webmusic.IN

I like this site, I could download a high quality of mp3/mp4 + I could get the lettest song.. It's my favourite website


Big list of millions of songs which you can listen before download also provide album covers of the biggest part of songs.

Very good site with big list of songs for download. Also has music top chart with ranking.

Hi, for me this site is better and faster than all other sites for free mp3 music.


Its much better than others, it has all the music

Dude this is the best

Awesome viagra site

CD quality mp3 downloads, for free! This is my go-to site for downloading music!


Found Every Song Impressive Site

Nice And Great Mp3 Site

Good website to download any mp3 songs.

Made easy to download any mp3 on one click


Awesome site to download mp3

New and fresh search results... Also can find videos from there.

Nice site to download songs

Its to good but his search is very weak...

48 Free Mp3 Tube

Very good site to download Favorite YouTube videos in mp3 and mp4 online.. In different quality. I like this site

We can search YouTube videos and music and download mp3 and mp4

I like this site.. Because we can get different quality

Very very easy to search and download.. I love it


Just Amazing music site for mp3 lovers

Download free mp3 only on mp3mask

Mp3mask made easy to download any mp3 on one click

Nice carry on mp3mask - Chillmill71

50 Free MIDI Files

Free MIDI files. Over 5500 MIDI. MP3 search engine to
search for over 1 million free MP3.

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