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21 Almost Gone
22 The War Inside
23 Destroy the World Around Me

Its an old song but as much so brings the truth into light about an on going issue

24 Before I Die
25 Save Us

How is Save Us not near number 1? The live version is great and I don't even know how you can not LOVE this song. The lyrics are fantastic and everything about this song is great. I mean this song should be at least, AT LEAST, in the top ten. God.

Just a awesome song that should be top 3

26 Just Pretending

Wow the chorus to this song is so f###### good! The chorus is absolutely beast! Clearly mushroomhead at their best! 11/10!

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27 Out of My Mind

This masterpiece should be nowhere than top 5

Having this song out of the top 5 I can almost understand, but out of the top 10 never.

Song is so badass! It should be way higher than this

Underrated song should be way higher on this list 👌

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28 The Dream is Over
29 Big Brother
30 Erase the Doubt

It has the best chorus I've ever head in a song

31 Devils Be Damned V 1 Comment
32 How Many Times
33 Come On

What this song makes me want to punch a fish. Really great song seriously I want to fight when I hear this song

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34 We Are the Truth V 2 Comments
35 Fear Held Dear
36 One More Day

Great song that kinda gets you thinking, I wonder how this song isn't on this list, it's a great song, but it isn't their most metal song, but its still a good one

37 Becoming Cold (216)
38 Damage Done
39 Inspiration
40 Son of 7
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