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1 Dears (Dimash Kudaibergen)

We just started this year all over the world because he was just made known to us this 2017. Give us time. Even now we are surprisingly multiplying all over. We support Dimash K. in whatever, whenever 24/7 because we are all around the globe. And that's why we're the best fan base. We're everywhere. Best singer to be made known to the world this 2017.We love him for his unequivocally unique vocals, his emotional transmission through his singing that touches your soul, his charm, his warmth towards everyone that crosses his path, his maturity for such a young man, his focus, his drive. Just listen to him...

Dears or Dimash's Dears IS the Best Music Fan Base. We support Dimash 24/7. We make him #1 in every poll in no time, because nobody can compete with Dimash. He is a genius, he is brilliant in everything, singing, performing, dancing, communicating with Dears. He is loving and caring, there is a strong connection between us, which makes him the most powerful man in the world.

Dimash Kudaibergen, has an incredible and unique voice, great stage presence, fabulous pronunciation and intonation, lovely expression. He is charismatic, unaffected, friendly, not proud. The crows go crazy when he sings and the other competitors are also amazed and appreciate him and his voice and his talent. God bless him.

Dimash Kudaibergen 's "DEARS" is the best fan base! We are from all over the world and we support Dimash in every way possible and, because we are from all over the world that will be 24/7 because when one part goes to sleep the other is already awake and continuing the support. Dimash deserves the best of everything, his voice is miraculous, his personality is angelic, brilliant and uniquely talented, stage presence is unequivocally overpowering, you just can't take your eyes off him, his moves for dancing are awesome, even though he doesn't dance much, when he does everyone goes crazy, he's that good! There is a very strong connection between him and us, his "dears", it knows no boundaries, we are always there for him, and always will be.

2 Geng Fans (Han Geng)

Attention, everyone on this website!
The spambots made this item number one just to look arrogant, so let's try to get them lower on this list!
But how can we do it?
Well, an excellent way to do so is by going on every device you could that has access to the internet (be it a PC, laptop, phone, tablet, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U (the Switch doesn't have the web browser yet). Here are a few steps how to (But remember, on each device, you can vote once a day.):
1. Go onto a device that has access to the internet.
2. Go onto that device's web browser search for TheTopTens.
3. On that website, search for the list: 'Best Music Fan Bases'.
4. Scroll down to see the item that has 'Arashi' on it.
5. Click or tap 'Vote' on Geng Fans (Han Geng).
6. Go onto another device and rinse and repeat until you have used all of your daily votes.
7. The next day, rinse and repeat.
I hope that helped you all! Peace.

So, a list of the best idolaters?

Han geng is a good apple.

3 E.L.F. (Super Junior)

If there's a thing that I won't regret in my whole life is being an ELF.
Only God knows :
How grateful I am to be one of the Pearl Sapphire Blue.
How grateful I am to see those 13 to perform together.
How grateful I am to meet the Superman of my life.
How grateful I am to be one of the family.
How grateful I am when the say "Thank You" to ELF when they win any kinds of awards.
How grateful I am when they mention the name "ELF" in their tweet.
How grateful I am to be called with the name "ELF".
How grateful I am to be called an "EVERLASTING FRIENDS".
How grateful I am when they always says "Thank you" when it should have been me who said that.

There's nothing that I'll be grateful than meet those 13.

They care for us in a way I believe cannot be expressed in words.
Their dedication to us in all they do, shows me how much they love us.
The way they humble themselves every time, thanking, bowing in every stage, through all the kinds of crap they have been through. They are not arrogant.
Their desire to give their very best in every situation, good or bad.
The quiet way they stand by each other, the way they support each other through thick and thin shows me the depth of their brotherhood.

The way they treat us, we know, we feel the love they never managed to explain.
Because Super Junior never planned to build a fandom even from the very beginning.
They desired a family.
And that is who I am. Who I am proud to be.

I am an E.L.F.
And I will stand by my boys forever.

I'm proud to be an ELF
ELF means smile when Super Junior happy
ELF means tears when Super Junior have no good story
ELF means that word of encouragement when Super Junior desperate
ELF means shoulder to cry... Super Junior
ELF is the fulcrum means when Super Junior want to lean on
ELF means that advice when Super Junior to stand between two turnoff
ELF is the first thought that when Super Junior wake up
ELF means forever and ever in the next Super Junior
ELF means angel in my heart... Super Junior
ELF that is home to Super Junior
ELF means that Super Junior wings to fly so high, so far
But there is a sense that nobody can deny

ELF means friends forever by Super Junior...

... Forever side, cheer, and encouragement.

We are the Ever Lasting Friends of Super Junior! We are not only fans, but their friends. We laugh, cry, and joke together. "Because there is Super Junior, there are ELF but because they are ELF, Super Junior is eternal! "

4 Idiots (Green Day)

Damn so many KPop fans. Let's make a change for once. This is the only time I've been proud of being called an idiot haha and yeah, unlike directioners we are fans for the music and not just looks, I mean like come on, even if 1D release an extremely crappy song the fans will still adore them just because they apparently look cute? Well hey at least 1D is gone, too bad the members are still in the music industry. - Scarr441

I would be happier about this, but American Idiot is pretty much their last good album. Dookie was the singles best album of all time. I'll consider myself a dookie. Green Day turned to "poppy" for me now.

I'm not a big fan of Green Day myself, but this fanbase seems to be the most respectful out of the fanbases on this list. Most Green Day fans I know are pretty chill.

Haha this made me laugh. I wonder what Green Day fans were called before American Idiot came out. "Kerplunkers"?

5 Cassiopeia (TVXQ, DBSK)

We fight because we love that's the only thing albeit some may love in a wrong way that hurt others, we always have differing opinions but the boys' interests are always at heart. It's hard, but Jaejoong said time will heal everything, he said he wish that the world could be covered in snow so there would be a time to forgive with clear purity. I think love will heal everything too. Please love and don't hate. No idea whats in store for the future, but nothing is wrong in being optimistic and certainly nothing is wrong for loving. Hope keep us going, love keep the people you love going. As a Cassiopeia, I will keep supporting my five boys together or apart so please always be happy.

For the first time I see them (Yunho, Changmin, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu), they success for winning my heart (and the other Cassie). It's not just because they are handsome. I love everything of TVXQ, their voice, their harmony, their friendship, their song, their courage. I can't see what they have in the other boyband group.

And now even they are choosing two different ways to express their music, but WE, CASSIOPEIA, know that they are in the same mission, that they are in the same heart, and they are in the same path.

For sometimes I ever thought to giving up in loving them, but then I listen to their songs, and it's like a personal message from them, it's like they asked me (and other Cassiopeia) to always keep the faith till the end, to trust them.

And I will do it.. Their existence give me more beautiful world to live within... They are one of the important people beside my family, my friends, and Cassiopeia... And I think it's the same to you, if you ...more

Cassiopeia has gone through A LOT. When our boys went to Japan where they were nobody, we're their strength. When they work hard in Japan, we wait for them. 1 years and 7 month is a long time, y'know? Bigeast (our Japanese alter ego) support them a lot, and they become the first foreign male group to top the Oricon chart. When our boys become the first Korean group to perform at Tokyo Dome, the ticket were sold out.

When three of them filed a lawsuit, we stay strong. When both side of them were getting bashed, we support them. We wait for them. Even though there are lot of obstacles, we know we can still walking forward.

And we're the biggest fanclub according to Guinness Book of Record. Several times.

Always Keep the faith! That is what I could say about Cassie
I don't care you support JYJ or DBSK!
Please DBSK always 5 members not 2 or 3... We will always wait for the date that they are back together!
5 kings

6 Vocaloids

There is no fanbase like the one for vocaloid. How many other fans can be as much a part of their favorite Singer's exploits as vocaloid fans? I say none. This isn't just a fanbase this a community. A community composed of people from all walks of life. It transcends borders, nationalities, ethnicities, even religions. Whether you're a professional or amateur, composer or just someone who hits the "like" button you are a vital part of this community. There is no community like the vocaloid community and I wouldn't give up being a part of it for the world.

Their fans are amazing. They are respects each others and have many knowledge and feelings about songs. Many of them would not insulted west music if the fans from the west music not insulted vocaloid. Yes, Vocaloid is not a human. Many people love them because Vocaloid is the place where many composers, artist, animators born and have their dreams come true with vocaloids. Vocaloid is the place where people can be creative. Many amateurs use their songs and cover it than become a singer with many fans. Dancers use vocaloid songs and do a cover dance with it, then they become famous. Vocaloids make people heart move, happy, their dreams come true! And... I don;t know what have to say vocaloid is amazing, amazing and amazing! Please don't hate them people. Sorry for the bad English I'm Asian.

Vocaloids are awesome! It's lives with us and grows with us. It's not just a mere program than you think. Vocaloid is more than that. We love Vocaloid because of their music, creativity and imagination. Vocaloids can sing cute songs to the darkest songs you've had heard, they not only sing about one emotion or one thing in just one song. They had sang a lot of songs with different emotions, they had also sang about histories, culture and many different things we don't know about the world and had meanings behind them. The love, the emotions, the bonding, the care, the support, and so much more that Miku and the Vocaloids gave to us. Miku and the Vocaloids showed us the meaning of happiness, love, care, bonding and that it does not require a body or heart to change the feelings and thoughts of people.

Every fanbase has a leading community. The only problem about this is that we can't decide There's too many of us vocaloid fans and of course including the producers, illustrators and of course their creators. And besides, the whole reason they got popular because of all their fans' support AND because of the amazing passion for music of their producers, the amazing and very detailed art of illustrators and the hard work of the creators to get the voice samples just to make an artificial voice. Of course, we can't forget about their voice providers. They won't exist without them. What more, since it's a program, fans can by the software and spread their love more as they create their own songs or let their vocaloids in posession to cover their favorite song! Now tell me why Vocaloids have the biggest fanbase...

7 Slayer

The fans are so crazy and they are the best people! You guys are the best! But don't yell SLAYER on the street lolll. That being said SLayerr

What other fan base carves the bands name into there body?

Should be higher than that trash called vocaloid.

The angels of death!

8 Sones (SNSD)

Sones are always supportive of our dear girls. It does not matter if they do not receive any awards (though it will still be good if they did win), as we do know that they have done their best. It hurts us to see them working so hard and being so tired all the time. We believe in soshibond. We believe in the bond between the girls and us, Sones.

Right now, it's Girls' Generation.
From now on, it's Girls' Generation.
Forever, it's Girls' Generation.

SONEs are great!
They're so mature
They didn't think much when the girls close to male idols or have a romance scenes in doing their jobs.. They will still support them
SONE didn't 'bo-ing' if idols from different sex are together with SNSD
They know that the girls have their own lives and SONE appreciate love SNSD much

Sone for life! WE are SNSD wishes, because of us they exist and because of them we exist. We will always stay beside our nine angels and support them through thick and thin.
Right now, it's Girls' Generation.
Always, it's Girls' Genration.
Forever, it's Girls' Generation

We support snsd forever, sone and snsd is one..
Always loving our girls, and real sone must and always keep their manner.
Nowadays there are a bunch of fake sone, they are come from trolls an antis who want make sone and snsd as the bad one

9 Little Monsters (Lady Gaga)

We will always stand by her! Since her worldwide release she gives her best and make the impossible become possible for us, monsters! She's always trying to make us happy and also always fought for our rights! She even tried to break society rules to make "unusual" people feel equal and integrated! We all owe Lady Gaga so much! Paws Up forever!

Little monsters rule forever! Best fan base in the world! I love lady gaga and little monsters. Were beautiful in ourway because god makes no mistakes were on the right track baby we were born this way! Monster for life.. Xoxoxox

We all support her no matter what. She makes me happy and brave. I love Gaga. She also loves her fans very much.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! This is one of the most iconic fan bases ever! Besides of directinors, I haven't heard of any of these bands or fanbases. If you like that music I'm happy for you, but for little monstors to not even be in the top 10 is shocking. Come on, PAWS UP LITTLE MONSTERS, and lets help her make the top 10!

10 Pantera

A decent fan base

The Contenders
11 TripleS (SS501)

I liked SS501 maybe because the first Korean song that I heard was, one of their songs & on that time they were the first & only handsome, young, cute & pretty face boy band I knew! But after awhile I watched more music videos & started to know more bands I understand these 5, are not the only handsome, young, cute, pretty faces in the Korea & there are much more bands which are really famous & there isn't just "MY SS501"!
Now, it's been 3 years years ago I watched the first Korean music video & I like it very much & I like singers more! I don't know what's happening right now whit SS501 & I don't know how many bands & singers will be added to Korea music industry, all I know is, I will always be a fan of SS501 & I hope they always stay as "501" like what they want to be at the first!

I only got to know SS501 and Triple S few months ago. I cannot believe that I have never heard about them before. Like I was living in the dark. Since I got to know them I watched many videos, read thousands of blogs even joined twitter which I never understood. Just to be closer to them. It's 2013 and they manage to gather new members of Triple S. They inspired me to do something for less fortunate people, they inspired me to work hard, fight for dreams and never give up. They gave me hope in people when I stopped trusting and gave up on people. Simple song of SS501 can make me smile, even through tears. That's why I become and always will be Triple S! Not to mention that triple S are very respectful, dedicated, patient fandom. As I haven't been fan of any music artist for past 12 years, I am living proof what kind of miracle SS501 love can do

SS501 is the best!
I regret now quite a lot of people tell me they do not know SS501. I am very sad, and I think, if you already are a true K-pop fans, there is no reason you did not know one of the leading bands both Korean wave.
No one to TripleS feeling of peace and happiness in the SS501.
If Cassiopeia is a brilliant red sea and brilliant...
If ELF is a striking sapphire blue forest...
TripleS then we are a vast green prairies and very peaceful
I greatly admire Cass and ELF, they really are good friends of the Triple S
Red, blue and green generators, such as the three primary colors of the continent as well as friendship between the three major K-pop FC
SS501 TripleS love in different ways!

I love being a TripleS for one simple reason, because these 5 men always make me feel cherished. They are the only group I know of that has done so much for their fans, in both small and large gestures. They truly appreciate each and every fan, and I am certain that they will love all of us TripleS for the rest of their lives.

But not only do they appreciate our support, they love us as friends/family members as well. So often they have played with us during concerts, or fanmeets. They will have fun with us by cheeky and calling us all their "girlfriends" only to turn around and sing a song to us and labeling all of Jung Min's girlfriends as horses. Also, when they couldn't fulfill a fan's request to come to her birthday party because of scheduling conflicts they will send a lovely cake and video message singing her happy birthday as an apology. They forsook winning an award just so that their fans didn't spend money on texting in their votes, and wrote a beautiful song ...more

12 Moonwalkers (Michael Jackson)

Michael Jackson was and still is one of the most influential artists in the music industry. You will always hear an artist say that Michael Jackson was their inspiration one of the reasons why they wanted to make music for the world. Michael inspired Beyonc , Ariana Grande, Usher, Green Day, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, you name it. He's even inspired athletes! For example, he inspired a football player from the NFL with his song Man In The Mirror . He also adored children. He loved them from the bottom of his heart, but ignorant people decided to press charges make allegations that he was a child molestor. He never deserved any of the things he got. He changed the world with his music! Listen to his music, you'll understand. You don't see many artists write songs such as Heal The World , We Are The World , Man In The Mirror , Earth Song , etc all by Michael Jackson . He even wrote a poem called Planet Earth ! He had a very strong concern about our planet because of how we treat it. ...more

Michael Jackson, MJ, Applehead, Wacko Jacko, whatever you want to call him, he is undoubtedly the greatest artist and performer of all time. He has countless records under his belt, including the best-selling album of all time. He was a humanitarian who cared more about planet earth and those living on it then he did about himself. He endured many things that nobody should have to suffer. He has influenced countless artists, even from a young age. He was a loving, caring man with a beautiful heart, and nobody can match his sheer talent. We love and miss you from the bottom of our hearts, Applehead

I am such a big moonwalker. I have spoken to other moonwalkers and we treat each other like family. Michael is NOT a God to us, he even says that himself. He is someone we look up to because of all the issues he bought up happening in modern day society. he's broken records for the most charities supported and the most money donated. half a billion dollars! he did that from the bottom of his heart. every moonwalker wants to make the world a better place and stop harming our planet. During the last days of his life he was honestly sooo concerned for our planet and what will happen to it in the next four years. Then, he left us. As if to leave it to us to heal the world. His lyrics speaks to everyone, they are meaningful lyrics. He went through so much he shouldn't have went through but he was very strong. not to mention he is the best singer and dancer to live. some moon walkers can be annoying, bring up weird things and be annoying. but I'm personally against those who ruin our ...more

We are the largest fan base for a performer in the world! The number of Michael's fans have been estimated to be near a half a billion! Michael is the best entertainer of all time, he broke every possible music records on this planet! Genius and good man. Best humanitarian, helped and save lives of many chlidren. King of Pop and King of our hearts! We will always love you Michael

13 Stans (Eminem)

This is actually one of the worst fan bases. Quick to anoint Eminem the greatest rapper even though they generally know nothing about Hip-Hop and are not part of The Hip-Hop community. If you even try to mention another rapper, these idiots immediately rip that rapper and say Eminem is the only good rapper and is superior to all rappers. These guys are total douchebags.

Marshall helped us so much through our lives and our problems. He can make us laugh, think, or cry. Even though I know there are better rappers out there, STAN FOREVER

Eminem is the only God that's proven to exist. Just saying. Not against Religion though.

Stans are jerks for liking Eminem. Same with beliebers.


Big Bang certainly is the one group that had the biggest impact on me. They are people I look up to and one of the many reasons I admire and respect them is that they have gotten where they are through their music, not by being the lovable type. I find all members' personalities something I can look up to, they are free and beautiful, they invest so much sweat in what they do and are really funny. However, the one thing they conquered Kpop was their MUSIC, not their good looks/personalities etc; they didn't promote perfection, but music - that's also the reason you see them so rarely on variety shows. I remember G dragon said in an interview that they didn't become better by appearing on shows and that is their goal: becoming better, great performance, good music. I also remember Taeyang once said he wanted to "stand on any stage in the world and not be ashamed, that's the kind of singer I want to be".

I respect Big Bang, I love Big Bang; they made me love them trough their ...more

Even if scandals break out VIP are understanding. We don't lie about scandals and admit if they are true or disregard them if it's pointless. Our job is to love, protect and encourage Big Bang and they give back by creating wonderful music and mesmerizing stages. Our group has mostly girl fans but also strong male fans because their music can be enjoyed from both ends. VIP hold Big Bang together as much as we hold one another together. Even if times are tough we have to have some laughs right?

Being a VIP has made me stronger. Dealing with a number of stuff that happened to the guys, it was tough, and yet staying in the fandom has made us all stronger. BIGBANG has also became stronger. As a VIP, we don't always have to agree with what BIGBANG does, as they are humans top, and humans make mistakes. But we'll be there to watch them learn from their mistake, stand up and continue singing, and we shall learn from them in correcting mistakes.

Kwon Jiyong, Choi Seunghyun, Dong Youngbae, Kang Daesung, Lee Seunghyun. #BB5forlife, until whenever. The idols that were once boys are now men, bringing us better music and one thing I'll ever regret about liking BIGBANG, is not liking them earlier. Because I've been part of the yellow sea, and I will be.

Big Bang is popular not through purposeful scandals, plastic surgeries for beauty, variety shows, or any of the other reasons for so many bands' fames. Big Bang has 5 talented members who all work hard to leave an impact through music, as it should be. VIPs respect that and are one of the only fanbases that actually truly appreciates the music itself, not just the people in the band, though they also have kind and funny personalities.

15 Linkin Park Underground (Linkin Park)

These guys are dedicated to Linkin Park, attending most of their shows, buying their music, collecting all their items, they are one of the best fanatics for a band I've seen in a while, as they are extremely dedicated to Linkin Park, through out every single album they release

Such a awesome fan base to be apart of it really feels like a second home, or a first.

Best band of all time followed by best fans of all time...

I love Linkin Park and I will always support them.

16 Nirvana - Nirvanics

Never in a million years. All of the nirvanics I've ever met are really up them selves and usually 70% of them can't name a nirvana song besides Smells Like Teen Spirit. And the one Nirvanic that's my friend is always like "Led Zeppelin is too old school and nirvana is the best band EVER".

Nirvana is a great band. But their best song truly is Come as you are

I think nirvana rocks

17 Megadeth
18 Fatinistic (Fatin Shidqia)

It is one of the things she is known for. It's sad that some just don't know enough yet comment or merely dismiss her because she was a fantastic voice as well and somehow they forget what she was originally known for, which was singing from a very young age with the soul of an experienced adult. The emotion and passion she sang with was so authentic and palpable.

Willingness and sincerity is our symbol Fatinistic. We will support Shidqia Fatin. Anytime and anywhere. In joy and sorrow... Because we are the best fans in the world's fanbase

We're not fans, but we're family. We always support fatin shidqia lubis.

Fatinistic fanbase that is formed in a short time, but its members have reached more than one million people. Fatinistic is Shidqia fanbase of Fatin, who was the winner of X Factor Indonesia 2013. Is the motto of Fatin Fatinistic Foyaa...

19 Lovatics (Demi Lovato)

Lovatics are perhaps the most supportive and loving people ever. We are the best fanbase. We may not have broken the Vevo record like Smilers did, but #LovaticsBrokeVevo. Who needs to break a record when you could break the company? That's the power of Lovatics. We stay strong for Demi because she stays strong for us. The support and bond between Demi and her fans is unbelievable.

Yes some of us are obnoxious, but we all have the crazy ones in our fan bases. Lovatics support demi no matter what others say. I don't know about the rest, but I don't attack other fanbases I just say my opinions. If your going to pick a fight with me I will defend demi and my fellow lovatics.

This should be at the top ten at least. We are not a fandom, we are a family who supports Demi through everything she's been through. We are better than ELFs. We are better than Directioners. We are the best family, and always will be!

Lovatics are so sweet. They aren't hateful or overly-obsessed and they are very supportive of Demi and each other. They don't bash other fan bases, either.

20 Galaxy Defenders (McFly)

I think they are the best band ever. Their music style is truely unique. They compose most of their songs, they do their own arrangements, and the band has just such nice brotherhood and friendship. Danny's voice is so fantastic and deep and it really sounds good in contrast with Tom's which is high and just so rich... And Dougie sings also; his voice is unique! And Harry is such an amazing drummer. They are my truly idols.
They are the only persons in the world who really understands me. They are everything. They helps me in difficult moments; They makes me laugh in bad times, when I would just cry... I really love my idols. And I always will. They changed my life for better. Since 2006 - ever.

Galaxy defenders care so much for mcfly. We love mcfly so much and we know they care about us to. I mean if they didn't why would they have put up a super site for their fans. I mean they even have all galaxy defenders in their song star girl. "Galaxy defenders stay forever never get enough of you". So come on galaxy defenders it is time for us to vote for them.

McFLY changed my life for the better, because of them, I'm so happy, they've gotten me through so much. Their songs are amazing, they make me happy when nothing else can. Because of them, I've discovered some amazing friends, and fan fiction, and now becoming an author of fan fiction, I've decided I want to be a writer. They are everything to me!

Us GD's are simply awesome. I can honestly say we ALL get on despite having never met each other before in some situations, like at the 2011 meet and greets. Tom Dougie Danny and Harry are four of the most AMAZING guys on the planet, and what makes us special as fans is that we would actually love their music even if they weren't fit, unlike some other fanbases...

21 Beatlesmaniacs (The Beatles)

The Beatles were loved almost universally (just 0.1 steps away), and they have fans from each generation. I understand why some people think that they were a mediocre band, and maybe that's because what they produced sounds traditional now. What they probably don't know, is that they started a new era of music, leading to what we call mainstream nowadays. This creativity spree was so new back then, even covering almost every genre known and possibly starting a new one. Their influence didn't just tackle music, it also touched everything else! From fashion, to even political and religious views and endeavours, that if you wanted to study about the '60's-'70s, you'd have to pay attention to the fab four's antics. So, going back to the fandom, I can say that we are a very supportive and well behaved (not really well behaved if you count the teens from the 60s who were part of beatlemania) fandom, just listening to and loving the music and encouraging those who aren't already ...more

YOUR KIDDING ME! There the Beatles and they're in 114 place! This list is a joke! The top ten of this list are all K pop bands I've never heard of and worst of all belibers and directioners are topping this? This is a disgrace to REAL MUSIC!

Why are all these pop "artists" at the top? (Except for Green Day, I love you too.) Rock fans have really care about music, are (in general) nice people, and don't abandon bands when they stop being "cool".

The Beatles MADE music! I'm sure that some singers wouldn't have done what they did if The Beatles didn't exist!

22 Floydians (Pink Floyd)

Floydians are the least toxic of classic rock fanbases... between many Ledheads with a talent for arguing and certain over-enthusiastic Beatlemaniacs without any tolerance for any other band, Floydians are a blessing in the classic rock fandom!
As a hotheaded Ledhead myself, I can't understand how Floydians always react so nicely to haters and posers! You go, guys!

I see why Floydians like me aren't in the top.almost all of us are always saying Pink Floyd Is the best etc. Yeah yeah we know and we don't care. You wanna know why?
Because we don't need Kpoop and directionairs who don't even know who the Beatles were telling us what's good and what isn't. And I'd honestly feel sorry for any Floydian who actually gives a damn about what teenage girls and idiots (not directing towards any Green Day fans) think.

Pink Floyd is arguably one of the best bands of all time, hands down beats 99.99% of other bands.

Go hug any Floydian friend you might have. Floydians are the nicest people on Earth.

23 Annihilator
24 Musers (Muse)

It's nearly impossible to describe what being a muser is like for anyone outside of the fandom to relate to. Basically, musers are a unit, a team, a family. Plain and simple. We aren't collectively joined because we find the Muse members 'hot', it is because we all share the same love of the music. We aren't deluded or feel the need to thrust our fandom into others faces, we are considerate, we respect everyone. I haven't yet encountered a muser I genuinely dislike and that is because we all understand that there is no need for antagonism. We not only love the band, we love, care and respect each other. It is for the reason that musers are the best, all round fandom; we are Musers and we follow example from the kindest, funniest and most talented men in the music industry today.

Hey guys we won the NME Award for most dedicated fans for starters. We're the most caring fandom and everyone is so friendly. There's a support blog for the Musers, as well as blogs dedicated to certain inside jokes such as Tesco Matt. We're the ones that quote lyrics in the best of times, the ones that will follow Muse no matter what they choose to do or what Matt's done with his hair now. We're the ones who flail over the new Twitter pictures and fantasise over the next album and its possibilities. We're the ones that dedicated our lives to Muse, whether it's just listening to them once in a while or whether it's thinking about them every heartbeat. We're the ones filled with love. We're the Musers

I cannot conceive of any other online/international community in which I have made such genuine, real friend's entirely online and through the love of a band that is also so REAL and with such raw humanity instilled in the lyrics and music itself. I've never wanted to meet/be friend's with/live with/create Cydonia utopia with anonymous stranger frmo cyberspace more than the Muser community. I feel safe here, and engaged, and uplifted. Love you guys.

Musers are awesome because we are a diverse happy family. Musers usually respect a wide assortment of music ranging from pop-rock to classical to progressional rock. They are known for having really great concerts such as the one from Wembley, which was voted internationally as the Best Live Event Ever. Anyway, Musers can be very nice and open. Let's just say all of us are pwoper butterflies complete with sparkly wings and leopard print skin.

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One of the most chill metal band fanbases out there, while metallica and megadeth fans argue constantly over which is better

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