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121 Dead Kennedys
122 Sheerios (Ed Sheeran)

Why is this so low? Sheerios are very nice people who are always there for Ed and I'm proud to be part of them.

People who love ed is really nice and supportive its very nice they don't rush

Everybody loves him. He doesn't even need an organized fan base.

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123 LMFAO's

I LMFAO seeing this crap on the best fan bases.

124 t.A.T.u. Maniacs
125 AmberLovers
126 ZE:A'S (ZE:A)

ZE:A.. They are not popular. But they always try their best. Always remember each other as Brothers. They work hard in singing, acting, dancing. They are top in Sport.

ZE:A is the best group I ever know. They are so underrated they they always try to fulfill their fans's request. They always appreciate their fans. Seroiously, this nine boys is the most kind, heart-warming persons I ever know. I'm proud to be their fans. ZE:A'S love ZE:A so much

I hope they will receive more attention this year. They deserve it and I think ZE:A is the only idol group who is closer to their fans. They went camping, watch movies, visiting some school in Korea and many more. ZE:A is one of the reason why I want to live in Korea so I hope they will receive more love than they've had. ZE:A fighting~ I'm proud to ZE:A's

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127 Ineversal (Indah Nevertari)

Universal group for supporting indah nevertari the best of singer.

The most friendly fanbase forever. I love indah nevertari. I love ineversal

Yes! I'm sure this fanbase n friendbase of Indah Nevertari will grow bigger n go international. Queen of Rap, groovy!

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128 Skeleton Clique (Twenty One Pilots)

GET THIS TO TOP (see what I did there) 100 - ProPanda

I love twenty one pilots but I don't like their fanbase at all. most of the fans of twenty one pilots are 13 year old girls who only listen because they think tyler is cute and came from stressed out. vessel days were better, when the fanbase had real meaning to it, not just a bunch of tween idiots who over dramatize everything tyler does or says

As someone who deeply loves every last one of their albums (especially blurryface), yeah, this fanbase is garbage. Even if they're vocally minor complared to the band's critics (and believe me every last one of them have zero tact in their criticism), they're still pretty intolerant of other opinions, even if they're well-founded. - WonkeyDude98

Best fandom ever. And the proudest. Stay alive frens

129 BritneyArmy (Britney Spears)


130 JYP Nation (Mr, JYP, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, Miss A, Joo, San E)
131 Maggots (Slipknot)

What how is this is 77 below one erection and Justin beiber slipknot is the best! Maggots are actually really awesome people and if you fall over in a circle pit, you'll have 7 people making sure no one bumps into you and 4 others picking you up. Maggot for life stay (sic).

We are the new diabolic. We are the bitter bucolic. If I have to give my life, you can have it. We are the pulse of the maggots

Don't sue me if I am wrong, but as far as I know of, Beaver and Gaga don't have a song specificially for for their fans. Proff then, no one loves their fans more than Slipknot - Danielsun182

132 Rushers (Big Time Rush)

Supports the boys in WHATEVER they do. Rushers are not the kind of fans who WORSHIP the ground they walk on. They see the boys' flaws and LOVE THEM for it.

Rushers. I just love them! They are so supportive and they always help other fanbases with voting or trending things in twitter. And by the way BTR's music is amazing.

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133 Gotyettes (Gotye)

Their mission is for the whole world to know Gotye and all of his music, not just the one song 'Somebody That I Used to Know'. There is no drama or hate and they are very dedicated and knowledgeable fans of all ages from all over the world!

Lovely, genuine group, loads of info and always happy to help. Love a giggle.

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134 Glamberts (Adam Lambert)

The man has everything a singer could ever need- sexy voice, looks and outfits. We are dedicated to him. We support him all the way. Insult us, if you want, but NEVER our idol. You will never know what you find under your bed at night when you do!

We are the best fandom, 'cause simply most of the people are against Homosexuals, while we are supporting him with our lives, PLUS he's got that sharp voice, jaw dropping beauty and endless sense of humor!

Cause obviously we're the best. I mean we're very dedicated about our idol and we're always there to support him. Its not about quantity but but the quality and I guess we pretty much stand out in the comparison with other fanbases too. We HATE it when you insult our idol, so don't be rude cause we know how to make your head burn ;) laugh out loud just saying. But yes I'm a Glambert and will be always a Glambert till the end of my life X)

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135 (Rushers) Big Time Rush

Big time rush sucks. Their music is just bubblegum pop music and all they do is whinge about relationships and breakups. They have their own T.V. show. They are only around for money. Let me show you what true music is. Coldplay, Muse, Linkin Park, Green Day, Nirvana, Motörhead, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, AC DC and Queen.

Rushers are the best fans in the world... Big time rush is so amazing, Kendall, Logan, James, Carlos, Dustin...

Rushers are so Awesome!
The best band ever must have the best fans ever... And BTR is the best Band ever, so we Rushers are the best fanbase ever! Rushers are unique and BTR is that too! BTR is so awesome... They even sang in front of the President and they'll be on the Ellen Show!
BTR is awesome and Rushers are awesome too!

Rushers are the greatest, most devoted fan base ever!

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136 4nia (4minute)

Their song are so addictive.. My body feels like want to dance after hearing their beat.. I know someday everyone will recognize their power..

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137 Beyhive (Beyoncé)

Beyonce's fan base has stuck with her this whole time. From twitter feuds, to the real world, they always have her back in reminding everyone that she is the QUEEN.

Beyonce is loved by everyone and we all enjoy her voice but her fans wont let anyone dis queen bee


138 Alter Bridge

Some of the greatest - most loyal fans! Can thank the guys of AB for that! Their loyalty and dedication to their passion, an to their FANS - keeps their fans loyal to them!

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139 Bangtan Boys V 1 Comment
140 AKB48

Most member of all girl groups in the world whenever it isn't.

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