Shawol (SHINee)


They are really the best boy group that I can see in my life It is the unique group that I like so much how to become fan.
They are really awesome!
I at the beginning was like the fans are so ridiculous pfft
Then I knew SHINee...
Taemin so cute. I can't take my eyes of he.
Jonghyun so sexy. I can't take my eyes of he.
Key so diva I can't take my eyes of he.
Minho so handsome I can't take my eyes of he.
Onew so sweet I can't take my eyes of he.
And it is like I become a shawol.

We are always here for our boys, even if we are not considered as many as does elf's, cassies or vip's out there still we are willing to fight for our boys, we will stick to them through thick and thin and we will cross all boundaries, skies and seas just to protect them and be with them till the end of time

We are SHAWOL's and we are proud to be one of the most superior fans club in the world,

We are not the number 1 incase of numbers, but we are sure that we are number 1's in the heart of our 5 perfect boys

I do think that ELF is also one of the best fandom but I can see that Shawols are also becoming like ELF's. Supporting and caring for each other. For me, BOTH. XDD But I think Shawols needs some achievements too.

I like many groups in the kpop world, but SHINee are different from all the others to me. I don't love them only, I get angry at them very often.. Sometimes they disappoint me too, but in the end, when I look at them closely I can't help but smile. Watching them growing up day by day and improve so much putting all the effort they can, makes me proud of them. Being in the SHINee World, it feel likes being part of a big and great family.

Shinee is the most hardworking group with 5 ultra talented boys not only in singing, dancing, rapping, acting, variety, they are flawless in appearance too. Plus they're so young! What Other group can be so allrounded? I'll be a shawol forever WE'RE LIVING IN THE SHINEE WORLD!

The shortest incantation in the world is their name, SHINee. Without them, I would never have been got into the world of k-pop, the world of SHINee. SHINee's world is shawol. We love them and we are deeply moved by their songs, their characters and their love for SHINee world. I love SHINee, I am one of the SHINee world. I'm proud of them. I'm proud to be S.W.

I'm Arab SHawol and I am proud - SHINee Oppa are The Best.
We Love You! Fighting!
Taemin - Onew - Minho - Key - Jonghyun

I LOVE SHINee! They are super talented and deserve the best! KPOP RULES I love everything about them. GO TAEMIN OPPA!

I love SHINee.. They are the first kpop band I had ever like.. I know they can conquer the world someday! Whatever it is I'm proud to be a shawol!

SHAWOL FOR LIFE! We are living in the SHINee World forever! Our 5 SHINing stars will dominate forever!

Shawol forever... Contemporary band represents the team that suggests and leads the trend that suits the current world in all areas including musics, dance, and fashion, and like the title, contemporary band, SHINEE will present their unique and trendy music while keeping contemporary images in dance and fashion.
And also the name of the group, SHINEE, is a coined word composed by adding the noun suffix, "ee', to the word 'Shine' and it is interpreted as the person who receives the light' or in other words, the person in the limelight, and it also harbors the great ambition of SHINEE to mesmerize a number of music fans across ages and borders with a withe variety of music... Love SHINee

SHINee are my everything. They make me smile, cry, everything. I love them more than anything and I'm a Shawol for ever

We're the "BEST", we support SHINee always = )
We haven't problems and hating each other like the rest of the fans =
We are very loyal to our team and defined by acquittal =$

When I first saw SHINee on T.V. show, they give me a big surprise. Not only did we meet a young and attractive group, but also we see a way to show our best support for them. They never say how tired they may be, but they always tell us their love for us. Being a Shawol may be a happiest decision I ever made!

Best group ever, best vocals ever... We are shawols for ever, south america supports SHINEe

SHINee was the first Korean Boy Band I ever listened to. And I loved their songs since. Even though I didn't understand what they are singing, I loved and listened to their songs. They made me into what I am today. I am sure that they will always be the most talented boy band I have ever seen!
I am a SHAWOL... SHINee fighting!

I AM PROUD TO BE SHAWOL. Only group that changed my life. Always with me when I am alone, happy, depressed, etc. Their voices and their smiles makes my day beautiful. SHINEE is the best and SHINEE WORLD is the best fandom. Once a shawol always a shawol. SHINEE fighting. SHINEE WORLD fighting.

SHINee got the power to make you smile, even when you want to cry. To me, they are really special. Shawol forever.

We are part of the shinee world we will always supporting them in everything they'll do, they are the best!

I'm proud to be a SHAWOL

SHINee oppa, happiness that you bring is my spirit. Now or tomorrow, every time in my life endlessly you're the one I loved.
We always support you. Every time, anytime, whenever and wherever WE ALWAYS LOVE YOU!

Shawols are an awesome fan base because they love the best kpop group ever... SHINee! That's right guys, don't even deny it. SHINee for the win!

I love kpop because SHINee are there, they are just too awesome and talented and of course I love their music They bring me into kpop, they re the first kpop group that I love and they will always be.

SHINee made my life happy. From Onew's goofy and unique self, to Key's naggy umma personality, to Minho's flaming charisma always making me melt and his warm heart, to Taemin's silly childish personality and warm smile, and last but not least Jonghyun's crazy, hyper self and amazing singing. They made my life colorful and I will support them as a shawol forever.

Adsadds I{m a shawol of course because I love SHINee I think they're the best group in the world they will have mi love and I will support them the rest of my life GoGo SHINee Fighting oppas! Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin the best!

Shawol is one of the friendliest and level headed fans I met. Of course there's always crazy fans in every fandom... So Shawols please remember SHINee and follow on SHINee's example which keep being humble and respectful towards others. Instead of retaliating with hurtful words and hates, let's retaliate with more love for SHINee.