Their fans are amazing. They are respects each others and have many knowledge and feelings about songs. Many of them would not insulted west music if the fans from the west music not insulted vocaloid. Yes, Vocaloid is not a human. Many people love them because Vocaloid is the place where many composers, artist, animators born and have their dreams come true with vocaloids. Vocaloid is the place where people can be creative. Many amateurs use their songs and cover it than become a singer with many fans. Dancers use vocaloid songs and do a cover dance with it, then they become famous. Vocaloids make people heart move, happy, their dreams come true! And... I don;t know what have to say vocaloid is amazing, amazing and amazing! Please don't hate them people. Sorry for the bad English I'm Asian.

I'm proud to be a vocafans! Actually I can improve my skill to make some song. Not just like a fan who just love their idol from the face or skill, but their to do nothing. Not just made vocaloid songs, many vocafans make lyrics, illustration, animation, video clip, translator, remixer, produxer, utaite, mikumiku dance, games, and many things about vocaloid.

Vocafans are not racist as many fans, because it's just a software, but vocaloids can make all of fans like so closely.

The most talented character from software, why? Because vocaloid can sing many genre of songs! Like pop, rock, ballad, reggae, metal, even hardcore. And one more thing, vocaloid will never die! Except the program is banned for permanently!

In my opinion, the vocaloid fan base is very welcoming to new fans, they tell you which vocaloid is which, they explain the differences of each vocaloid, they recommend the best songs to you, and you can even become friends with someone because you like vocaloid! They also explain the story of a specific song if you don't understand it, and they even explain the difference between vocaloid and UTAU (A similar program) People might think that the concept of vocaloid is weird at first, but the fans try to explain a lot of things to you, and every fan is important, because the fans can make the songs, and really, all the songs are made by the fans, in a sense, but vocaloid is a professional program, and anyone can use it! When I became a fan, I felt like I finally found a great fan base I could relate to!

Vocaloids are awesome! It's lives with us and grows with us. It's not just a mere program than you think. Vocaloid is more than that. We love Vocaloid because of their music, creativity and imagination. Vocaloids can sing cute songs to the darkest songs you've had heard, they not only sing about one emotion or one thing in just one song. They had sang a lot of songs with different emotions, they had also sang about histories, culture and many different things we don't know about the world and had meanings behind them. The love, the emotions, the bonding, the care, the support, and so much more that Miku and the Vocaloids gave to us. Miku and the Vocaloids showed us the meaning of happiness, love, care, bonding and that it does not require a body or heart to change the feelings and thoughts of people.

Anyone can create something now in this community because Vocaloid covers so many things. There are all types of songs from all the different composers that show us their talent. But these composers are not alone in their work, there are hundreds of others that have other skills, and contribute in their own way, even if it's to comment on a site for others to read. We are all linked by our love of this community. Even if I'm more of a fan of Utaus than Vocaloids, I have to say that without Vocaloids, there would have never been Utau. Miku is the poster girl of Vocaloid, and even if she is not my favorite Vocaloid, I admire the work that is furnished to make her sound amazing, and I know that she's just the tip of the iceberg.

There is no fandom like the one surrounding Vocaloids. Anyone can contribute music, skits, lyrics, cosplay, animation, videos, characters and stories. Nothing else in the world gives a person such a platform to create and imagine. What a Vocaloid is is only limited by what you can imagine they are. Creations made with Vocaloid vary from the sugary sweet to the disturbingly macabre. It gives you the feeling that everything is possible and there's no limit to how to perceive the people and the world around you.

In other words, it's totally cool.

Every fanbase has a leading community. The only problem about this is that we can't decide There's too many of us vocaloid fans and of course including the producers, illustrators and of course their creators. And besides, the whole reason they got popular because of all their fans' support AND because of the amazing passion for music of their producers, the amazing and very detailed art of illustrators and the hard work of the creators to get the voice samples just to make an artificial voice. Of course, we can't forget about their voice providers. They won't exist without them. What more, since it's a program, fans can by the software and spread their love more as they create their own songs or let their vocaloids in posession to cover their favorite song! Now tell me why Vocaloids have the biggest fanbase...

Vocaloid means so much more than just a mere software. It's a whole Loving, caring, supporting Fan community and life changing as well. Vocaloid has gave so much to all the fans all around the world. From all the music, all the laughs, all the love, all the Happiness and Joy and even all the Tears and Sorrow Vocaloid gave us all that. As a fan and all my life I have never seen a much more supportive, loving and caring group than the Vocaloid fanbase.

Vocaloid musics are not mere stuffs to gain popularity, proven by so many producers and composers hid their identity. The main value of Vocaloid musics are the music itself.

Not all of Vocaloid producers are professionals, most of them are normal people, yes, normal, just like you. The excellent thing is that the results of their hardwork are in par with professionals, and the music itself so much more colorful.

Us fans are smart and educated in the fields of science and technology. We aim to unite the world with music and love. The fans make what Vocaloid what they are today because they can't support themselves except through the songs that they sing. The songs we, the fans write for them. Vocaloids can never go wrong like many other stars. They are as important as the fans.

Here is no fanbase like the one for vocaloid. How many other fans can be as much a part of their favorite Singer's exploits as vocaloid fans? I say none. This isn't just a fanbase this a community. A community composed of people from all walks of life. It transcends borders, nationalities, ethnicities, even religions. Whether you're a professional or amateur, composer or just someone who hits the "like" button you are a vital part of this community. There is no community like the vocaloid community and I wouldn't give up being a part of it for the world

Vocaloids fans are just not fans of something out of their own control, but they themselves have the power to contribute. Anyone can use the Vocaloid software to produce songs. Anyone is free to contribute to the ever growing collection of fan material.

With Vocaloid, everyone are creators.

Vocaloid is very nice to make a song, with they sound which is so beautiful, and there is is appends, can make voice in another version.. But the other? Like who popular in the world, we can't ask they to make a different voice, right? So I choose because the most interesting on youtube for me

The fans make them. They'd be nothing without them. They would literally not be able to sing without us. It's amazing how we all work together to make such beautiful work. There is no set style, there is no set genre, there is no set medium and there are no limits. VOCALOIDs are the world's creativity.

Of course vocaloid has the best fan base! We are the ones who make vocaloid what they are. The fan base is even the one who makes the music, compositions, art, vocal/instrumental covers, animation, and much much more, and all that makes up Vocaloid community. Who else would make a better fan base?

Vocaloid can sing without any mistakes, well, they are a robot, but still can singing, can change the pitch, high or low more than the real singer, they can also singing in English, I think it's great efforts to improve the ability of the vocaloid, and vocaloid composer.

She can't reach. She's not real.
But, I can feel her.
She have her world. And we can go in her world.
If you not like her you just turn back.
How ever, Her world is came from our mankind created.
Good or not. It's because of us not her.
You can lover her but she can't love you.
Not different from real superstar this almost impossible but this is impossible at all.
If you can accept that you will be happy with her.

Synthetic voices made by programs, and releasing that program for retail for the public to use. I have never seen anyone flames on a Vocaloid video on YouTube, or even flame another genre or song, but instead, just cover it.

Catch a glimpse of the future. Its way more cool to see Hologram dance/sing in the stage that to see a person perform just for fame and money. And the vocaloid songs are the best, all of there songs are full of meaning.

Oh yeah, even though just a program, they can make your dream come true, through the songs made for them to sing, to Tell the World that we are already entering a new era of music world!

Vocaloids are good. They can sing and dance, and they have very good voices. Although it may seem that they do not have many supporters and are not very famous, but they do have lots of fans and are also very famous. Besides, their songs composed by the composers are also very meaningful, and some are very touching. By the way. Though they are not real, but we still love them, like how some people like anime/manga. - CrazeBoutMayday

Even though Vocaloids are just computer programs, they are so amazing and cute! Ever since I have discovered them I have loved them. Some sing in Japanese, some in English, some in Spanish, and even Korean! They even do covers of modern pop songs (and they sound amazing)! People who own a vocaloid program can make their own songs up, which is something you can't do with real people. If you have never heard a Vocaloid song, try looking one up! You may become a Vocafan as well

Many people around the world put their creativities and gather around Vocaloids' name regardless of nationalities, languages...
It is doubtless the greatest symbol of mankind innovations.

Vocaloids are a great software for people who want to write their own music. Vocaloid brings people and culture together.

Yes, I'm a huge fan of Kagamine Len, but we are talking about Vocaloids... not just one of them
Its rather unbelievable how virtual idols could blast out fame. But I prefer vocaloid to be fictional. They exists in our hearts. They can sing a vast variety of music, from Super-cute pop music to Hardcore Metal which in turn makes it enjoyable for everyone. SPREAD THE WORD vocaloid fans! Vocaloids deserve their fame!