Electric Guitar

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The electric guitar is a type of guitar that unlike an acoustic guitar, is solid body instead of hollow. They use pickups and amps to produce sound that's audible from more than a few feet. They are mainly used in rock and metal music and in those genres are commonly the main instruments. A few notable ...read more.


Electric Guitar All the way! True I respect any musician who is good at their instrument, and bass guitar is incredibly under rated. But no other instrument has as much versatility as the guitar. A lot of people have a go at the electric because its easier to play (which makes it better anyway) but that means you can do so much more with it compared to anything else and if it wasn't for amazing guitarists like Eddie Van Halen or Paul Gilbert, we'd still be snoring to Beethoven who was brilliant in his own right, but lets face it. Incredibly mundanely Boring.

The electric guitar is the most prominent instrument of the latter half of the 20th century. It is the symbol of rock music. And don't even get me started on the flexibility of the electric guitar. Jazz, blues, classical... you name it! Of course, the piano sounds magical, the violin induces deep emotions, the sax is soothing, but no instrument can do it all like the electric guitar...

The Guitar Definitely is the most awesome instrument: you can compose songs, play simple chords or invent hard solos or guitar riffs. It's possible to play along to almost every song and it never sounds too bad. I enjoy playing the guitar so much. And: have you ever seen a really good modern band without one or better two guitars? Well, I haven't...

Electric guitar is easier than acoustic until you plug it in to an amp. Then it's a totally different beast and a lot harder to master. It's actually surprising how much finesse and control it takes to play cleanly, especially when performing with a very loud amplifier that magnifies every little fault. That's why most electric players are good on acoustic and not the other way round

Unfortunately the kind of people who vote on this kind of site aren’t cultured and experienced enough to know that the electrical guitar is an abhorrent instrument. Although I sometimes use it for a bass line, the electrical guitar, or the guitar in general is an ugly sounding instrument. The genre of rock is not elegant or pleasant sounding. Although some Spanish ACOUSTIC guitar collections are pleasant, this instrument makes an uncouth and ugly sound. Along with most brass instruments, the guitar does not deserve such a place on this list. The piano, flute and violin are all examples of beautiful sounding instruments. Some people have commented about the versatility of the instrument (of course they did not use these words, as seeing as they consider this instrument to be superior to any other I assume them to be of low intelligence), but the harsh synthetic sound made by the electrical guitar can only be used in bad genres.

I noticed how people are saying how the electric guitar can be used in so many genres, therefore making it the best instrument. Not that I don't like the guitar, but you can do that with almost ANY instrument. It just depends what style you play the instrument in. This ability is not guitar exclusive.

The thing that I love about electric guitar is the ability to find your own sound, to make your own sound that represents you. In addition it is extremely fulfilling to hear yourself play one of your favorite songs. However, that argument could be made with any instrument. Also guitars are curvy and sexy.

Guitar is Forever... No Instrument Can Be With The Guitar...
The Guitar Could Make Sounds No Instruments Could Make...
It Can Scream, Squeal, Growl, Vibrate and Do Other Inhuman Like Sounds...
Guitar Is Forever...

This goes without saying, the guitar is the coolest instrument around, and every great rock song would be nothing without it. There are so many combinations of what sounds can be made from a guitar that "It takes a lifetime to learn, and a lifetime to master. "

Its electric it has powerful sound you get to play it with strings witch is different and its really fun some people that play guitar like rock and roll and other people like acoustic but really electric guitar is better and sounds rad

Definitely, definitely the best instrument ever. It has revolutionized music for almost a century. They use it in just about every genre of music nowadays (even some classical, admit it). I couldn't think of another instrument for the #1 spot.

I'm playing the electric guitar for almost 25 years now (2017) and it is never getting boring. If I would have played the piano or some other instruments, it would have got boring (maybe not drums, but that wasn't my instrument) for me. On the piano you just can hit buttons and use the foot pedals. But to play the guitar is so much fun and still challenging, because there are so many techniques, like bending, dead notes(which musicians, else than guitarists are using them? Maybe drummers...), sliding, tapping, sweep picking and so on...
I've respect for any musician who is dedicading his life to his choice of instrument and it doesn't really matter, which instrument you've chosen, but if I would have learned any other instrument than the electric guitar, I would already have stopped practising it, because it would have become boring to me. With all its possibilities the guitar is just the best instrument for me and I can't think of a better one.

Guitar is definitely NOT the best musical instrument. For goodness sakes! You don't even use your mouth! It's just your hands, and it involves very, very little skill. AT least play a band instrument, but you really should play the clarinet. It is a heavenly instrument, and it is absolutely wonderful! Really, you should play the clarinet.

The Guitar in general is an extremely limited instrument. It's not necessarily the most beautiful instrument in an ensemble, and alone, unless an amazing professional, you can only necessarily play melody and chords.

Piano for life

Guitar is the best :) electric guitar is awesome! Makes a ton of great noises and it sounds beautiful, the other instruments like, violin, piano, and etc, have their own piece of beauty no instrument can be judged! Their all beautiful!

Electric guitars are so cool! You can play all sorts of different styles of guitar, and when you can play with an amplifier, things get real fun! I myself play the electric guitar, and those of you who don't perhaps it's time to learn!

I absolutely love the electric guitar for it's open-mindedness kind of attitiude. It is used in countless styles and genres of all kinds of music. I,personally, started to play because, it sounds great and it looks beautiful, but also it's free spirit. I can play metal, classic rock, prog rock, jazz, blues, and sometimes even classical-nowadays there are tabs for everything.

Cool I play the clarinet and the electric guitar so I think electric guitar is always a good way to go if you want to play a stringed instrument and it has a rock and roll sound also it is very popular and in general AWESOME

I've always wanted and electric guitar and I got one for my birthday but it took tons of begging and I didn't have a party but I live the instrument so much it's the perfect gift.

The best because of its beat and its sound. You can craft it to your imagination, and perfect for jazz. I play jazz and being some what famous, I make 2 million dollars a month. Easy money, if you play concerts. But really amazing.

It was a defining moment in music history when the electric guitar was invented it change the song of modern music forever and stated a musical trend that spawned some of the greatest pieces of music ever made

Please. The piano is the most flexible instrument. I never heard a electric guitar in orchestra. Oh wait! Doesn't blend. And if you think it really blends in, bring a bassoon to heavy metal.

They use electric guitars to play all of our favorite songs. Electric guitars are the best creation for instruments electric deserves where it is bass should be number though

Not only as a guitarist I say this instrument is the greatest. I know that some of you guys would think that I only played guitar in my life but trust me I've played a lot of instruments like Piano, Bass, Drums and flute and I've to say the guitar was the best instument I've every played and especially the electric guitar. - METABOLICA

Just the best, I'm sorry other instruments your cool and stuff but there is NO better feeling than rocking out on a guitar. its just so damn satisfying! Rock on