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There is no need for 'crwth' to be written all in upper case letters, it isn't initials. Crwth is a Welsh word that rhymes with 'truth' and 'tooth'. It's a stringed instrument played with a bow. - Crwth

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62 Oud

Pretty much the coolest 12 stringed Middle Eastern guitar I have ever heard.

Magical voice, will make it go into serenity...

Magical number one instrument in the world period.

Where can I get one

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63 Santoor
64 Pedal Steel Guitar

Just such a beautiful sound, great for sleepy zen people but can be upbeat too, I love this instrument, also very hard to play so that's why there's so very few that can play it very goof

Usually 10 Strings E9 Tuning Very nice sound used in country music a lot

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65 Flugelhorn

Flugelhorns are some of the most beautiful instruments of all time. I'm planning to get one for myself soon. They have a pleasing, rich tone that's unlike any trumpet. Sadly, they aren't known as well, since they aren't heard much except for in jazz, and marching bands. Just listen to Chuck Mangione's "Feel So Good". It feels really relaxing, and entertaining all at once

A flugelhorn is an instrument similar in appearance to a trumpet, with a sound resembling a mixture of a trumpet and a horn, also taking the best of both instruments. The tone is absolutely gorgeous, the mellowness of the horn in F and the versatility and range of a trumpet. Chuck Mangione is a great example of an amazing flugelhorn player, an amazing performer and songwriter.

I want a Flugelhorn! *screaming (high pitched) I want a Flugelhorn.

It's obviously the flugelhorn

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66 Marching Snare

Marching snare, pipe band style. Its crispy sound and fast and clean rythmic scores are so cool!

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67 Electric Viola

Like a viola but silent and can play different styles with great ease. can be connect to a speaker, too

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68 Wobble Board

Get a board and shake it bit, you'll get the same effect.

The best instrument Australian

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69 Tin Whistle

One of the most under-rated instruments on the market. Often looked at as a toy(much like the poor Ukulele actually. Yes I play one of those too.), but this instrument is more versatile than most people would expect. For a beginner it's easy to get started with an off the card stock Clarke or Waltons etc. and these would even see you through if you ever got to a point where you played wood winds professionally. But for those who can play, there is nothing like a well voiced higher end instrument from makers such as Colin Goldie, MK, Black Diamond, Chieftain etc.

Fun, inexpensive and easy to play.

Beautiful clear sound, can play A LOT of songs

Underrated instrument.

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70 Dulcimer

I like all dulcimers they make a beautiful sound and can play old and new songs. YOU can play them in a band or alone. Their cool and are tough too so you will get a challenge and its original too so people will think its cool that you play these things

71 Shamisen

It makes me think immediatly about japanese temples.

Do you know where you can get some in London ontario

Gong and Shamisen:
The Best of the Best
The Rarest of the Rare
The Asian of the Asians
Two Great Harmonious Musical Instruments.
I like these instruments because they stand out from everyday boring ones, such as Guitar or Drums.

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72 Tanpura
73 Marxophone

An underrated instrument with a pretty sound. Makes you feel you're in the old west.

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74 Mellotron

Amazing prog rock instrument!

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76 Congas

They are exactly like bongo drums, except they have stands.

77 English Horn

Cause I play it and its beautiful

Its like an Oboe, but better, Dvorak knew what he was doing when he wrote the New World Symphony!

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79 Glockenspiel

Glockenspiels are fun and easy to play, I started out on one before playing the piano.

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80 Setār

Is a Persian musical instrument. It is a member of the lute family, which is played with index finger of the right hand.

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