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101 Shakuhachi V 1 Comment
102 Diple

I know this musical instrument, maybe...

What in the world is this instrument?

103 Tamburica

Traditional Croatian Music instrument

104 Lijerica V 1 Comment
105 Tubular Bells

How are Tubular bells all the way down at 100?!?! They can make music sound so beautiful!

Come on, show some love for tubular bells!

3 Bells 1 Miaow 1 Tyicle

106 Hammered Dulcimer

The hammered dulcimer is epic.

The hammered dulcimer is to the harp what the electric guitar is to a harp. super fast notes, driving celtic melodies, I am surprised this instrument is not utilized more.

107 Erhu

Damn this is far down the list. I was beginning to think I was going to have to add it myself.

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108 Mridangam

A best sound something like drums but better than it.

109 Fluba

It's a giant fugal horn

I love the fluba. it is a giant flugelhorn with the range of an F tuba, and 4 piston valves. It is an amazing instrument!

I'm only voing for this for the name - Himalayansalt

110 Lute

Lutes would have to be the best stringed instruments I've heard! Their unpopularity is astonishing

Why is this so far down? One of the best instruments in history

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111 Balalaika

The Balalaika is the best instrument ever in my opinion! So many emotions can be expressed through just three strings. It seems to have been given a bad name because it is a Russian instrument. It is not seen enough in music other than Russian folk and classical. Unfortunately, it is an unappreciated instrument.

112 Guiro
113 Bells V 1 Comment
114 Viola D'amore

Amazingly warm sound.

115 Rebec
116 Steel Guitar
117 Bagpipes Bagpipes Bagpipes are a wind instrument using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag.

I've played several instruments but the bagpipes, by far, take #1 (and deserves a much better picture on this site). No other musical instrument has the history going back thousands of years because, evokes more emotion from its listeners, takes such a dedication to practice and tuning to play well with its complicated anatomy which is sensitive to so many environmental factors, has such a unique, intense and beautiful sound, is mentioned several times in the Bible, was played solo on the front lines at war time and the Spartans used several in band form in battle, still widely played today with competitions throughout the world for both young and old and players are increasing, etc.. I played jazz trumpet through college, greatly admire the influence and diversity of guitar and piano, and highly respect all instruments. However, no other has these many unique qualities, history and overall impact on society while still being played by young and old. Bagpipes #1.

I quit playing guitar because it's boring and every pimple faced high school freshman plays "in a band" I took on bagpipe and it is the most wonderful instrument ever! It takes heart, dedication, practice, patience, persistence, maturity, and more. To the fellow who commented "who really plays bagpipes? " Thousands of talented people play world wide, there is even competitions and different grades of players. Bagpipes are an ancient instrument that have seen its share of war and peace time, competition and just playing for self fulfillment and enjoyment. I find it a bit disheartening to see the celestial bagpipe ranked below the cereal box instrument know as the ukulele.

For fans of bags and pipes alike!

Should be number 1

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118 Kazoo V 2 Comments
119 Spoons

They are spoons. WHY ELSE!?

I'm spoon owning myself from Regular Show

I don't know why this isn't #1


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120 Guqin

Beautiful instrument. Amazing culture and history.

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