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101 Nose Whistle

The best instrument in the world.

102 Shakuhachi V 1 Comment
103 Diple

I know this musical instrument, maybe...

What in the world is this instrument?

104 Tamburica

Traditional Croatian Music instrument

105 Lijerica V 1 Comment
106 Hammered Dulcimer

The hammered dulcimer is to the harp what the electric guitar is to a harp. super fast notes, driving celtic melodies, I am surprised this instrument is not utilized more.

V 1 Comment
107 Mridangam

A best sound something like drums but better than it.

108 Lute

Lutes would have to be the best stringed instruments I've heard! Their unpopularity is astonishing

Why is this so far down? One of the best instruments in history

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109 Guiro
110 Bells V 1 Comment
111 Rebec
112 Guqin

Beautiful instrument. Amazing culture and history.

113 Lap Harp V 1 Comment
114 Zither

It sound out each note so perfectly and give ones who hear it a sudden remote feeling of each unique song, either a malevolently fast beat one or a clear slow show of beats.

115 Alto Horn

The alto horn is a beautiful instrument. It can play, a rich and deep melody, and the same goes with the harmony. It is very versatile, as it can play jazz, classical, marching music, whether in a solo, or an ensemble. I love the alto horn!

92, seriously! this is the best ever made with all of it's pipes and joints. why is this not number 1? it just plays such a rich melody and it's for anything. also, so simple it is so mellow and beautiful. VOTE FOR THIS!

It is my FAVOURITE INSTRUMENT OF ALL TIME.(the euphonium draw.) love the said of brass and this is your favourite.

Wonderful sound. Very loud. I like that it's higher than a tuba, but lower than a trumpet.

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116 Pipa V 1 Comment
117 Jaw Harp

Gives a great western sound. I play the jaw harp along with the drums and harmonica. A simple instrument and very underrated.

118 Zeusaphone V 1 Comment
119 Saz V 1 Comment
120 Tubular Bells

How are Tubular bells all the way down at 100?!?! They can make music sound so beautiful!

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