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121 Spoons

They are spoons. WHY ELSE!?

I'm spoon owning myself from Regular Show

I don't know why this isn't #1


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122 Banjo

"I love the banjo because it's aussie and I think its reminds me of power and determination I've been learning the banjo since I was 3 years old I love and it was the only thing I played with".

"Ever since I started I've always dreamed of being a banjo superstar in a wonderful instrument and it also makes me think of my family of Australia"

Banjos have some of the most potential an instrument can possess only second to guitar. They originated in the appalachian mountains and are incredible. Sadly, they have gone down in popularity due to a negative stigma against appalachians. Nowadays only old folks can play them (well). It is making a comeback due to Mumford and sons but locals still haven't embraced it again. Please come back banjo.

The banjo is an amazing instrument!

Honestly the banjo is the most underrated instrument, it is one of the most truly American instrument.even thou bluegrass banjo takes a lot of skill to play, it can be used for much more. A lot of folk and old time banjo is beautiful to hear. The banjo is a really fun and unique instrument to play. I wish it was less of joke and more people would take it seriously. It's a good thing that bands like Mumford and Sons have began making it cool again.when I play it a lot of people are surprised by how it sounds from my playing.

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123 Guqin

Beautiful instrument. Amazing culture and history.

124 Lap Harp V 1 Comment
125 Zither

It sound out each note so perfectly and give ones who hear it a sudden remote feeling of each unique song, either a malevolently fast beat one or a clear slow show of beats.

126 Alto Horn

The alto horn is a beautiful instrument. It can play, a rich and deep melody, and the same goes with the harmony. It is very versatile, as it can play jazz, classical, marching music, whether in a solo, or an ensemble. I love the alto horn!

92, seriously! this is the best ever made with all of it's pipes and joints. why is this not number 1? it just plays such a rich melody and it's for anything. also, so simple it is so mellow and beautiful. VOTE FOR THIS!

It is my FAVOURITE INSTRUMENT OF ALL TIME.(the euphonium draw.) love the said of brass and this is your favourite.

Wonderful sound. Very loud. I like that it's higher than a tuba, but lower than a trumpet.

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127 Pipa V 1 Comment
128 Jaw Harp

Gives a great western sound. I play the jaw harp along with the drums and harmonica. A simple instrument and very underrated.

129 Zeusaphone V 1 Comment
130 Whistle

Wow, right at the bottom, it may not be top 10 but it does not deserve this. - DragonHarrier

Common people do it all the time

Very loud not musical instruments to the sport time to meaning start and begin runing the marathon

This is last nooo-never ending Aeons later-o.

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131 Contrabass Clarinet

Really big clarinet with giant keys. It is played with a reed and is classified as a woodwind instrument. About 6 feet tall and really low.

132 Euphonium

The Euphonium is the Unsung Voice of God. It has the most beautiful and intoxicating sounds of any instrument you can ever imagine. It has a large range of 5 octaves or more, it can strengthen and accompany pretty much any woodwind instrument, and of course play with the brass. Piston valves make the instrument play in such viruostic feel, and passages give the sound of the instrument an operatic like sound with Italian singing vibrato, but tragically, it never made much of its way to Jazz, Rock and Roll, and EVEN a symphony orchestra, since very few people know what it is. This instrument definitely should be on the TOP OF THE LIST and nobody would ever forget it. To find out why look up this instrument on YouTube, and you'll understand what I'm saying.

The Euphonium is a seriously underrated instrument that is capable of producing the MOST beautiful and intoxicating melodies. It name is Latin for beautiful sound and it's characteristic rich, warm, dark tone is a valuable contribution to any ensemble. It has an extensive range and has been said to be the closest brass instrument to the human voice. If everyone took the time to look up " Euphonium" on YouTube then it would be at the TOP OF THE LIST!

Very underrated, which is a shame for this beautiful brass instrument. It has the range to play with the tubas, or keep up with trumpets. It is a massive shae that nobody knows about it.

I nearly won a competition playing Euphonium

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133 Tromboon

Definitely it is the imbred retard of a trombone and bassoon and it couldn't be more beautiful.

134 Timbale

10/10 I love the timbale

135 Pan Flute

I think there would be a lot of places to improve

136 Laser Harp
137 The Singing Ringing Tree

IT's the only instrument played by wind!

138 The Blackpool High Tide Organ

It's very tall/awesome! It should be 10. place!

139 Musical Saw V 3 Comments
140 Agung a Tamlang

From the Philippines made out of bamboo.

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