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121 Contrabass Clarinet

Really big clarinet with giant keys. It is played with a reed and is classified as a woodwind instrument. About 6 feet tall and really low.

122 Timbale

10/10 I love the timbale

123 Pan Flute

I think there would be a lot of places to improve

124 Laser Harp
125 The Singing Ringing Tree

IT's the only instrument played by wind!

126 The Blackpool High Tide Organ

It's very tall/awesome! It should be 10. place!

127 Fluba

I love the fluba. it is a giant flugelhorn with the range of an F tuba, and 4 piston valves. It is an amazing instrument!

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128 Agung a Tamlang

From the Philippines made out of bamboo.

129 Balalaika

The Balalaika is the best instrument ever in my opinion! So many emotions can be expressed through just three strings. It seems to have been given a bad name because it is a Russian instrument. It is not seen enough in music other than Russian folk and classical. Unfortunately, it is an unappreciated instrument.

130 Asian Bells
131 Veena

A best emitting tune. So wonderful tune I heard before. This is used in Indian classical dance songs

132 Viola Organista
133 Contrabassoon V 1 Comment
134 Talking Drum
135 Frame Drum V 1 Comment
136 Congo Drum V 1 Comment
137 Tromba Marina
138 Baryton
139 Viola D'amore
140 Euphonium

The Euphonium is the Unsung Voice of God. It has the most beautiful and intoxicating sounds of any instrument you can ever imagine. It has a large range of 5 octaves or more, it can strengthen and accompany pretty much any woodwind instrument, and of course play with the brass. Piston valves make the instrument play in such viruostic feel, and passages give the sound of the instrument an operatic like sound with Italian singing vibrato, but tragically, it never made much of its way to Jazz, Rock and Roll, and EVEN a symphony orchestra, since very few people know what it is. This instrument definitely should be on the TOP OF THE LIST and nobody would ever forget it. To find out why look up this instrument on YouTube, and you'll understand what I'm saying.

The Euphonium is a seriously underrated instrument that is capable of producing the MOST beautiful and intoxicating melodies. It name is Latin for beautiful sound and it's characteristic rich, warm, dark tone is a valuable contribution to any ensemble. It has an extensive range and has been said to be the closest brass instrument to the human voice. If everyone took the time to look up " Euphonium" on YouTube then it would be at the TOP OF THE LIST!

Very underrated, which is a shame for this beautiful brass instrument. It has the range to play with the tubas, or keep up with trumpets. It is a massive shae that nobody knows about it.

Euphonium is 133! x9999999999999999999x never ending nines this is my favourite (also the alto horn). THIS SHOULD BE AT THE TOP.NUMBER ONE. THE BEST.

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