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The saxophone is a family of woodwind instruments. Saxophones are usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet.


Saxophone is truly amazing. The noise it makes is just fantastic and it works with anything. It's most well known for its appearance in many amazing jazz classics and honestly, music wouldn't be the same without it. It works with so much, you can even play it with classical songs and it still sounds fab! I know from experience that it is actually fairly easy to play once you get the hang of it. After you know all the notes and how to create a good sound it is pretty easy to keep going. Also, it is like so many other instruments; if you learned recorder in school but never really enjoyed it, saxophone is easy to pick up afterwards since it has similar fingerings and notes are almost the same. I just love saxophone so much and I believe it could get higher than this. GO SAXOPHONE!

The saxophone is awesome I'm playing it everyday if you play the saxophone you'll probably enjoying it as much as I do and I hope you will enjoy the saxophone to and that this message helps you thank you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever pretty much forever!

I started playing the saxophone since I was 10 years old. When I first got it, I hated my instrument. But then I started to have a great crave for it. Although the saxophone is a fantastic instrument, it is VERY difficult to play. There is so much buttons on it and you could easily press the wrong one. So you have to make sure you understand your notes so it could prevent you from making the wrong sound. Also, some of the songs I play are fast so I have to move my fingers to that tempo and my arms are not that long. It's a big struggle but I will always love the SAXOPHONE. It is a beautiful instrument!

Let me just say something... Tenor saxophone is the sexiest instrument a human being can play. Not only that, but it's one of the most enjoyable and entertaining to play. I play the clarinet, piano, guitar, violin, bass, drums, and saxophone. Let's Be real. Tenor sax is the best. You all wish you played the sax.

Believe me, the saxophone sound is one of the best I've ever heard. Once you actually play it, you can make the sound be loud and angry or soft and sweet, jazzy or like a lullaby. So far, I've played an alto for a year and baritone for about a month, and let's just say I'll never quit on the saxophones.

The saxophone is a beautiful instrument. It's sleek and powerful, able to jar a crowd into excited movement and soft enough to lull people a into dream at the call of its purr. I play the tenor saxophone, and upon hearing it, I love the way its distinctive voice soars into hearts and minds alike.

The Saxophone has many family members and can be very uncommon but if you go to YouTube and look up unheard saxophones you will find a variety of saxophones you have never heard of. The saxophone is the bridge of orchestrial pieces to jazz and blues.The saxophone is a heart felt instrument were the ability has no limit and sure you can always play the flute or the drums or anything. But saxophone has something more. Everyday you will just want to feel the rhythm the beat the pulse in your heart that lets music thrive to a whole new level. The saxophone is an instrument to love.

Sax has the best tone and is under appreciated as both a pop and Rock instrument while claimed to be a solely jazz instrument. Look up a couple of lucky chops songs believe me this is the instrument to have. I have it 5 months now and have never once regretted it. It makes you want to play

It's an amazing instrument to play and nice a jazzy

Saxophones provide soulful feel of music with a rich, deep and full tone. They are well known for jazz, blues, rock&rolls, classics, funk and many other regions of music. I played saxophone a lot and I find that the saxophones are very unique from other instruments.

I'm in 7th grade playing the saxophone in my school orchestra! It is a great instrument! The sound it makes from its different tones and how it looks is unique and can be guessed with literally 20 instruments all playing. I know which sound is my saxy!

Why the hell is electric guitar at the top? It's not even used for band! Saxophone on the other hand, has a bad ass yellow look and it's even fun to play! The notes can be high and low and it's easy to play once you get used to the fingering and blowing.

I started playing alto many years ago in 4th grade. I've since added soprano and tenor to my repertoire. Saxophone is the best instrument. It sounds more like the human voice than any other and really also musicians to express themselves.

The saxophone is amazing. The sound it creates is just so unique and the fact that it can be used in romance-like music to even rock music (have you not heard Mario Kart 8's Mute City music? ). It's amazing. I'm surprised it isn't in the top 3.

The saxophone is beautiful! All of the intricate detail of the engravings and how all of the keys fit together. The beautiful curve of the horn. Especially the tenor sax with the curve of the neck. It is so elegant and stunning!

Saxophones definitely have the best feel. They are an all-rounder, but just listen to jazz sax folks like John Coltrane and Charlie Parker. They have great soul and the saxophone has that soul too - Best instrument!

I'm 68 and just started to play the Saxophone. Just wish I had done it earlier. Really enjoying it. I also like the fact that it is a sexy instrument, because at my age I need all the help I can get

I have played the Tenor Sax for 6 months, and I love it. It is reasonably easy, and sounds so distinctive, unlike the flute and clarinet, or viola and violin. The sax also looks so different and sounds so sexy!

Yes! Sax beats trumpet! In your face (my best friends name)! I play acoustic guitar and I absolutely love it, but for school band I play the alto saxophone, which is an absolute blast too (literally! )!

Some instruments are good like the piano but saxophones are amazing. I play an alto saxophone and I love it so much. Saxophones are the best. I love them - lovefrombadlands

I began the sax years ago, and I still love to play it all the time. It might not be the shining star of big bang pieces, but no instrument beats it when it comes to jazz.

Saxophones are SO awesome! You get to play beautiful music all day long! It can sooth you, or you can rock out to pop songs! Saxophone offers all that! TEAM SAXOPHONE!

I think that the saxophone is amazing and the best because when you hear it play even for non-music lovers it calms down the soul and makes the heart feel serene.

Not many instruments can be played alone and bring such variety. Not only is the saxophone extremely versitile, but it sounds fantastic and can be played with any type of music. Don't believe me look up on YouTube 2 strangers saxophone battle on subway, you won't regret it it's so epic!

Can't get any sexier than the sax I mean come on? Do people think you're cool if you walk around saying you play the violin? Hell no. Sax = sex