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The violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use.


Violin is a versatile musical instrument. Expressive, elegant, solemn, and virtuoso, one has to be really dexterous to be able to perform a variety of difficult techniques or strokes. "Indeed, the violin seems to lend itself to virtuosity more than any other instrument (its only possible rival is the piano)." I am both an apprentice luthier and a violinist for a few years now so I have an amazing bond with this instrument. Once one has mastered this instrument, each play is euphoric!

I've always loved the violin, even since I was a little girl, and I've been taking violin on and off the past 5 years now (I am 11 now) I'am now taking lessons, and in 8 weeks I can play SO MANY PRETTY EASY SONGS! If you are talking classical, I would say that violin is by far one of the best and easiest instruments to play. If you play it right, you get a clear, beautiful sound. It is really pretty looking, too so, if you are interested in learning to play a classical music instrument, I would say go with violin. There's also the electric violin...but I don't know too much about it-except that it's really cool and modern looking (in my opinion).
The only thing that I find hard about the violin is not making a squeaky sound when you switch strings, and making sure that your bow doesn't get into the bridge section or fingerboard. Other than that, I'd say that the violin is really easy to play.
Rock on, Violin!

Violin, along with others such as Mandolin (In my own opinion deserves to be at the top with Acoustic Guitar) are the best. I am a little bias though. I prefer instruments such as reeds, string, and piano simply because of the versitile nature of them. I would be more specific as to those that I mentioned but it would make this passage too long winded. Also, I would recognize the ukulele as a top instrument because of it is an excellent beginner instrument and it sounds wonderful once you master it.

My first instrument I ever learned to suck at- I mean play... It's my third favorite instrument and it can produce the most beautiful sounds you've ever heard. Or if it's in my hands, it will produce the most atrocious sound you've ever had the displeasure of hearing. Either way, I've loved it for about 8 years and will continue to for quite a while, I hope. - Aweso

The violin is honestly the best instrument ever. You can play it your entire life and it will still not be mastered. Guitar is very easy to learn and is for people who don't have much time to practice. Violin should be number 1, support me by voting for violin!

The violin sounds great with any instrument and should be the leader of any kind of musical piece. I play viola but what is the chance of that being up here, but my opinion is that they are kind of the same and really fun. Why are bagpipes at number three?

I LOVE THE VIOLIN so MUCH! I'm in 6th grade and I joined orchestra (band sucks! ) I absolutely love it! I'm going to do it in 7th grade to and hopefully till 12th grade. Maybe the rest of my life. I definitely recommend orchestra to fifth graders going to 6th grade next year! I have a great teacher too!

On YouTube I was watching a guy play the violin it was so beautiful and inspiring and that is why I choose to play violin, it should be number one on the list because this instrument is so beautiful. The violin brings out true melody, true passion like no other instrument 10/10 this instrument should be number 1

I have played violin for thirteen years an I gotta say it is one of the most competitive instruments, but it sure is a whole lotta fun! and violin is super awesome and better than all the other instruments. If you don't play violin you should because it is awesome and fantastic.

I played piano for 4 years and still am playing, but I've always wanted to get violin lessons. Its an amazing instrument which makes an amazing sound, and can be played for many occasions. If you love the violin then make sure you check out Lindsey Stirling on YouTube. She is an amazing violin player.

People only play the guitar because it has a ton of effects and buttons on it, so people just like messing around with it. Take away the whammy bar and all the effects it is basically an acoustic. Electric guitar is a joke, basically taking an acoustic and adding buttons. Violin is so much better, it unique, and sounds so much better.

No matter how good you are at electric guitar or drums or bagpipes or anything of the sort, it will never be half s beautiful as even an amateur on the violin. It is certainly the most superior instrument.

I seriously want one of these. They just make me feel happy whenever I hear one. I know a friend who wants to give it up for good, but I don't want him to give up on the violin. He's amazing at it, and I want him to go to great musical achievements.

Seriously, there is no argument...Violin is the most flexible instrument. From Classical, to Jazz, to Pop, to Country it can play everything that a guitar can, only way cooler.

I play violin and it affects almost everything I do in at least one way. It expands my views and inspires me to do more and bring music to everyone.

You can't share your instrument when it requires blowing into a flute or clarinet but a violin can! Share the love of this classical instrument!

I just love the violin. Violin has such a good sound and can be used in so many songs. It can be useful in developing reading and foreign language areas of the brain.

Violin should be on the top list of musical instrument, like the top five. I agree that guitar is there because it is on of the most often used instrument, but violin should be on the top five because of its quality, and its rareness.

I play violin it is a lot of fun and unlike a piano you can carry it anywhere you want! So I recommend violin oh and by the way it makes a great sound and it doesn't have to be classical music it can be other kinds to

A violin makes a beautiful sound and I play it and I also play the piano but I think piano should be first then it should be violin. I agree with the first person and I think not many people play bagpipes anymore only in tudor times

Violin is great you even get money for it and you can take it anywhere although you need to be careful a few days ago I fell back onto the bow and I snapped in half GO VIOLIN YOU RULE!

I've been playing since I was three and I'm very upset that my high school has no programs for the violin and won't let me play in them. At least outside of school there are the competitions and festivals!

It's a very technically advanced instrument because you need to think about intonation, dynamic, sound quality and so many other things. It's one of the hardest instruments but when played right, it's absolutely beautiful.

The fiddle is just as awesome as the electric guitar, bagpipes, or the drums. You listen to the sounds that can be made with the bagpipes and then compare it to the fiddle. Their I think made my point

Violin is a beautiful sounding instrument, and has very beautiful features. I have played the violin since I was 7 and ever since I was engaged in the instrument immensely.