Best New Found Glory Songs

The Top Ten Best New Found Glory Songs

1 My Friends Over You

Easily the best song by New Found Glory, deserves this current spot it has, it is the number one song by them. Keep it here.

My favorite song ever! I love the guitar in this song. This is my first son I learned to play. By far my favorite son overall.

This song never gets old. It must be #1

The classic hit that really brought them to fame

2 Hit or Miss

All revived versions of this band are awesome! They only copy the original lyrics and remake the style...
Hotel California,
Crazy for you,
Glory of love,
My heart will go on,
The promise,

The best song made by NFG ever
Its should be number 1 at this list

Have I Waited Too Long?
Yes This Should Be Number one..!

#1 and #2 should be swapped.

3 Better Off Dead

Used to love when they'd open their shows with this one

4 All About Her

Torn between this one and "Better Off Dead". This song makes me think of my fiance so I'll go with this gem.

5 All Downhill from Here

Best song off their album Catalyst! Love it, it easily deserves a top spot for being such a good song. It's just so damn catchy, nothing beats listening to it.

I Love Chad's Scream..

Best guitar riffs out there

Pikachu erected out your butt... that is all.

6 The Glory of Love

The best song ever by NFG!. Better than the original or any cover ever made!.

Glory Of Love
Hit Or Miss
All About Here
My Friends Over You
All Downhill Fro here

Just listen. NUMBER ONE!

7 Dressed to Kill

This is my boyfriends favorite song

This should be higher than better off dead - The8Bit

This song should be at least at top 5

This song is easily one of the better written NFG songs. The tempo is very differed from a lot of their other songs because it treads the line between upbeat and slow. The themeatic elements and the video alone make it deserving of a much higher place on this list. I've been an NFG fan for 10 years and to this day, this song still gets to me.

8 Sucker
9 Forget My Name

2-4-6-5 pre-chorus. golden genius

10 King of Wishful Thinking

I go back and forth between this and Glory of Love as their best cover song.

Best Song by a long shot. No lie.

The Contenders

11 Oxygen
12 The Minute I Met You
13 Understatement
14 Memories and Battle Scars

In many ways, a perfect pop-punk song

Great song. Catchy

15 Head on Collision

The song influenced the band All Time Low to get their name And it's a really great song. If you never listened to it before you should you will not be disappointed. I think it should at least be on the top 10.

16 Sonny

My favorite song by the band right now. Has an uplifting and catchy beat that I just can't get over.

Unique groove to this song. I've always liked it.

17 Listen to Your Friends
18 Happy Being Miserable
19 Iris

Just an awesome cover! Should be top 10!

Its not even on the list?! ! Its an amazing cover, made me love NFG! Best cover there is... I think it's better than the original!

20 Hold My Hand

This song signified the development of New Found Glory's song-writing and musicality.

I'm not saying it's the best but it should be higher.

Love this song, it's so great

21 At Least I'm Known for Something

Classic heavy guitar riffs. The kind of pop punk you would find in a 2000s video game!

22 It's Not Your Fault

This is their best song I think...

23 Cry Me a River
24 Radiosurgery

Massively underrated song! Super catchy, cleverly put together and well played!

Good song. Nice beat

25 Connect the Dots
26 On My Mind
27 3rd and Long

Guitar riffs during the verse and chorus are fantastic. Classic song that I wish they'd bring back to their live shows.

28 Coming Home

The version on Kill it Live where they speed it up is even better

First song I've ever heard by NFG, and that's why I fell in love with them. Awesome songs with catchy lyrics/music. :D

29 Broken Sound

Why is this awesome song not even on the list. This is their best song

When aliens fly into your butt


30 I Don't Wanna Know
31 Singled Out
32 Selfless
33 Ready and Willing
34 Stubborn
35 Sincerely Me

I'm baffled that this very simple yet deep track is not even on this list. I'm sure plenty fans of the band have heard it, but if you're new to NFG I highly recommend this song. Also it's my favorite song they have. Especially when they play it live (or kill it live haha) there's just this energy that can only be described as New Found Glory's signature feel and presence.

36 Drill It In My Brain

Love it ❤

37 Kiss Me

Melts my heart every time I hear it. Without a doubt the best cover of this song! Underrated dudes

This is such a good and catchy song should definitely be further up!

Deserves higher

Kiss me please! X)

38 You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania

Amazing whenever they've played it live. Maybe they'll rerecord it some day because the Nothing Gold Can Stay recording doesn't do the song justice.

39 Truck Stop Blues
40 This Disaster

When will I let it go?

Should be top 10 easy

41 Ready, Aim, Fire!

Radiosurgery is definitely my favourite album.

42 Forget Everything

Listened to all songs and this ones the best in my opinion.

43 Stories of a Different Kind
44 The Promise

One of their covers that's far and away better than the original

I can't believe its not even in the list.. listen to it and you'll agree that this would be on the top list.

45 My Heart Will Go On

Titanic punk version.. Listen to it.

46 Ballad for the Lost Romantics

This song is awesome

47 Love and Pain

Kick-ass chorus that gets stuck in your head (in a good way)

48 So Many Ways

Forgot about this song for awhile since I heard it first on a compilation. But it's up there among their best songs.

49 Who Am I?

Saves the back end of Catalyst, which is otherwise lackluster. Beautiful song.

50 The Crown

In my opinion, their best song in years. One of their best efforts lyrically speaking.

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