Best New Order Songs

My top ten picks from one of the finest New Wave/synthpop/post-punk bands' catalogue.

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21 1963

Just don't point that gun at him Johnny!

22 Dreams Never End

It was dedicated to Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division, who suicided in 1980. After his suicide, Joy Division changed their name into New Order.

23 Elegia

A tribute to Ian Curtis, a hauntingly beautiful 17 minute acoustic track. One of their most important work, and definitely deserves to be much, much higher up on this list.

One of the best instrumental songs ever made.

24 Love Vigilantes

One of the many great songs from a great band...

25 Leave Me Alone

Great closing song to their greatest studio album

26 I'll Stay With You
27 Shellshock
28 Krafty
29 Sugarcane
30 Paradise

What a great song - Jiorl

31 World (The Price of Love)
32 Unlearn This Hatred
33 The Village

It's a tossup between this and "Your Silent Face, " both appearing on the same album. I give "the Village" a slight edge, however, because of those bitching bass solos. Also, what about that mysterious love that died three years ago?

34 Guilt Is a Useless Emotion
35 586

Very underrated song with a great bassline. The Peel Session version is especially good. This was the precursor to Blue Monday...

36 Here to Stay
37 All the Way
38 Weirdo
39 As It Is When It Was
40 Someone Like You

Not the Adele song. Give it a try!

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