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81 Sister Sin

Has a cool Western feel to it. - Grayson

82 Throw Yourself Away
83 Coin for the Ferryman
84 Figured You Out

Great song, has AC/DC like qualities, most notably the opening line, that straight out goess: I like you pants around your feet - Psykosauron

Okay this would be in the 30's if some idiot could get the title right... Geez some "fans" we got here

I'm Stunned this is so low it's one of Their most Popular songs ever! - Curti2594

The only song by them I like haha

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85 Woke Up This Morning

Wow, such a retarded list. "Rockstar" is getting way too many votes, this song is MUCH better.

This is their heaviest song, heavier than Burn It To The Ground and Never Again. All 3 songs should be in the top 10. How the top 10 is now makes Nickelback looks like a wuss of a band or a Pop band, and they aren't.

86 Money Bought
87 Hangnail

It's my favorite song its hard core rock and roll I mean whatever genre it is it don't matter its nickelback that's how you know its awesome

The melody between the single Verses of Chad is ass kickin'!

The riff is excellent and the style of rock is TOO AWESOME!

88 Detangler
89 In Front of Me

This song is very underrated, I know it's old but I like it.

90 D.C.
91 Pusher
92 Left
93 Sea Groove

I really like this song! - Curti2594

94 Falls Back On
95 Just Four

The old and the new version are both awesome! - Curti2594

96 Window Shopper

Not bad at all! - Curti2594

97 I Don't Have
98 Not Leavin' Yet
99 One Last Run
100 Diggin' This
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