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61 2012

I wish 2012 (It Ain't the End) were the highest-rated Nicki Minaj song in the universe. It's so underrated and catchy!


62 Gun Shot

Love 'em all but this is the best! I especially like Marilyn Monroe too. If you haven't heard this, go and listen to it NOW!

The greatest nicki minaj song.. I love it, respect it.. Its just gun shot

Gun Shot is a great pop reggae themed song, even though the song is lowkey, it has been my favotite song since I first bought Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. Beenie Man's verse just ties the whole song together, it is if not better than Superbass.

63 Damn
64 Boss Ass Bitch

Crazy, amazing song, deserves WAY more attention than it got. All the love. Xx

65 Feeling Myself

I have listened to this on repeat since I've heard it... Including sleep... I'm on my 999999th listen...

This is one of those song's we'll look back at and say "WOW Nicki was and still is a LEGEND"
The verses are pure fire and to add Beyonce on top with the sexy vocals it's just epic!
This should be #1 no doubt about it!

Do you have Nicki Minaj and Nikki Sixx confused on the legend part? Besides that, no, this song sucks. - LostDream258

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66 Muny

How come it's not in the List?
I Just Love This Song, It Has Such A Great Tune.

Best Song..
<3 The Tune.

67 Favorite
68 Truffle Butter

Such a catchy beat and all verses were amazing. Lil Wayne actually killed it this time. Definitely deserved a Grammy nomination for best rap song.

Really? 102? This critically acclaimed track deserves to be in the top ten. - Lasvegasxavier

Drake Nicki and Wayne kill it in this track! Can't believe songs like Anaconda & Starships are ranked higher

The rhythm is so smooth in this song - Mcgillacuddy

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69 Y.U. MAD

Best song hands down! It shows how hard nicki is that she can rap with the big boys

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70 Make Me Proud
71 Blazin


Should Be At The Top
Nicki Rocks!

72 Beautiful Sinner

This song is really great. Good work Nikki

73 Sex in the Lounge
74 No Love V 2 Comments
75 Buy a Heart
76 Knockout
77 Shanghai

This beat goes so hard! I don't understand why it's higher up. Like, half of the top ten songs aren't that good. The pop radio songs are always at the top, but the less popular ones that we don't hear about on Billboard's Hot 100 are more worth it. Superbass doesn't have anything on this song.

"Tell 'em to go 'head and gossip, as long as your house is the size of my closet"

I mean, It Is The best! It is Like, it like, the beat goes hard! She proves she is real, - Alex

78 Black Barbies V 1 Comment
79 My Chick Bad V 1 Comment
80 Hood Story
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