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41 Leviathan I - Deep Blue

I hate to give a favorite overall song for parkway drive because so many are good. This song is probably the best underrated song they have. It is just crushing from start to finish and ends with a brutal breakdown that will make you want to crush someone.

41! No way! Should be top 20. My personal top 10.

How is this not in the top 5 or even listed on here for that matter?
my absolute favourite parkway drive song

Def should be higher up

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42 The Sound of Violence - Ire
43 Breaking Point - Horizons

EASILY one of the top 5 songs that they have! I mean just listen to that opening guitar! The screams are just on point as well, especially when it starts to get about half way through the song. How is this song so low on this list?

This song just destroys! I can't say how underappreciated this song really is compared to more of the classic Horizon's songs. The solo that is the intro along with the breakdown at the end of the song are just flat out amazing.

44 Picture Perfect, Pathetic - Killing with a Smile

A lot of people like pandora better. Not me though

45 The Slow Surrender - Atlas

Carpe Diem, Straight for the throat. Do I need to mention the breakdown in the middle? Dark and heavy song with a cool bass intro.

46 Alone - Deep Blue

Kickass song! It just has so much to tell!

47 Writings On the Wall - Ire

My favorite by my favorite band.

Love the almost uneasy vibe this song gives off

48 Sparks - Atlas
49 Swallowing Razor Blades - Don't Close Your Eyes EP
50 Don't Close Your Eyes - Don't Close Your Eyes EP

If you have Not listened to this song. You Simply must. Its Incredible

51 Snake Oil and Holy Water - Atlas
52 Mutiny - Killing With a Smile

No way this song can be discounted, one of the greatest riffs ever blasted directly into the brain, heavy enough for the breakdown, but just to badass to be held down into simply one portion of the song. Worth reconsidering.

How is this not on the list. It was the first song I heard as well as my favorite.

53 Fractures - Ire
54 Hollow - Deep Blue

The closing breakdown in this song gets me every time. Lyrically awesome. Maybe the best Parkway Drive song all around.

Why isn't this one in the top ten? It's my favorite one after Carrion!

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55 Into the Dark - Ire

Moves forward in the perfect direction of The River but somehow darker, heavier and just a little bit better. Just beats out Anasasis, The River and Bottom Feeder

56 Begin - Horizons
57 Set to Destroy - Deep Blue
58 Old Ghost / New Regrets - Atlas
59 Dream Run - Atlas

This should be in the top 20, the breakdown touches my feelers!

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60 The Cruise - Don't Close Your Eyes
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