Best Pat Benatar Songs


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1 Heartbreaker

Definitely needs to be top three

#7? Top 5 for sure

Really, not in Top 10!

the sound

2 Hit Me with Your Best Shot

A great song deserves this spot if not higher. Of course Neil goes off. He always does.

Love the Guitar Solo in this song - mneilan

3 Love is a Battlefield

Just amazing! One of my favorite songs in the world! Anyway, it was a hard choice because she has so many great songs... - Irina2932

Great percussion. Powerful song. Interesting video.

Ooo Baby A Triple

4 Invincible

I like Invincible, but it shouldn't be number 1.

This should have been #1! Billie Jean Lives!

5 We Belong
6 Shadows of the Night

This is probably my favorite of her songs, even if she didn't write all of it. DL Byron, a little early 80s New Wave guy wrote original lyrics and melody.

the best

Hel yea girl power

Big song.

7 Promises In the Dark

Great tension, great build up. This is their best song.

True I say number 1

Promises in the Dark should be top 5. No. It Needs to be top five. It was one of her biggest hits. I love this entire album, ¨Precious Time,¨ but this song is better than Fire and Ice.


8 Fire and Ice
9 Treat Me Right
10 Hell Is for Children

Yes, some of us are old enough or older to remember this song from the album from which it came.

Clearly you people don't know Pat Benatar because this is one her most heartfelt songs ever written. It's actually about child abuse. It is part of her ¨Holy 14.¨ The 14 songs that she plays at every concert. Even though it is not as popular. It is top 5 easy.

The Contenders

11 You Better Run

This is a good cover of The Rascals song.

12 All Fired Up
13 We Live for Love
14 Little Too Late
15 Looking for a Stranger
16 Anxiety (Get Nervous)
17 In the Heat of the Night
18 If You Think You Know How to Love Me
19 Sex As a Weapon
20 Ooh Ooh Song
21 Lipstick Lies
22 Le Bel Age
23 I'll Do It
24 Shadows of the Night
25 Run Between the Raindrops
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1. Love is a Battlefield
2. We Belong
3. Hit Me with Your Best Shot
1. Love is a Battlefield
2. Hit Me with Your Best Shot
3. We Belong
1. Heartbreaker
2. Hit Me with Your Best Shot
3. Invincible

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