Best PC Games About World War II

World War II was terrifying, but what game came out the most realistic about the war?

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21 Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

Incredible game!

22 The Great Escape (2003)
23 Hearts of Iron IV

A true world war two epic, play from any country's perspective big or small, and completely immersive and addictive

A true hyper realistic ww2 strategy game.Perfect for everyone.

24 Heroes & Generals
25 Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30

Although it's my second favorite in the series (Hell's Highway being the first). This is perfect WWII game. It takes place between D-Day and June 13th 1944, and it's not just shoot the Germans, grab the documents, blow up the 88/Flak/Panzer/Tiger. NOPE! Matt Baker (game's main protagonist) is portrayed as a squad leader who indeed cares for his men, and he takes it hard when some of his men die. In this game you lead your men through the perilous missions (Purple Heart Lane is hard, I mean you can't sprint in the game and it's possible that your soldiers get wounded, or worse, die). This game and it's sequels (Earned in Blood, Hell's Highway and maybe later Battle of the Bulge) tie up in soldiers life and that each of them was worth of it.

26 World of Tanks
27 The Saboteur
28 Sniper Elite

My opinion best sniping game ever.

29 Death to Spies

An amazing stealth game!

30 Attack on Pearl Harbor

This game is just...maybe not that good but I give it 7/10

31 Men of War

Kinda like CoH in a way CoH 9/10 MoW 10/10

32 Call of Duty: WWII
33 Aces High III
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