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41 Haunted by You

The lyrics are creative and the tune may be the best of any song in the series.

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42 I Believe We Can I Believe We Can

I really like this song I don't understand some of the lyrics

This song was sung by Clay Aiken - Ajkloth

43 Weaponry

I love how well this song conveys Norma's practical thinking. I have a problem to solve, people respond to force, BOOM, weaponry. It feels like it an American propaganda tune from WWII. What's not to love?

Beautiful song, wonderful voice, catchy tune, what could be better?

Unapologetic America agression at its finest - perky and resolute - couldn't believe what I was seeing the first time and haven't been able to get this song out of my head since.

44 S'winter

This REALLY should be rated higher. It's so catchy, and gives a great swintery feel

45 Couldn't Kick My Way Right Into Her Heart
46 Dance, Baby

Why Is This Song On The List? - CuteGirlJigglypuff

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47 Baliwood
48 Rebel, Let's Go! Rebel, Let's Go!

Our family loves Star Wars. So I love these two episodes! And this song is awesome. I also like when. Isabella kissed Phineas before the song started and how Porkins ruins the moment. So funny! - lolcutie86896

49 In the Empire In the Empire
50 Set the Record Straight
51 Handcar
52 Christmas is Starting Now Christmas is Starting Now
53 Ducky Momo Is My Friend

I love this song! Brings a tear to my eye every time. It explains how deep and personal Candace's liking of Ducky Momo really is. I can't believe this isn't higher up!

What?! No love for Ducky Momo?! It's okay. True Ducky Momo fans stand alone.

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54 Izzy's Got the Frizzies

So funny! I also remember when she taught the people in Africa how to do that dance. Again, so funny! - lolcutie86896

55 Mix and Mingle Machine

So catchy! Especially the chorus.

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56 A Brand New Best Friend (And It's Me)
57 My Cruisin' Sweet Ride

A song by Phineas, Candace, Jeremy, Ferb, Vivian Garcia Shapiro, Mrs. Johnson and Baljeet's Mom

It's a great catchy song, definitely overlooked.

Awesome, bouncy, catchy, heartwarming song.

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58 Only Trying to Help

Amazing! Isabella and Candace just wanna help! Isabella wants to help, but she thinks the boys are being too overprotective, and Candace was messing things up and Phineas kicked her out. This song shares a lot of emotion with the two girls.

So beautiful! This song is way better than most pop music on the radio. This episode was so sad... And the song was too.

Candace and Isabella's duet was amazing!

This is one of the best songs! The harmonies are so beautiful!

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59 Dancing In the Sunshine V 1 Comment
60 Mom, It's Your Birthday

Adorable! I'm gonna try and do that for my mom's next birthday! - lolcutie86896

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