Best Pierce the Veil Songs

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1 King for a Day

This song is the epitome of perfection.
Not many artists these days that write with meaning behind their lyrics; this song is just pure gold!
I wasn't even a huge fan of PTV, but this song has changed my view on them

Kellin and Vic. Match made in Heaven!

This song got me into Pierce The Veil, got me into punk, got me into post-hardcore, got me into screamo - got me into good music basically! It is a great song, amazing lyrics, breakdown is mind-blowing. Kellin and Vic's voices merge perfectly together and both of their screaming is great too. Will always love this song. <3 PTV

This song is the reason why I fell in love with Pierce The Veil, it's utter perfection. Kellin and Vic's voices together made me fall in love with all of it even more than the last time I had listened to it. They both have so much talent and beauty in their voices, it's the whole reason why I fell in love with Pierce The Veil. This song is how I found out about them and I don't regret it one bit. Vic has such a beautiful voice and it's so beautiful in this song. I know every single lyric to this song, and all of their songs. Pierce The Veil saved my life and I really don't regret that one bit, this song changed my life.

2 Caraphernelia

I love this song, Vic Fuentes's high singing voice mixes well with A Day To Remember's lead singer, Jeremy Mickinon screams. I love both and I hope more songs like this comes out.

This is by far the best pierce the veil song and the only one I can stand without turning it off. Up vote it guys! Jeremy mckinnon is the bomb

jeremy mckinnon is what made this song decent. - jman16

McKinnon's screams? I think YES. I can listen to this song over and over and over and never get tired of it. VOTE UP! I mean King For A Day is a GREAT song, but some of their other songs are better. This being one of them. "None of the colors ever light up in this hole anymore" I love almost all of their songs, but this one is so catchy. Definitely in my top 3. Better than King For A Day.

3 Bulls in the Bronx

This song is outstanding it is absolutely amazing, I get butterflies when I listen to it. I know every single lyric, I love it so much, Pierce The Veil are one of the best bands in the whole entire world. The day I saw them in concert was the day my life was complete

When I first heard it, 4 hours awake and 8 hours asleep the song was on repeat. I had fallen asleep listening to it. When I woke up, my phone battery was almost over.
Just an experience but I still listen to it everyday.
Will never get tired of it.

What an amazing song. A sonic roller-coaster ride from start to finish. Powerful and stinging lyrics. It's seemingly effortless transitions leave you breathless once the top of the crescendo of sound. If you don't listen to this song you can rest assured you have missed everything.

Such an amazing song with really powerful lyrics and vocals. I adore the fact that there isn't a lot of screaming really in the song, I love the guitar solo, it's that kind of song that really grabs your attention and makes you want to listen over and over again.

4 Bulletproof Love

This song is so AMAZING! Everything is perfect! I love everything about his song.. And the acoustic version... OH MY GOD.. This was the first song I've ever heard by them.. This is what made me fall in love! My second was carapherneila I love that one too..

Why is this not Number 3? It's so beautiful and I can't get enough of it! The music and melody go great and how they sing it is just absolutely beautiful. It deserves better!

This song is really amazing. This is the strongest form of any magic. The pierce the veil is my favorite band. This song is beyond great, it gives you the wings to fly places you have never even imagined going. I just found out about this band and it is already my favorite band. This song helps me get through rough times because sometimes all I need is music, and this would be the song I'd choose any day to get my min off of things. This song deserves to be like number 1 of the best est songs ever made.

This song is fantastic! First song I have heard by this band and I'm completely loving them now. They're a great band. The musicians are wonderful and the vocalist is incredible. Not to mention the songs are good. Lovely lyrics

5 Disasterology

This is definitely my favorite song by them. I literally have to listen to it once a day or I'll crazy. Pierce the Veil is amazing.

This song is so meaningful and beautiful! The guitar playing at the beginning is so catchy and the lyrics are very pretty. My favorite lyrics are "What a waste of a perfectly good, clean wrist... " Those lyrics are so helpful. I love Pierce the Veil so much

This is my favorite song, not just by Pierce The Veil, but by of all songs. I've been on the verge of crying, and almost cut myself one night, but I listened to that song, and everything bad stopped. I couldn't understand why I loved the song until the night after. It made me strong again. - speedie056

Literally my favorite song every. The lyrics and the way Vic sings it is just so meaningful to me. I love all their songs but this one stands out to me the most. This song has helped me throughout tough situations all the time and is just simply amazing.

6 Hell Above

I think this song should be number two, if not one. Out of all the pierce the veil songs, this one has the most powerful lyrics in my opinion. Especially in the beginning of this song, entitled, "May these Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight." The lyrics talk about a boy who I believe is supposed to be Vic, questioning if his house is really a home. The energy he has when he sings this song gets louder and more powerful as he goes on, like he's truthfully angry about what he's singing, er screaming. I've seen them multiple times in concert and when Vic screams the first part of this song, it looks like it's coming from his heart. I'm absolutely in love with this song and I sing it from the bottom of my heart all the time. This has to be my favorite Pierce the Veil song.

This is one of my favourite songs because of the fantastic lyrics it makes me want to constantly listen to this on repeat over and over again

This should be at least no.2...that lyrics are just like carved into our flesh...vic's voice is even more powerful in this song and takes us to another dimension...must be on top 5 songs

This song is incredible! Not just vics voice but the guitar riff at the begining!

7 A Match Into Water

I actually can't believe this is so low down on the list. It's just so heat-clenching and chilling lyrically.
"I kissed the scars on her skin"
"I screamed out, "God, you vulture,
Bring her back or take me with her"

Also, the "we will bring the tidal wave" is incredible live.

Totally awesome! My favorite part is when he shouts she's mine! You stay away from her its not her time!

This is just the best song of all! I love this song. this is what got me into this band. its just so emotional and so sweet " I kissed the scars on her skin. I still think your beautiful" I mean that's just so heart clenching. you just have to love this song so much. I just love this song so much. I played this song to my boyfriend because he cuts and we just cried. its just such a great song

I love this song so much. I love the lyrics. Especially when he screams "She's mine." or "I kissed the scars on her skin" and the part where it say's "we will bring the tidal wave"

8 Hold on Till May

This song is overall amazing! T's definitely my favourite song by them! It makes me think, and about every other time I listen to this song tears come to my eyes. I mean just the lyrics alone are amazing and the beat is lovely as well.
"if I were you, I'd put that away. See you're just wasted and thinking about the past again. Darling you'll be okay" those lyrics alone just mean so so much to me, especially hearing it come from Vic.

I'm learning this on guitar and singing it as well for a class project. This song means so much to me it's helped me through so much needless to say pierce the veil has helped me too. In my opinion this song should be at the top of the list. I think every girl (and boy) deserves to hear the words "darling you'll be okay" That's all we ever wanna know in life, is if we'll be okay, I wouldn't change a thing about this song. The acoustic is my favorite version, I think just vic and a guitar really makes all the difference, I recommend listening to it.

Everything about this song amazes me. I think it deserves to get much more attention than it does. From the lyrics "I'll make you feel beautiful once again, " to Jaime's guitar to Lindsey Stamey's vocals. I'm in love with this song.

Darling, you'll be okay. This song saved my life. I recovered from self harm thanks to this song, actually no, this band. I will always be eternally thankful. Darling you'll be okay is my favorite lyrics ever. I might even get this as a tattoo. Thank you so much Pierce The Veil for having so amazing songs that help people through tough times, you are my heroes

9 Yeah Boy and Doll Face

I love this song. Its the best song I have ever heard, unique, pierce the veil have there own style that nobody could copy, it's a story of its own. Just keep on singing you guys, you have plenty of fans, just keep on rocking

I can probably listen to this song for the rest of my life and never get sick of it. I think it's PERFECT.

The fact that this song is so down the list is disappointing. This song describes my life. The meaning of the song is so perfect I don't think anyone can improve it. My heart clenches every time I hear it. Every time.

This song is my literal heart. I live off this song. It is the absolute definition of perfection.

10 Besitos

My favourite song, on my favourite album, by my favourite band. It rips, start to finish. I love Vic's mixed voice in it: his amazing post-hardcore vocals comprising most of it, combined with his sick screaming (red rose of the dead), beautiful singing (baby, leave the water by the bed for later), and everyone's favourite part, a diamond bullet and a gun made of gold. The emotion and meaning behind it are so powerful. I read a line-by-line analysis of the meaning and it blew my mind. Some of their best songwriting, and that's saying something. Not to overlook the instrumentals; Tony's shredding in the chorus is too hard for my dad who's been playing for 40 years. Everything about it is perfect. I love it just as much every time I listen to it.

This is for sure my favorite pierce the veil song, this should be #1. I mean really, how can this song be #17?! What kind of a list is this?! And I love the "a diamond bullet, a gun made of gold, she was covered in blood last seen in san fran sisco" part, that part is just epic...

I absolutely without a doubt love this song! It's amazing! Especially the awesome and fast lead at the beginning. Makes a person dance, literally! I recommend this song so much!

How is this not at least #10?! I love it so much, this song and Yeah Boy And Doll Face are basically my favorites. I love the hidden messages in this song, so much, they're beautiful and I really wish this song was higher on the list. I mean, honestly, I don't know one Pierce The Veil fan who isn't in love with this song! Ugh, now I have tpo go listen to it cx

The Contenders

11 Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides

This song deserves to be number 1, no matter how old it is. It has helped me through so much, accompanied me through a road of darkness and kept me hopeful. From Vic's beautiful voice to the haunting guitar riffs, this song is complete utter perfection. The line that gets me every time is "I held a diamond to the sun to count the moments on account of the way you smile, smile for me." I'm not sure as to why, I think it's just the way Vic says it that makes me tear up. He is beautiful, Pierce The Veil are beautiful, the song is beautiful, thank you Vic. You have saved so many lives, mine included.

This song does everything a song should; Keep the listener screaming for more. The beautiful riffs, the amazing vocals, topped off with deep, tear-inducing lyrics

This was their first song. Vic's voice is full of emotion and its natural sweet frail sound make this song so much more meaningful.

This song is amazing. I used to not like it because of how old it is, it's on their first album. But I've just learned to play it on guitar and I love it

12 The Boy Who Could Fly

I am absolutely in love with this song. Fast paced, and very catchy. Of course I love the songs higher on the list, but The Boy Who Could Fly along with Southern Constellations just makes my heart melt every time. Especially the line, "Without you there is no me," because of how heartfelt that line can come off as. Personal reason to loving this song are tied in, but I wouldn't want to bother listing those reasons off as this song isn't about me and how it relates to me as one person. I highly recommend listening to this song, but I also recommend hearing this in harmony with Southern Constellations. Together, it's a very haunting yet beautiful story of love and heartbreak told by a man who gets much less credit than he deserves for his music.

"As your running to the bathroom, you barely started drinking but your beauty never stopped you," lines like this! I love how you know what it means and it has more thought than bluntly stating stuff. Urgh I love this song and how the lines are creative and smart this song needs to be 2 because king for a day is awesome too

Needs to be number one! This song is utterly amazing. It helped me through much and every single time I listen to it I still love it as much as I did the first time I heard it. My all time favourite song in the world.

How is this song not number 1?!?! This song is better than amazing-its fantabulous! Especially with "southern constellations. " Just go listen to "southern constellations, " and "the boy who could fly, " so you can hear a piece of heaven.

13 The New National Anthem

This song is sooo beautiful. Not just Vic's singing. It's the lyrics and especially the instrumentals that pull everything over the top. Combined, they make my favorite ptv song. I love the transition between a verse and the chorus "somebody's suppose to... TEAR THIS PLACE APART UNTIL YOU FIND ME HIDING" it all paints a picture in my mind I can relate to. And I love how it sounds like he's trying to tell someone everything's going to be okay in the end, when in this situation he may not gets what he wants. Desperation. He almost convinces himself "everything's okay." LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH.

This song is absolutely brilliant. This was the third song I had listened to pierce the veil and this song made me fall in love with them. The beginning of the song is magic and as it picks up it just gets better and better. This song should be so much higher on the list. Vic fuentes voice is stupifying. Truly one of their best songs.

I just love it. Because' as I remember my days when in highschool with my boyfriend and yeah IT'S JUST AWESOME TO LISTEN TO, seriously most of my week I would listen to this about 4 times a day, by the way keep voting!

One of the best songs ever. I love the Spanish guitar. Whenever this song comes up in my iPod I turn up the volume to max. It is probably the best song ever. Not that I don't like the other songs. This song is just too good. Why isn't it in the top 10?

14 Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears

This song is the best! I love how Vic says, "Maybe I'll pretend right now, but I swear to god I'm gonna change the world. " They have changed the world. Well, mine of course. I owe it all to them. They're my heroes

I listened to this song at my darkest moments and it helped me more than anyone or anything could this coming from a 13 year old girl from LA it doesn't sound like I would have a bad life or even listen to this amazing music but this song changed my life I would be dead right now without them. I owe everything to them

I am inspired by this song. It gets me through anything! I love many of their songs but this one keeps me strong to carry on. I instantly fell in love with this song when I fist heard it playing. Its by far the best song ever to me!

This song was the first song that I have ever heard by ptv and it changed everything. It made me fall in love with them and download every album and listen to them on repeat for months. Still love it till this day.

15 Tangled in the Great Escape

This song is easily one of my favorites! Considering it has Vic and Jason Butler, it really does deserve to be in the top 10. Jason's deep, smooth voice paired with Vic's high-pitched voice is like sex on sex. Plus, the song is about being straight-edge. It just makes is so much better. I am in LOVE with this song. Everyone should listen to this.

This song has so much meaning.. Definitely better than King For A Day. It's basically like a suicide story. "I let you down, and I started to run, never meant to be your pain.. What have I become? "

I can't even describe what this song means to me. It reminds me so much of my friends. I don't even know what to say. Amazing that they could put these feelings into words so very accurately. Yes. Just yes.

I can't... This is a masterpiece within the lyrics. And Jason Butler really adds to its beauty- his deep voice mixes well with Vic's high range. I salute you, Pierce the Veil.

16 I Don't Care If You're Contagious

This song can be so beautiful and meaningful once you know the inspiration behind it. It was written for a fan whose boyfriend had passed away. Apparently, the first time they ever even held hands was at a Pierce the Veil show. The band felt so moved by this, that they wrote this song as a tribute to that couple, meant to be as though the boyfriend were still watching over his girl.

It is so sweet and it should be the best song! It has amazing lyrics. Honestly it is so sweet that my boyfriend and I just had to make it our song. Its timeless. I could listen to it all day. If just makes me cry because this song has meaning. It comes from the heart and so many songs now are just annoying radio crap. They need good music like THIS! On the radio. I am in love with this song.

This song is my favorite song by far off of all three albums. This song has much sentimental value to me because this was me and my friend's song. He past away a couple of days ago and I can't stop listening to it. The line that really gets me is "I don't care if you're sick, I don't care if you're contagious, I'd kiss you even if you were dead", it takes my breath away, because well he id dead and k would kiss him still. I loved him, and I still do.

Most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard, it just sends shivers down my body whenever I listen to this song, it brings out my emotions so I can face them and move on. Definitely my number one.

I also love every single one of their songs.

17 The Sky Under the Sea

I really love this song! So surprised it didn't make the top 10 because its a beautifully written song.

This is the song that made me truly appreciate Pierce The Veil. I'm very surprised this did not make top 10

This was the very first song I heard from them if it wasn't for this song I wouldn't be listening to them. And I still love the song, it should be in a higher rank

Should be number 1 in my opinion... Not a huge fan of King for a day either so for that to be first and this not even on the list is confusing me!

18 Divine Zero

Vics voice is more clean and mature but he still sticks to his roots. They really busted out something amazing with this song, it definitely deserves to be in the top tens, and it's my personal favorite!

-clear melodic vocals with short and sweet verses of clear screams

-beautiful lyrics, the imagry is incomparable to any other pierce the veil song

-this song is the heart of pierce the veil, when I'm listening to it I know this is how pierce the veil sounds and always should sound.

come on guys lets bring this song up through the ranks!

So perfect. Calms me down when I'm having a panic attack. By far one of their best songs!

One of my favourites song of all time, this occurs when perfect lyrics and perfect rhythm joins

THIS SONG IS AMAZING! It's the newest material ptv has released in like 3 years. This song is definitely top 15 material. Their new album is going to be amazing, maybe even their best one yet. I'm so happy that they kept their post hardcore sound unlike sws which just sucks now(they weren't ever that great either) this song is especially great for fans of Ptv's earlier work(me) this song definitely hyped me up for their new album hopefully coming out later this year!

19 One Hundred Sleepless Nights

NO THIS DESERVES AT LEAST 5. This song is about Cara. About the night she told Vic about the baby. This song tells about wanting to be with someone but knowing you can't. It is beautiful.

I enjoy dancing to this song. Yes because it is so catchy and just yes.

To me, the only track off their newest album I enjoyed as much as King For a Day. Chorus is super catchy, been listening on repeat for quite some time now. Dunno why its all the way at number 25

Beautiful indeed. It covers a subject that few songs do: desperate obsession. Great track

20 I'm Low on Gas and You Need a Jacket

Tried to wash you down with something strong! The lyrics are so deep and meaningful, not to mention the slow tempo that you could listen to when you're just trying to relax! Vic just proved that it didn't matter what type of song he does, it will be perfectly amazing!

YES YES YES. But why is this song so low on the list?!?! Definitely my favorite song by them, probably my favorite song ever by any artist. It means so much to me and I can relate to it in so many ways. First song to ever make me cry. And I'm by no means a crier!

This song will be the death of me I swear! I'm I love with everything about this song and my hear BURNS when I hear it. I have a horrible history with it but it made me love it more. Through that I inspired my creativity and to this day still does.

This song is my favorite PTV song and it should be much higher. This song is seriously overlooked but if you really listen to it. It's amazing. It should be at least top 7.

21 Props & Mayhem

These lyrics are some of the best lyrics I've honestly ever heard in my life. They're meaningful, and beautifully hard to understand at the same time so I do believe everyone has their own interpretation of what it means. One of my favorite lines, "I'll throw my arms around you darlin,' and we'll turn to ashes drown me in the flames." or "burst into flames, scream in the dark, I'm gonna' light up in flames and die in beautiful stars." Another line from that song that I feel at times I can really relate to is "When I'm sober, I feel pain." I think everyone at some point feels like when they don't have something, they're in pain without it or maybe when they don't have a mind corrupting feeling like being drunk, they're left to think about something they don't want to think about. This song is a great song to listen to when your feeling let down.

My favourite, has some of the best lyrics I've ever heard, tells a heart warming story. "As we run under the stars through cemetery back yards celebrate the way the night hides scars". "I kinda like the way you tell me baby please come home, I need you here right now I'm crating under water so you don't hear the sound". "Separate me from my own two hands I've killed so many time but I can't save the world from the features that won't die". I shocks me that it's only at 17, an amazing cry song. I really hope a music video is made for it.

This is my absolute FAVORITE song off of the new album. It's so beautiful and touching. I just love it! It should definitely be higher on the list!

This one should be at top 10 for sure, this song is amazing, the sound and lyrics are so much better than others at top 10, I think this is my favourite

22 The Cheap Bouquet

Why is this so low?

Honest, it's so so good.

The best song ever the end is amazing and beautifull with the guitar I've listen to a billion times I'll never get sick of it

23 Just the Way You Are

It is much better and more meaningful than the original. This version of the song makes me feel amazing no matter what my situation is. This was the first song I ever heard PTV play and I became obsessed. Everyone I know agrees that this version is the best ever.

It's from punk goes pop and its a really good cover! Worth to be in the top 10!

I love the original but this is so much better, should be higher up on the list.

This is song is probably the best cover I have ever heard

24 Kissing in Cars

Great love song.. It shows that young love is the best love and it's so. Sweet Vic always melts my heart when I listen to it

Why is this song number 37? Are you people crazy? This song should be in the top 10 AT LEAST. The song itself is utterly beautiful. It shows that there is no such thing as being too young to fall in love. I love it, and it saddens me that this is so underrated.

I Didn't Even Like Rock Or Any Kind Of Music Like This Unti I Heard This Song! Made Me A HUGE Rock And Screamo Fan!

The story I feel like this song tells is absolutely beautiful. Whenever I think about the lyrics, I can picture Vic falling in love at a young age getting into trouble. In the song he says "God, don't let me be the only one who says there's no such thing as too young." Also in the song he talks about "red lights flashin' in cars we'e kissin," helping the song to give me a young and broken love feeling to the story.

25 The First Punch

OKAY honestly how in hell is this song all the way down here! I love this song! I actually always have this song on replay. It is just too amazing!

This song is seriously underrated. The message is great, the beat is addictive, and the lyrics are just pure genius.

This song is officially said to be about many things. One of them is the bands that think they're rock stars and treat their fans like crap.

Great song I love the beat and the meaning behind this song. Its Awesome!

26 Drella

This is their fifth best song! Deserves top 10 at least

This song! It's so amazing! :( why isn't it higher.

LOVE THIS SONG! it should totally be hihgher

27 Wonderless

Best Flipping Song Why is it not on the list at all. That is very sad to me. And disappointing considering that the song should at least be in the top five let alone the top ten. I am in love with this song.

I'm destroying what I love.

This should definitely be on the top 10, I love this song so much and I just LOVEE how this song starts!

Favorite ptv song, A flair for the dramatic was their best album.

28 She Makes Dirty Words Sound Beautiful
29 Currents Convulsive

Dear god, I hate how all the newer songs are up top and most of the ones on The album A Flair For the Dramatic are all the way down her. In my opinion that's their best album... Anyway this song is one of my favorites.

This song just has so much going on in it, I love every second of it. It's a shame that so many fans have yet to give A Flair For The Dramatic a chance.

#28? I knew it wasnt all that popular but it seriously deserves more than that! It's a great song with amazing lyrics and really awesome to sing in the shower :3

That guitar solo at 2:20 surely warrants a higher position... One of my favourites across the albums

30 The Balcony Scene

Should definitely be higher, very underrated. Awesome song. Have you ever really danced on the edge? Great lyrics

How is this song not higher? It should be 1) Bulletproof Love 2) Million Dollar Houses 3) Balcony Scene. Listen to it!

One of the most underrated PTV songs. It is perfect for the days where I just want a good song, and also great when I am looking for something only music can provide. Extraordinary lyrics with an amazing meaning that I am sure many fans can deeply relate to.

Love this song so much it reminded me if Romeo and Juliet.

31 Circles

I love though song so much. It's extremely catchy, but a little less hardcore than many of their other songs. While it may be pretty calm overall, it's still so amazing and one of the best songs on the album, (second best to floral and fading...) The song is just so good overall! As well as being great as far as sound goes, the lyrics are beautiful as well. It's a great daydream song if you know what I mean!

I love this song so much! The guitar is awesome, Vic's voice sounds so good (as usual), everything about this song is amazing and the lyrics are so meaningful and every time I get to the bridge I want to cry but I'M RAMBLING. This definitely needs more votes.

Just is real feels like a return to there original sound

This should be No1! Their best song by a mile!

32 She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty

Vic and Jonny Craig go together so well in this song! They can make a dirty song sound pretty! Definitely one of my favorite songs by them!

I love this song! It is absolutely beautiful and should be ranked a lot higher than this. love the lyrics, it's like mood food in song version!

33 Texas is Forever

WO! And PTV strikes again. If the rest of the album is half as good as Texas is forever and The Divine Zero, they will have a masterpiece. But Texas is Forever? Seriously. Mind. Blown. The verses are just so full of a harsh energy, and I just love how the chorus kind of levels off, but keeps the dark, angry, pulsing tone. Incredible. I just hope that people start to notice how amazing this song is soon.

34 Fast Times at Clairemont High

This should be at least 10. This is a Michael Jackson influenced song that's meaning is if I can't have you, nobody can.

35 Today I Saw the Whole World

It hits you right out of the gates. The energy from this song pulses in waves as Vic screams out verses laced with pain and venom. The chorus is catchy and easy to learn, and the bridge just pushes this song into the stratosphere. The guitar work on this song is awesome, calming down when it needs to and hitting you to the ground during the chorus

The guitar work on this song is truly incredible, and Vic's voice is stellar as always. The raw emotion in the lyrics is prominent, and I believe that if someone is being exposed to Pierce the Veil for the first time this would be a great song to sample. Not only is it a newer song, but it captures their style rather well in my opinion.

The first time I heard this song was at around 2am, Spotify was playing random songs as I was playing on my ps4 with my headphones on. I remember tuning out every other random song, but when this one came on I was like “Damn this is good”. Afterwards I listened to more from ptv and fell in love! Had it not been for this song I would’ve never started listening to them


36 I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous

I love this song it has so much meaning to it

Such an underrated song! Should be in the top 10 at least! There's a lot of raw emotion in this song. The screaming is honestly one of the most beautiful sounds ever

I love this song

37 Floral & Fading

Ok hold up.. Why the hell does this not have any votes? The song is simply beautiful! Vic's voice is different in the song, it's not as high as usual, but it sounds so great and fits the song well. All of the words can make you cry they are just so pretty and meaningful. In a way, I think it reminds us of props and mayhem... I think this is my favorite song on misadventures which is weird because I'm usually more into totally hardcore-head banging-screaming-loud as hell-metalcore... But anyways, GET THIS WORK OF ART HIGHER ON THE DAMN LIST!

Needs to be in top 10 now!

Get this higher on the list!

Ii love this song so much, why the heck wouldn't it be in the top 10?!

38 A Love Like War

I believe this should be a bit higher, but Vic was better than All Time Low... Just saying. His vocals in the end is perfection.

I know is not from PTV
But Vic fuentes in All time low... I just love it

One of the best collabs ever, should be waay higher on the list.

39 Song for Isabelle

Love it love it love it. I think misadventures might be the best album yet.

This song is just an amazing song. Best off the album.

This song is beautiful and I honestly love it. It might be my favorite off of the new album. I would definitely recommend it if you're new to ptv

40 Falling Asleep on a Stranger
41 Gold Medal Ribbon

Oh my gosh, new album was so worth the wait with this quality of music produced

What is it down here.
This is honestly their best song.

42 Diamonds and Why Men Buy Them

Such a beautiful song with such wonderful lyrics and instrumentals, it is so under appreciated

Dude this song though

This song has some really amazing lyrics.

43 Dive In

This is one of my favorite songs from them how is it not on here - carmelhitler

Indeed, this is a pretty good song in PTV's repertoire; I am fairly certain it makes top 15 criteria if not top 10.

44 She Sings in the Morning

Love the guitar riff in the beginning rad as hell
I think this song should definitely be higher in the ranks

I don't know it's just amazing

Beginning guitar is sick.

45 Bedless
46 Southern Constellations

Southern Constellations may be a short trim off of an amazing song, but these words in that short time period are wonderful. It's calm, gentle and has a very soft spoken but message of how Vic would go to such lengths to stay with the one he loves that he would freeze with them if they froze. It is a definite must listen, despite how short it is and how much more powerful the song it leads into is.

It should be longer, but it's okay, it's still beautiful...

This is perfect.
it may be short, but it's all you need to heal your soul

47 May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight

I don't know what this "song" is but it sounds hella great and gets you hyped to hear the rest of the album

Maybe it's just random noises, but they're amazing random noises

48 Sambuka
49 Million Dollar House (The Painter)

This is actually my second favorite song (My first is Disasterology) but I voted for it because it deserves to be much higher than it is. It has beautiful lyrics and the meaning behind it is very pure. I also think that it is very sweet that Vic wrote a song for his and Mikes parents which makes it even more beautiful. This also reminds me of a lot of things that happen in life and is somewhat relatable to my own relationship, and this song touches my heart so very much. And the lyrics are so beautiful.

This song will always remain my favorite song out of all of their songs. Actually, its my favorite song out of like EVERY song. When people ask my favorite song, Million Dollar Houses is the first thing that comes out my mouth

This song is so amazing, and will always be my favorite Pierce The Veil song! It's actually a pretty sweet song. And I think it's so sweet that this song represtens Vic and Mikes parents. That's amazing! Everything about this song is pure perfection, and not to mention it's such an easy song to listen to.

When I initially heard the song I didn't like it, but after the introduction I fell in love. The chorus is just so catchy, I can't stop listening to it.

50 Stay Away from My Friends

How is this song so low on the list? It isn't their normal style but this is seriously one of the most beautiful and meaningful songs I've ever heard in my life. This song is just really something special

Awesome song and its, telling a Ex lover to leave them alone and their friends. You'll be singing along in no time.

A reason why I love this song is because up until the end, you don't really truly know exactly what this song is about. Although the lyrics gives you hints and such, it's not till one of the last lines that you know the deep meaning behind the song.

Dead last lmao. One of the best songs I’ve probly ever heard in my life

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