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21 Million Dollar House (The Painter)

This is actually my second favorite song (My first is Disasterology) but I voted for it because it deserves to be much higher than it is. It has beautiful lyrics and the meaning behind it is very pure. I also think that it is very sweet that Vic wrote a song for his and Mikes parents which makes it even more beautiful. This also reminds me of a lot of things that happen in life and is somewhat relatable to my own relationship, and this song touches my heart so very much. And the lyrics are so beautiful.

This song will always remain my favorite song out of all of their songs. Actually, its my favorite song out of like EVERY song. When people ask my favorite song, Million Dollar Houses is the first thing that comes out my mouth

This song is so amazing, and will always be my favorite Pierce The Veil song! It's actually a pretty sweet song. And I think it's so sweet that this song represtens Vic and Mikes parents. That's amazing! Everything about this song is pure perfection, and not to mention it's such an easy song to listen to.

This song is amazing and the meaning behind it is great. Vic wrote the song for his parents.

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22 Kissing in Cars

Great love song.. It shows that young love is the best love and it's so. Sweet Vic always melts my heart when I listen to it

Why is this song number 37? Are you people crazy? This song should be in the top 10 AT LEAST. The song itself is utterly beautiful. It shows that there is no such thing as being too young to fall in love. I love it, and it saddens me that this is so underrated.

I Didn't Even Like Rock Or Any Kind Of Music Like This Unti I Heard This Song! Made Me A HUGE Rock And Screamo Fan!

WHAT THE #22?! This one of the greatest songs ever made in my opinion, why is this not top 10?

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23 Props & Mayhem

These lyrics are some of the best lyrics I've honestly ever heard in my life. They're meaningful, and beautifully hard to understand at the same time so I do believe everyone has their own interpretation of what it means. One of my favorite lines, "I'll throw my arms around you darlin,' and we'll turn to ashes drown me in the flames." or "burst into flames, scream in the dark, I'm gonna' light up in flames and die in beautiful stars." Another line from that song that I feel at times I can really relate to is "When I'm sober, I feel pain." I think everyone at some point feels like when they don't have something, they're in pain without it or maybe when they don't have a mind corrupting feeling like being drunk, they're left to think about something they don't want to think about. This song is a great song to listen to when your feeling let down.

My favourite, has some of the best lyrics I've ever heard, tells a heart warming story. "As we run under the stars through cemetery back yards celebrate the way the night hides scars". "I kinda like the way you tell me baby please come home, I need you here right now I'm crating under water so you don't hear the sound". "Separate me from my own two hands I've killed so many time but I can't save the world from the features that won't die". I shocks me that it's only at 17, an amazing cry song. I really hope a music video is made for it.

This is my absolute FAVORITE song off of the new album. It's so beautiful and touching. I just love it! It should definitely be higher on the list!

Absolutely love this song - YOUnique253

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24 Divine Zero

Vics voice is more clean and mature but he still sticks to his roots. They really busted out something amazing with this song, it definitely deserves to be in the top tens, and it's my personal favorite!

-clear melodic vocals with short and sweet verses of clear screams

-beautiful lyrics, the imagry is incomparable to any other pierce the veil song

-this song is the heart of pierce the veil, when I'm listening to it I know this is how pierce the veil sounds and always should sound.

come on guys lets bring this song up through the ranks!

So perfect. Calms me down when I'm having a panic attack. By far one of their best songs!

One of my favourites song of all time, this occurs when perfect lyrics and perfect rhythm joins

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25 The First Punch

OKAY honestly how in hell is this song all the way down here! I love this song! I actually always have this song on replay. It is just too amazing!

This song is seriously underrated. The message is great, the beat is addictive, and the lyrics are just pure genius.

This song is officially said to be about many things. One of them is the bands that think they're rock stars and treat their fans like crap.

This song is honestly fantastic. Top ten at least.

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26 Wonderless

Best Flipping Song Why is it not on the list at all. That is very sad to me. And disappointing considering that the song should at least be in the top five let alone the top ten. I am in love with this song.

This should definitely be on the top 10, I love this song so much and I just LOVEE how this song starts!

Favorite ptv song, A flair for the dramatic was their best album.

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27 Fast Times at Clairemont High

This should be at least 10. This is a Michael Jackson influenced song that's meaning is if I can't have you, nobody can.

28 The Balcony Scene

Should definitely be higher, very underrated. Awesome song. Have you ever really danced on the edge? Great lyrics

How is this song not higher? It should be 1) Bulletproof Love 2) Million Dollar Houses 3) Balcony Scene. Listen to it!

One of the most underrated PTV songs. It is perfect for the days where I just want a good song, and also great when I am looking for something only music can provide. Extraordinary lyrics with an amazing meaning that I am sure many fans can deeply relate to.

How could u consider yourself a fan if u don't appreciate this song :(

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29 The Cheap Bouquet

Why is this so low?

Honest, it's so so good.

The best song ever the end is amazing and beautifull with the guitar I've listen to a billion times I'll never get sick of it

30 She Sings In the Morning

Love the guitar riff in the beginning rad as hell
I think this song should definitely be higher in the ranks

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31 Just the Way You Are

It is much better and more meaningful than the original. This version of the song makes me feel amazing no matter what my situation is. This was the first song I ever heard PTV play and I became obsessed. Everyone I know agrees that this version is the best ever.

It's from punk goes pop and its a really good cover! Worth to be in the top 10!

I love the original but this is so much better, should be higher up on the list.

This is song is probably the best cover I have ever heard

32 Currents Convulsive

Dear god, I hate how all the newer songs are up top and most of the ones on The album A Flair For the Dramatic are all the way down her. In my opinion that's their best album... Anyway this song is one of my favorites.

This song just has so much going on in it, I love every second of it. It's a shame that so many fans have yet to give A Flair For The Dramatic a chance.

#28? I knew it wasnt all that popular but it seriously deserves more than that! It's a great song with amazing lyrics and really awesome to sing in the shower :3

That guitar solo at 2:20 surely warrants a higher position... One of my favourites across the albums

33 Drella

This is their fifth best song! Deserves top 10 at least

This song! It's so amazing! :( why isn't it higher.

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34 She Makes Dirty Words Sound Beautiful
35 She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty

Vic and Jonny Craig go together so well in this song! They can make a dirty song sound pretty! Definitely one of my favorite songs by them!

I love this song! It is absolutely beautiful and should be ranked a lot higher than this. love the lyrics, it's like mood food in song version!

36 Circles

I love though song so much. It's extremely catchy, but a little less hardcore than many of their other songs. While it may be pretty calm overall, it's still so amazing and one of the best songs on the album, (second best to floral and fading...) The song is just so good overall! As well as being great as far as sound goes, the lyrics are beautiful as well. It's a great daydream song if you know what I mean!

I love this song so much! The guitar is awesome, Vic's voice sounds so good (as usual), everything about this song is amazing and the lyrics are so meaningful and every time I get to the bridge I want to cry but I'M RAMBLING. This definitely needs more votes.

Just is real feels like a return to there original sound

37 Texas is Forever

WO! And PTV strikes again. If the rest of the album is half as good as Texas is forever and The Divine Zero, they will have a masterpiece. But Texas is Forever? Seriously. Mind. Blown. The verses are just so full of a harsh energy, and I just love how the chorus kind of levels off, but keeps the dark, angry, pulsing tone. Incredible. I just hope that people start to notice how amazing this song is soon.

38 I'd Rather Die Than Be Famous

Such an underrated song! Should be in the top 10 at least! There's a lot of raw emotion in this song. The screaming is honestly one of the most beautiful sounds ever

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39 Floral & Fading

Ok hold up.. Why the hell does this not have any votes? The song is simply beautiful! Vic's voice is different in the song, it's not as high as usual, but it sounds so great and fits the song well. All of the words can make you cry they are just so pretty and meaningful. In a way, I think it reminds us of props and mayhem... I think this is my favorite song on misadventures which is weird because I'm usually more into totally hardcore-head banging-screaming-loud as hell-metalcore... But anyways, GET THIS WORK OF ART HIGHER ON THE DAMN LIST!

Needs to be in top 10 now!

Get this higher on the list!

Ii love this song so much, why the heck wouldn't it be in the top 10?!

40 Today I Saw the Whole World

The guitar work on this song is truly incredible, and Vic's voice is stellar as always. The raw emotion in the lyrics is prominent, and I believe that if someone is being exposed to Pierce the Veil for the first time this would be a great song to sample. Not only is it a newer song, but it captures their style rather well in my opinion.


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