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1 Apple Pie

Apple pie is just an old classic for me, so, I'd vote for apple pie, because I rarely have it and when I do, it's more delicious than any other pie.

My mom always makes apple pie for me. Always look forward to it!
It's apples all the way down to the cinnamon is delicious.

This is the best of the best, the sugary taste. I really loved it, even if my favorites is Blueberries and Raspberries.

Apple pie is the best pie there is, and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

2 Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie is good and soft. I love to eat it every day----even in every holidays and seasons! I was super happy when my parent s bought a pumpkin pie, and I even love punmpkins! It's so sweet, heavenly, soft, and some even have whipped cream on it! It's just perfect for halloween and thanksgiving!

Pumpkin pie topped with sweet, soft, heavenly whipped cream and a glass of eggnog is the best part of the holiday season!

So good... I love when its thanksgiving... I do the old cartoon move and cut one slice and take the rest all for myself

Pumpkin Pie has an amazing texture, I can't believe that it's not first. My first word was pie, literally.

3 Cherry Pie

It's good that the cherry jam or cherries in cherry pies don't have seeds in it. I hated to look at what I spit out of my mouth like seeds and things like that. And gum.

There's some BAD cherry pie out there, but if you get a really good one, there's nothing like it! (And even using canned pie filling is good for that matter, my made-from-scratch cherry pie wasn't as good as somebody else's using canned pie filling at our church's Pie Festival.)

Cherry pie, of course. I mean, nothing can stand against cherry pie.
Cherry pie is the bomb diggity, man.
You all are CRAZY if you think other pies are better than cherry pie!

Yep. You can get some REALLY good cherry pie from Door County, Wisconsin or western Michigan.

4 Key Lime Pie

I love key lime pie because its filled with limes. I wish I could have 10 pieces of it every day but my mother doesn't want me to eat to many pies. It can let you get a stomachache. But I love it a lot.

Now I tasted Key Lime Pie and it was amazing. Its covered with a lot of sour flavors. Sour helps our mouth get clean with green. I'd wish I could have 10 pieces of key lime pie every day.

Not sour at all! It is sweet and topped with lime flavor. Just don't eat the actual limes.

I really like line did you know it stopped hiccups

5 Pecan Pie

I am the biggest fan in the pie's history of pie. I even created a little imagination game called the pie agency where we're allies with the brownies and ice cream while we fight against the evil and treacherous cake with their allies cupcakes and cookies. But Pecan pie is my #1 all time favorite. I went to a restaurant in Indiana called Clay's and put chocolate on pecan pie and call it Oops pie. I love it sooo much!

One of the easiest and tastiest pies to make.
Great favourite but I am trying to pin point down a great recipe atm.

Nutty, sweet, crunchy, chewy, and gooey. No other pie can claim that much sensory input.

So good, especially good with a cup of coffee.

6 Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream pie is the best thing you could ever eat! It is delicious and sweet, but not too sweet. It is very good.

If an Antonio Brown touchdown celebration had a flavor, it would be Banana Cream Pies.

Banana cream pie is just the best. It tastes so good!

If you love bananas and whip cream this is yours!

7 Lemon Meringue Pie

A Lemon Meringue Tart is my favorite treat with a tart and sour filling and Floofeh meringue. Tops delicous. Why is it not in at least top ten? COME ON! I truly KNOW lemon meringue is greatest with a flakey crust. Just the best textured Lemon meringue can easily score top 5 but, still this site neglects the tarts' awesomeness.

Reminds me of when I was young and would share it with my extended family at holidays. The crust plus lemon jello plus marshmallow cream is just great.

Lemon meringue pie is delicious! Smooth lemon filling with creamy, fluffy meringue. Need I say more?

It just tastes so good! You should try it! Can't believe it doesn't even make to the top 22

8 Blueberry Pie

Blueberry pie is really good. I went to Bar Harbor, Maine once and they had really good blueberry pie.

Pair it with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and you've got yourself an experience made in heaven.

I have never tried it before but it's sounds delicious and scrumptious

Yay! My favorite, but its sweet taste destroy the entire pie.

9 Oreo Pie

I think it is a very easy recipe and I love how the cookies taste.

The pie should be #1 or two because t is just completely amazing

Not so good for me, but seems delicious.

The crust is just delicious

10 Chocolate Mousse

That's gross. Who eats mouse meat? That's disgusting! And then it's chocolate flavored and then put into pie. I just want to throw up thinking about this! Jk

Mmm, chocolatey goodness with every bite

I like it. Is that enough?

Hmm... my favourite

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? Chocolate Icebox Pie
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11 Sweet Potato Pie

I eat it on every holliday and it's delicious! Promise me next Thanksgiving to try it!

Sweet potato pie is not only delicious, but it takes real skill to actually make it.

Best pie ever when made correctly.

I really love sweet potatoes

12 Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

To Die For! This is a perfect blend between Mm and Ohh! It has the absolute sweet and fresh taste of delicious strawberries, along with the mouth watering taste of taste-bud tingling rhubarb.

This is my favorite pie ever! When ever I look at pictures of it, my mouth waters! My grandma makes this all the time, and it is honestly my favorite dessert ever!

Pumpkin pie is a crime and strawberry rhubarb is objectively better

The perfect combination of tart and sweet- very earthy tasting.

13 Raspberry Pie

There is a super small computer chip named raspberry pi we have. Other than that this pie is meh.

Tart and sweet, YUMMY!

Raspberry pi.

14 Lemon Pie

Perfection on a plate, especially with raspberries. So good!

Good combination of tart and sweet. Good all year long!

Sometimes I eat Lemon Pie sometimes I eat Lemon haha!

The best pie ever

15 Peach Pie

Why is peach number 8 it's the best I love it

This is number two material bro

Peach is great when warm

I hate peaches

16 Strawberry Pie

Would be very pleasing to the mouth

17 Coconut Cream

This is not the best but very good!

Coconut cream pie is the best!

This pie is amazing!

Ugh, sooo good I can eat it all day!

18 Peanut Butter Pie

This pie is possibly the best I've ever had. It's simply delicious, and it melts in my mouth. This comment is currently in the green shade, also.

What?! It sounds lush. Steak, Mushroom and ale pie with puff pastry is the best, but as it's not on here, I voted this pwning pie. It sounds good.

Love peanut butter pie more than anything in the whole world.

Creamy and delicious. It’s on my table for almost every holiday... please try it!

19 Caramel Cream Pie

I can’t even! This bad boy is the most fantabulus thing out there! Sure the bad ones can be a little sweet but when you get your hands on a good one, you’ll regret not trying them earlier!

20 Banana Meringue Pie
21 Chocolate Pecan Pie
22 Rhubarb Pie

I made an Amish Rubarb on Sunday and yum. Now I cannot find the recipe, and want to bake another one just like it.

The best combination of sour, sweet and dough.

Love rhubarb pie!

23 Chocolate Silk Pie

OH BABY! Now here's a pie I love! M m!

24 Chicken Pot Pie

I love chicken pot pie! It's tasty, smooth gravy along with its delicious crust.

Oh yeah it so good I love it so much

I eat all the time

25 Blackberry Pie
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