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1 Apple Pie

Apple pie is best pie. - AbsolutelyDisgusting


Delicious - ElSherlock

Apple pie is just an old classic for me, so, I'd vote for apple pie, because I rarely have it and when I do, it's more delicious than any other pie.

2 Pumpkin Pie

Very good pie

My nickname is pumpkin pie!

Yum - ElSherlock

I think that pumpkin pie is one of the best kind of pie ever

3 Cherry Pie

Whats a pie that's so cheery? A Cheery pie!

There's some BAD cherry pie out there, but if you get a really good one, there's nothing like it! (And even using canned pie filling is good for that matter, my made-from-scratch cherry pie wasn't as good as somebody else's using canned pie filling at our church's Pie Festival.)

Yep. You can get some REALLY good cherry pie from Door County, Wisconsin or western Michigan. - Vic21102

It's always been my favourite. You can get so amazing cherry pies and to me they never get old

4 Pecan Pie

I love pecan pie

I am the biggest fan in the pie's history of pie. I even created a little imagination game called the pie agency where we're allies with the brownies and ice cream while we fight against the evil and treacherous cake with their allies cupcakes and cookies. But Pecan pie is my #1 all time favorite. I went to a restaurant in Indiana called Clay's and put chocolate on pecan pie and call it Oops pie. I love it sooo much!

I miss eating that

ps: I'm allergic to nuts now :( - famguyfangirl

Nutty, sweet, crunchy, chewy, and gooey. No other pie can claim that much sensory input.

5 Key Lime Pie

Hate all of you key lime haters number 1 pie

Nothing But Noodles has this. It's DELISH!

Best desert ever


6 Banana Cream Pie

Holy gosh so good

Yeet yeet into ya mouth

Banana Cream pie is the best thing you could ever eat! It is delicious and sweet, but not too sweet. It is very good.

Banana cream pie is just the best. It tastes so good!

7 Blueberry Pie

Love it!

Blueberry is Jem's 2nd flavor of pie.

I have never tried it before but it's sounds delicious and scrumptious

Blueberry pie is really good. I went to Bar Harbor, Maine once and they had really good blueberry pie. - Imreallyboredrightnow

8 Lemon Meringue Pie

A perfect combination of delicious and amazing!

One of my favorites

It just tastes so good! You should try it! Can't believe it doesn't even make to the top 22

Reminds me of when I was young and would share it with my extended family at holidays. The crust plus lemon jello plus marshmallow cream is just great.

9 Oreo Pie

LOL there is an Oreo Pie?

I've never had it but it has Oreos in it so it must be the GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD!

Yum Yum Yum it is just so good!

- moin

10 Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

So so sexy!

Pumpkin pie is a crime and strawberry rhubarb is objectively better

To Die For! This is a perfect blend between Mm and Ohh! It has the absolute sweet and fresh taste of delicious strawberries, along with the mouth watering taste of taste-bud tingling rhubarb.

This is my favorite pie ever! When ever I look at pictures of it, my mouth waters! My grandma makes this all the time, and it is honestly my favorite dessert ever!

The Contenders

11 Sweet Potato Pie

I eat it on every holliday and it's delicious! Promise me next Thanksgiving to try it! - Alpha101

Sweet potato pie is not only delicious, but it takes real skill to actually make it. - Mcgillacuddy

Best pie ever when made correctly.

This, apple, and orea should be in the top 3. - Alpha101

12 Raspberry Pie

Tart and sweet, YUMMY!

Raspberry pi.

There is a super small computer chip named raspberry pi we have. Other than that this pie is meh.

13 Chocolate Mousse

I like it. Is that enough?

That's gross. Who eats mouse meat? That's disgusting! And then it's chocolate flavored and then put into pie. I just want to throw up thinking about this! Jk - DrayTopTens

Hmm... my favourite - guccigangkid69

Hm Love it?

14 Peach Pie

This is number two material bro

Why is peach number 8 its the best I love it - michaelwalton

Peach is great when warm

I hate peaches

15 Coconut Cream

This is not the best but very good!

Coconut cream pie is the best!

This pie is amazing!

Ugh, sooo good I can eat it all day!

16 Peanut Butter


This pie is possibly the best I've ever had. It's simply delicious, and it melts in my mouth. This comment is currently in the green shade, also.

WTF?! It sounds lush. Steak, Mushroom and ale pie with puff pastry is the best, but as its not on here, I voted this pwning pie. It sounds good.

Love peanut butter pie more than anything in the whole world.

17 Strawberry Pie
18 Lemon Pie

Sometimes I eat Lemon Pie sometimes I eat Lemon haha!

19 Lemon

Good combination of tart and sweet. Good all year long!

The best pie ever

Lemons are my favorlite

20 Banana Meringue Pie
21 Caramel Cream Pie
22 Chocolate Pecan Pie
23 Rhubarb Pie

Love rhubarb pie!

The best combination of sour, sweet and dough.

I made an Amish Rubarb on Sunday and yum. Now I cannot find the recipe, and want to bake another one just like it.

24 Chocolate Silk Pie

OH BABY! Now here's a pie I love! M m!

25 French Silk

BEST PIE! Only reason it isn't number one is because most people haven't tried it

Is the best pie yummy

Best thing I've ever eaten. If I could only eat one
More thing before I died, this would be a strong consideration.

Too sweet.

26 Blackberry Pie
27 Chicken Pot Pie

Oh yeah it so good I love it so much

I love chicken pot pie! It's tasty, smooth gravy along with its delicious crust.

28 Cinnamon Pie

"Oh my god this is delicious "

29 French Apple Pie
30 Black Bottom Pie

I'm one hundred percent sure this is fake

31 Chocolate Cream Pie


32 Chocolate Black Cherry Pie
33 Boston Cream Pie
34 Custard Pie

Best pie my wife ever made

35 Chocolate Chip Pie

I love this pie so so so much though I do make with no nut but it is truly awesome! Yay - hollyleafforever

36 Double Chocolate

I just like it

37 Meat Pie

Is that you Sweeny Todd? - Murphdog405

It's the original and can't be beat

This is so good.

In Australia All We Eat Is Meat Pie

38 Turtle Pie

Turtle pie is my favorite, its with Caramel, Cream, and Chocolate crust its to die for.

The combination of Carmal, Chocolate and cream!

Honestly? WAY Better than Apple pie GET THIS TO THE TOP PEOPLE!

39 Pork Pie
40 Jewish Apple
41 Black Raspberry Pie
42 Mincemeat
43 Grasshopper Pie

SO GOOD! I love it best with grasshoppers in the crust!


44 Shepherd's Pie
45 Gooseberry Pie
46 Sugar Cream Pie

Also known as the Hoosier pie

47 Pear Pecan Pie
48 Mud Pie
49 Sour Cream Raisin Pie
50 Spinach Pie

How could you miss out bacon and egg pie?

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