The Wall


All though Dark side of the moon seems to be the Favorite among Pink fans, I have to tip my hat to The Wall as their hands down best album. The pure genius in this release is so epic in scale as to be untouched by any thing like it. Which really isn't that hard because there simply isn't anything like it. Every track on the release knocks it out of the park and what a story! Mother, Waiting for the Worms, The Trial...there are just no words... Sorry DSOTM Fans, This ones better and in my opinion it's not even close. Movie anyone? The Berlin Wall? Truly Historic in proportion!

The easy #1. Hey You is the greatest Floyd song of all time. Comfortably Numb is totally insane and great. Both of those songs have all the best guitar solos of all time. Then there's Run Like Hell, Young Lust, Mother, Another Brick In The Wall Part Two. Let's also not forget The Trial. That part of the movie was hauntingly depressing. Or In The Flesh. My favorite guitar riff ever.

This is Pink Floyd's most impressive work. It really does not get any better than this. From start to finish Pink Floyd takes you on a surreal journey that leaves you wanting more. When I first heard this album I didn't quite know what to make of it but I just kept coming back to it time and time again. I simply love listening to it and never grow tired of it.

The Wall holds a majority of the best content ever created by this legendary artist. Anyone who disagrees and calls this album Overrated needs to give it another listen through and realize what its all saying. By far the best.

Sure, The Dark Side of the Moon is groundbreaking. Sure, Wish You Were here is enjoyable. Sure, Animals is timeless. Sure, all of their albums are masterworks, but none succeeds in giving you true music like "The Wall", the brainchild of then-frontman Roger Waters. This 26-track rock opera gives you an incredible story while also some of the best melodies you'll hear in your life. However, they go by so quick you can't enjoy them, but then comes another! Superb, and the lyrics aren't half-bad, either. - Donut

The greatest concept album of all time. The Wall was a defining moment in music, and it's influence in music history since it's release is almost legendary. With Roger at the helm, though he ruled the band strictly, they brought together a beautifully mastered album. - atomicpowur

... we came in. A grandiose rock opera which Roger Waters is still touring with. Features the greatest Pink Floyd song ever, Comfortably Numb which also has the greatest solo of any song ever. It's story is very personal to Waters and you can feel it. Being a rock star, his father dying, his overprotective mother, groupies and his divorce all contribute to the creation of the wall. Then it's a battle in the mind of the main charcter Pink.

The lonliness and isolation (Hey You and Is There Anybody Out There? ), the description of Pink alone in his hotel room (Nobody Home, which contains a lot of references to former band member Syd Barrett), watching T.V. and Vera Lynn's broken promise and his father's death (Vera and Bring The Boys Back Home). Then Pink's manager pumps him full of drugs so that he'll be able to perform (Comfortably Numb). Pink then hallucinates that he is a facist dicatator and that he'll crush everyone around him (In The Flesh, Run Like Hell). Pink then waits ...more

Incredible album, dark side of the moon has some great songs, but the wall is a story. Every song is special and different, but the whole album flows beautifully. Emotional, psychedelic, addictive listening! Simply perfect.

This album gives you a look into a very personal scenario with the majority of the story coming form waters' past and childhood, but it's the fact that it's applicable to everyday life that makes it so grand.

Great story great album. Something all people should do is listen from the very beginning of part one to the end of part two and go on a journey through the mind of roger waters.

Every song is a masterpiece and the combination tells an epic story of alienation from society

This is where Pink Floyd perfected the art of the concept album. Waters' take on the isolating factors of both his life and Syd's create a perfect tale that we can all relate to in some way. We've all wanted to hide who we truly are to avoid being hurt. The Wall is a masterpiece, and might possibly be the best album ever conceived.

Such a beautiful work of art. Masterpiece. There are no words that can do it justice outside of the ones in the enchanting lyrics of each song.

I'm more of a story person, loving deep, intricate concept albums. This is where that love came from.

This list is completely flawed, The Wall had way better songs on the album than Dark Side of The Moon - nelsonstanton

I listened to this album 5 times in a row, and I then listened 5 more times

I did love Dark Side of the Moon but The Wall just wins for me! Pink Floyd are the best band ever! - HollyRolo

Has arguably the two best Floyd songs on it and tells a great story.

Absolutely stunning, it's not only music - it's EVERYTHING!

The whole album is one great song. My opinion is that no other album is better

The Wall is one of the best albums ever made, and it's pink floyd's BEST album.

So many things this album makes good, especially when it's a concept album.

I think the dark side of the moon is a great album, but I love the wall more

Greatest album of all time. Nothing else said.

Every track is legendary...from comfortably numb to outside the wall