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21 Allison
22 Magdalena 318
23 Cactus

Sick in my opinion

24 Indie Cindy
25 Planet of Sound
26 No. 13 Baby

Starts off average at best, but the outro is incredible! Completely hypnotic. I'm not saying it's the best Pixies song but it should be in the top ten, just for the last two minutes or so.

Amazing tune. Bass guitar is amazing, just has this menacing rolling, insistent brooding intensity as it plays out.

How is this song with maybe the best pixies outro so low?

Don't want no blue eyes
La loma
I want brown eyes
I'm in a state - Glauberson

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27 La La Love You

One of my personal favorites off of Doolittle. Incredibly catchy with some eerie vocals from David Lovering.

28 Distance Equals Rate Times Time
29 Mr. Grieves

Should be top 5, this is one of best songs I've ever heard

How can Mr Grieves be so low? it's one of their best songs, definitely top 10, and maybe top 5

30 Brick is Red

Only complaint is that it isn't ten minutes longer.

31 Trompe Le Monde

Such an underrated album and a great opening track.

32 Break My Body

Amazingly underrated song. Should be at least top 15.

33 River Euphrates

Greatest pixies chorus celestial harmonies from Kim that complement frank blacks growling. Sinister, nonsensical but above all incredible

I think this deserves a much higher place, it's also my favorite Pixies song.

34 Space (I Believe In)
35 Another Toe in the Ocean
36 Greens and Blues
37 The Holiday Song
38 Letter to Memphis

One of my favorite songs of all time!

Underrated song.

39 Crackity Jones

Short, sharp,shocked. Quite simply scintillating. What more do you want in two odd minutes.

40 The Happening V 1 Comment
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