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21 Stranger by the Minute

This song is something else. It feels like a song from your dreams. It's original, emotional, catchy and probably one of the more upbeat tracks you'll find in Porcupine Tree's dark discography.

22 Time Flies

This song somehow evokes echoes of Pink Floyd Animals, but it has a more modern twist to it. It�'s not easy doing progressive these days, specially a slow song, but they managed to make it sound so crisp and with such a beautiful melody! The nostalgic lyrics and slow parts almost hint of a sad song, but it gets such a lift from the band that you can�'t help but feeling like running out the door and doing something to seize the day after you listen to it!

This song should have been in Top 5... Awesome song... Love to hear it while traveling in metro...

Reminds me of Pink Floyd which is amazing considering Floyd is one of my favorite bands.

And after a while, you realise no one votes for Time Flies. :'(

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23 .3

Seriously? Far from being in the top 10, this song isn't even on the list! The bass is cool, the chords in the middle are dream-like and the ending concludes the whole thing marvellously, leaving you speechless and feeling like in a dystopia!

Beautiful baseline. This is the kind of sound that I really love from porcupine tree, slow and melodic and the simple meaningful lyrics coming in at the middle are perfect. Amazing song

Porcupine Trees most beautiful song. Listening to it always makes me feel as if I'm flying near a snowy mountain above the clouds. Really the word to describe it would be soaring.

Bum bum bum bumbum bum lol I love this song and especially the sound at 4.04, it's amazing!

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24 Prodigal

Come on just don't give votes listening to only one song

I just love the lyrics! I can relate to them

No idea how this song is all the way down at #29. Lyrically and instrumentally, this song is genius. Easily top 5, if not the best PT song.

25 Normal

TOP STUFF! Magical song!

P.S. Listen to Sentimental before you listen to this...

Very underrated. Should be higher up in the list.

Should be way up the order.
A top 5 song for me.

Sentimental, trains and Normal, three fantastisch songs composed around the same SW guitar rhyhtm. Listen to iT as one song and iT is much beter dan Anesthetize. And certainly way out beter than the three parts of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

26 Hatesong

Stereo version is super, but hearing it live was beyond belief. - bellce0

Best base track ever! I'm really surprised its not even in the top ten

That bass, the intense solo, and just the mood the song creates. One one my favourite songs and guitar solos of all time.

that bass

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27 Lips of Ashes

This is a vary special song! The arpeggio and the voice are perfect sinchronized

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28 Sleep Together

This song is so intriguing! Why is it way down here! Please vote for it people!

Just listen to the final part... Its too beautiful to handle it

Whenever I listen to the intro, I feel like I'm a criminal.

In my opinion it is the best of porcupine tree

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29 Heartattack in a Layby

This is one of my favorite Porcupine Tree songs, and like it specially for the amount of ambience it contains. Ambience fully loaded!

This song is genius. The only problem is that even if you're in a good mood, this song can make you gloomy. It's a melodic gloom though.

You must be jokeing!? This song never deserved such a bad ranking (well it sure is not the only one in this list). The lyrics are plain cute, like a poem you learn in the first years at school - the melody once heared will follow you the whole day.

The saddest song I have ever heard

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30 Deadwing

Second favourite track of of deadwing behind Arriving somewhere. It's a 9 minute masterpiece that is highly unrecognized, I mean 41? Come on easily top ten. Edgy and creepy sounding chorus and some amazing fan theories about the plot. First time I heard this it convinced me to buy deadwing, one of their best albums.

Why has deadening been forgotten? The album title is named after it, simply and odd interesting track.

It's by far one of the best Porcupine Tree songs. It represents all of PT. It's very dark, kinda slow sometimes, and really heavy. Just perfect.

26 on ly? c ure yourself

Bu to be honest it is really hard to make a top 10 list for an amazing genius band like porcupine tree

31 Synesthesia
32 Mellotron Scratch

Should be up in the list because it's so simple yet so awesome. I don't understand why is such a song able to make someone cry, and it should be famous on the radios too, too bad underground songs aren't that considered...

Unreal ending with the blending of vocals... Sports Centers Honour Role Candidate, Top 10 FOR SURE!

The interweaving vocals are amazing.

This is such a bittersweet song, I can't seem to get it out ouf my head...the lyrics are not something I connect to though, as a schizoid who is usually the one who dumps guys like that.

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33 Feel So Low
34 Strip the Soul

Such a chilling track with an insane ending. It really gives this dark and murky atmosphere that I honestly love so much. One of my absolute favorites from PT. - cjWriter1997

Dark and haunting. Seeing the video was My introduction to PT. Been a fan ever since.

35 Drown With Me

We lost the skyline version was awesome.

The best after trains I would say..romantic and fresh.

36 Sentimental

My favorite song from PT, by far, which is saying a lot considering the amount of amazing songs they have. At 3:52 starts the best piece of Music I ever heard. And I'm actually more into Death, Prog Metal

It's a beautiful song... Simple chord progression but quality if the song is awesome...

Among the most richly textured rock songs I've ever heard.

This should be among the top 5 best songs of PT... Amazing lyrics blend with perfect vocals... simply mind blowing to say the least.

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37 Bonnie the Cat

Masterclass song by porcupine tree, especially Gavin's 4/4 drum beat which gives the essence of odd time signatures. Pure modern prog rock.

38 My Ashes

I love mostly all of theirs like Halo, ASBNH, etc. But this one was too low. I mean, 35th?! Sure, other songs have more stuff than this, but My Ashes has arguably the best chorus I've ever heard, and those guitar waves and plucks and violins, and of course, Wilson's amazing vocals! VOTE FOR MY ASHES!

I can't believe My Ashes in so low here! This is one of the best ballads that I've ever heard, Lyrics is just amazing... VOTE FOR MY ASHES!

How? How is this so low? Jesus, this is one perfect song, maybe it is not porcupine tree's usual stile but still...

Just the second verse makes this song top ten for me. Takes me somewhere else

This takes me to another world, the chorus is wonderful

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39 Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled

Absolutely one of the best Porcupine Tree songs in existence. Really guys, it's excellent if you haven't listened to it yet, do it right now. You won't be disappointed.

The transition of Shesmovedon into Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled is so incredible that one song cannot be listened without the other. These two songs together form my favorite Porcupine Tree segment.

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40 Stars Die

Clearly should be in the top 5. Their best song! It seems whoever is rating these songs only has listened to their newer albums, which is a shame. So many good songs on the older albums. One of the best uses of a audio sample in a song if not the best.

Just pure genius. Harmonics, lazy rolling drums, guitar work is just sublime. Pure soundscape music to lose yourself in complete with moon landing reference. Been a tree, Wilson, black field etc for years and love them all but this still rises above when I hear it.

Clearly, should be in the top 5.
Utterly surreal.

Top5 for sure

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