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101 Heavenly - Ascension

Some of the best lead playing I've ever heard but most of all the chorus melody is the most catchy thing ever written. Just a beautiful song.

102 S.O.S. - Stratovarius
103 Hand In Hand - Dark Moor

It made me very sad when I discovered I could not download this song on iTunes or any other mp3 seller.

104 Karma - Kamelot

Very good song with very good lyrics

105 Raw Dog - Dream Theater

You know you're a man when you like this song

106 Land of the Brave - Messenger
107 Wages of Sin - Theocracy

This song is Amazing, one of my all time favorite songs.

108 Unicorn - Altaria
109 The Blind Leader - Kalmah

This song is not power metal - Metal_Treasure

110 Nailed - Theocracy
111 Under the Grey Banner - Dragonland

This three part epic is incredible. It has it's roots in Symphonic power metal, but takes elements from many different genres, including a section that seems influenced by melodic death metal. Best song ever in my opinion, just for Heidgert's voice, let alone everything else in the song.

112 Cry of the Banshee - Brocas Helm
113 My Number One - Dream Evil
114 I Am a Viking - Yngwie Malmsteen
115 Battlefield - Blind Guardian V 1 Comment
116 Nova Era - Angra
117 Spread Your Fire - Angra

Should be at least top 15. At least!
One of the greatest songs of all time.
My number 3 favorite angra song

118 La Voz Dormida - Mago de Oz

I understan that mago de oz its not very famous
But it is truly awsime especially this song.

119 Mirror of Souls - Theocracy

One of the most epic songs ever recorded and in my opinion, one of the very best power metal songs ever.

120 Dystopia - Iced Earth

139! What it's a amazing masterpiece with blocks vocals and schaffers jamming guitar

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