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61 Caleb and Nigel V 1 Comment
62 Emily and Nigel

Oh my god this couple isn't the most obvious but their babies would be beautiful

63 Noel and Hanna

That would be 1 good looking couple

64 Eric and Mike
65 Emily and Jason V 1 Comment
66 Malcolm and Mike V 1 Comment
67 Mike and Mrs Grunwald

Where did this come from? I don't think Mike has a thing for older women

68 Aria and Riley V 2 Comments
69 Jake and Hanna

Hanna didn't even get introduced to Jake, they will never be a couple, because they'd be weird together

V 1 Comment
70 Jake and Aria

Can't believe Jake and Aria aren't higher up in the list,I don't ship them but they were cute while they lasted

Lol how is mike and Mrs. Grunwald higher than an actual couple that happened

V 1 Comment
71 Jenna and Sara Harvey
72 Ashley and Jason
73 Ashley and Pastor Ted
74 Byron and Meredith
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