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1 Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

best POP game ever made, best story, best fighting combos, alternate ending, other POP games are not even near in any segment...

Warrior within is the top among the POP series. The story, Hidden life upgrade and swords all are superb. Forgotten sand is no match to POP WW and TT. I wish more such POP like WW can be launched for players to have a advanced playing experience.

Warrior within has the best environments, best terrains and puzzles to go through them, best battles, most smooth fighting experience provided by best combos, best alternative ending. The story totally binds you, pretty much in dark with a demon you have to run against, can't fight it, a strange empress, a black character throwing things at you which is finally revealed to be? Spoiler here. It's best and if you reach the alternate ending, the storyline turns out to be awesome.

Funny story that reviewers believe this one is the worst of the trilogy and yet here we are giving it the most love out of all the PoP games. I also think it is the best of the franchise!

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2 Prince of Persia The Two Thrones

This game is eons above the rest. Fantastic cut-scenes with a gripping story unlike any other Prince of Persia game.

The platforming (i.E. what prince of persia is known for and does better than any other game) was on point and could not be better. The introduction of the "Speed Kill" which allowed (if the player chose it) the prince to quickly dispatch the enemy in a very impressive animation instead of dancing about the place trying to fight the enemy (lets face it, people don't play pop for the combat).

Interesting puzzles and bosses considerably better than any other game (CONSIDERABLY E.G. the twin bosses, the first boss which was an incredible experience and the patience required for the second boss).

The addition of an alter ego (the dark prince) was a very clever move. It added a second narrator which was a darker, ruthless and blood-thirsty version of the prince and gave the game a Jekyll&Hyde aura. Whilst the player felt much more powerful with ...more

Brilliant Game I Thank 2 The Editor because the Good Graphics And The Most Advanced Game In POP Collection

POP TT is the best game as it has good graphics and a good story. It's a new type of game that shows us about the character in dark prince and prince.
It also has the world's best sword 'the royal sword and a weapon of deat the daggertail! The god of time zurvan has big abilities and the king's road is the hardest part.
It is obviously better than warrior within about the graphics and moves. The forgotten sands is a nice game but I like two thrones better because of the story and in the well of ancestors he finds his father dead. That part was a humourous part which was the best part I would have ever seen.
The sands of time is nothing in front of two thrones as the better graphics, story, and the weapons.
Even the story ends in a good way in the dream of deathly dark prince and finally everyone free over the Babylon.
Please vote for this game too!

Always best pop game

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3 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

By far, SoT was the most charming, most magical of the series. It had a storybook quality that the none of the sequels even came close to. Still, as with all the PoP games, it feels better to reminisce playing than to actually play: much too stressful!

Please vote for this one... This is the best because this game helped start the idea of Warrior Within. All thanks to this game warrior within was born because the attacks were similar but warrior within has better strikes. I recommend you play this if you haven't played prince of Persia ever before and is a starter at gaming. Play this and you will start loving the prince of Persia! Believe me.

Best game in the series because it's authentic to the old original, the story is one of the best out there and the environments are stunning. Conclusion: A Masterpiece

I have been playing this for years and will continue to play it for a lifetime. The storyline, music and gameplay are absolutely incredible.

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4 Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

This game is best game I have ever played... Because it has new graphics & clear quality... In POPWW no better quality is available...

Pop forgotten sands is way better than warrior within...
It has better graphics and better fighting moves!
It has loads of new features too

Beautiful game... Because good story... Good quality, good moves, totally awesome... Yeah

Lol this trash better than warrior within? What a joke. It has better graphics? The Prince looks like a monkey in this cash grab of a game. It forced a brother in the story because it was released around the time that stupid movie was released. The combat is nothing in front of the vastly superior combat of warrior within. They only used the Warrior Within armour because it looks the best. If this game is set between sands of time and warrior within, where is the Dahaka? What a rip off.

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5 Prince of Persia (2008)

Wonderful game it has very good graphics...
Very healthy to play
Please play at least once it is best game.
One can feel happy playing this game.

A game for those with imagination, best PoP I ever played due to its consistency. The story is unbeatable, and the game turns out to be quite breathtaking at the end. This game's not for the blood-lovers - they don't even stop and listen to the dialogues. I think changes don't always work for games and movies, but this one really did a good job.

Awesome game played it a few times. Great graphics and story. Makes you glad that you bought it.

The story is the best in the POP series,the gameplay is good enough and I think it is the best POP game ever made

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6 Prince of Persia: Rival Swords

My name is mohit

IT IS A GOOD game it has a really sad story but at end it is really though. if you will play at the starting it will very easy

I have gave my vote to both Prince pf Persia the two thrones and prince of Persia the rival swords as both I played are similar. Since mostly I have played 'the two thrones' but still I thought both seems to be same so thought of giving my contribution to both the games

It should be number 1 for psp

It's really a good game

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7 Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame

Pretty poor graphics, but an excellent game! I can say this is just the best Prince Of Persia ever made. Great history, great characters, great maps. This game is one of the best EVER MADE, who didn't play this game, just does not know anything about games

I think that it is the best game & it is my favorite game. I like it.

Nice story and very challenging

What a wonderful game! This is best game in prince of Persia series, It is my favorite game, oh! game sound is also gives positive energy, mind-blowing grapics, I bet you this is number 1 game in all time, only 14 levels is there, but I need more than 14, please launch this type of games, best best best10000000000000000000#my mother always told, what a wonderful story, all time always best

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8 Prince of Persia 3D

It is the best pop game ever. It had the original prince. Which was way better than new one. As we all know old is gold. It had great graphics at that time. Old games are better than new ones. Pop 1989 is also better than warrior within

I wish they release they same game with modern graphic with background load.

This the first game I ever played loved it when I was a kid, its truley the Hallmark of all the rest of the series.

Its very good game

9 Prince of Persia (1989)

I think this PoP has what others lack. Specially the music and how neat and natural/real it is.

Its good game in 1989.

WHY isn't THIS ONE!?

It Is Best CuZZ It Has Over 100 Mods!
You Can Create Your Own Mod Its Easy

10 Prince of Persia: The Fallen King

I think it is the WORST game in the world for this generation


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11 Prince of Persia: Revelations

Nice game

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