Top 10 Hardest Songs in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

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1 Fury of the Storm (Dragonforce)

This song is nuts. There is a section called "OMGWTFBBQ A-D?!? ", which I think means "Oh my god what the f**k barbecue". I bet my sister that she couldn't beat it on beginner and she failed. Not a the best song on GHWOR (Hard to See by Five Finger Death Punch or Bat Country by Avenged Sevenfold), but definitely the hardest.

If you haven't beaten these songs you shouldn't get an opinion on which is the hardest. You clearly don't know what it takes to beat them so who are you to decide how hard they are? Only people who have beaten every song from all of GH should have an opinion. Just saying

2 Black Widow of la Porte (John 5)

This is an awesome number, with fairly hard finger movement, I think it's one of the, perhaps, hardest song in the game, if not the hardest. Also given the fact that its got its own Achievement might imply that it was supposed to be the hardest. "Hand Mutilator" - Survive the black Widow is the achievement - Done.

I can play this song on expert but I get in the high 80's percent. My highest is 92% but yeah. By the way, if you guys see me online (wii) my username is usually something to do with rise against (the band) and I'm always expert guitar so add me to musician lists. I will accept and I like to play a lot

3 Sudden Death (Megadeth)

I beat this song 70% on quest mode! This is an insanely hard song!

4 This Day We Fight (Megadeth)

This is even harder than Sudden Death. Whilst Sudden Death was difficult, This Day We Fight gives you no chance to breathe.

The hardest song in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. It has no breaks, and its solos are insane.

Way harder than Sudden Death... Sudden Death has super easy verses and chorus, this song has no "easy" parts

5 Chemical Warfare (Slayer)

Fast strumming, but extremely easy riff.

6 Speeding (Steve Vai)

I can beat any guitar hero song, and I say this beats Fury by just a little. You can easily beat OMGWTFBBQ if you have full star power, but this song throws you directly into the water with the beginning shred. It doesn't get much easier after that, either, since there's barely any HO or PO.

Only rivaled by Fury of the Storm and This Day We Fight, it is understandable for this song to be in the top 5, but should be top 3.

Too hard. This and if you want peace prepare for war are the only songs I can't beat on expert and I know I'll never beat this!

7 Nemesis (Arch Enemy)

The song just had a great play through. It catches my attention the most.

Did you guys know this song was sung by a girl?! One of the hardest songs!

8 If You Want Peace... Prepare for War (Children of Bodom)

As a Clone Hero player who has now FC'd FoTS and -5 on Through the Fire and Flames, I can say that this is certainly the hardest song in my opinion to FC. Perhaps not to complete (especially with star power) but that Synth solo is a piece of flaming garbage.

Solo into the fast riff. Would be fine if the solo wasn't so blistering, especially with the ridiculous synth solo, even hard when 2 handed.

I didn't get past 1% on this song it's so hard!

9 Deadfall (Snot)
10 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (Megadeth)

Not to brag but I've gotten 100% on Expert but it took me forever the patterns are insane!

Why is this below all of the other Megadeth songs?

The Contenders
11 Burn (Deep Purple)

The most fun-to-play solo in all of the
Guitar Hero franchise in my opinion. It ain't that easy either, I would say in the top 10 hardest.

12 Ties That Bind (Alter Bridge)
13 2112 Pt. 7 - Grand Finale (Rush)
14 Ghost (Slash)
15 Paranoid (Live) (Metallica)
16 Bat Country (Avenged Sevenfold)

The solo is kinda hard, but this song is very easy.

17 Call Me the Breeze (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

Why is Ghost so high? Ghost is really easy.

Call Me The Breeze should definitely be on this list... maybe not the top ten, but it's definitely one of the hardest guitar songs for difficulty eight. It has a lot of unusual and tricky rhythms on top of unusual charting, for example having HOPO triple-note chords.

This song should be higher, much harder than Burn. I can beat every song and I think this is harder, and so does my friend who can beat every song below difficulty 9 except this one. Easily the hardest difficulty 8 song

18 Ravenous (Atreyu)
19 Psychosocial (Slipknot)

The solo is pretty insane. Pretty difficult and even harder than Before I Forget from Guitar Hero 3 which is currently number 11 so this song should be pretty high.

Easy, except the solo, which you can suprisingly, get by button mashing if you're paying attention to the notes.

20 I'm Not Okay (I Promise) (My Chemical Romance)

This song isn't hard, but seriously when I'm playing this song my hand is like rotting

21 Calling (Strung Out)

Can't get past the stupid beginning!

This song should be at least number ten it is much harder than ravenous

22 Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants (The Dillinger Escape Plan)
23 I'm Broken (Pantera)
24 Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen)
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