Best Punjabi Rappers

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41 Hardy Sandhu

Hi is nice raper

42 Jasraj Jassi

He is best rapper ever but now where is he nowadays

He is a very good rapper I like him and his rap also

Bast rapar

43 Sami Ahmad
44 Rhl Tune
45 Hardeep Sandhu
46 Sukhshinder Shinda
47 Bilal Saed V 1 Comment
48 Pracky Jones
49 Bhinda Aujla
50 Raqib Rock V 2 Comments
51 Brugal Bisco
52 Poko Loko Ali Jaan

The real king punjabi rapper is the best one I belive on him I love him is simple the best

I'm waiting for you now like ali jaan nice choice name and good new name with this new name one day I'm sure you will rock

One of the best rapper we will keep loving you

Yaar the yaar poko loko

V 81 Comments
53 Pardhaan

He collabrated with bohemia in song bandookan;chaku
... He has got great voice and just...18 yr of age... He must be in top ten... Please listen to him on

V 3 Comments
54 Roach Killa

He is a developing he will have a great future

Nice singer and his sound is so different and nice

Roach Killa is the good rap star. I like him.

V 2 Comments
55 HRC V 2 Comments
56 Badshah DSC

Good new talent. Some thing different then the others

57 Akkhi Jatt

Nobody have a big heart to challange akkhi jatt because akkhi jatt is always best never forget his song adult which gave a big challange to honey singh song choot vol. 1

Faad in all tyms rapping new star in rappers lyn he have a great talent in this line...

V 3 Comments
58 A-Bazz V 3 Comments
59 Fateh Doe

He's the only rapper who can rap without making it inn appropriate and still sound good.

Best rapper upcoming superstar

You r a real rapper

Sira rapper

60 Zainster

The best rapper! Truly he has an ability of becoming on top. His talent is amaizing. His music is mostly written by himself which is mind blowing. His words touch the soul of a person and the way he raps is beautiful. Its can be seen and heard the truthfulness of his words. He puts his soul into his music. I absolutely have no words to describe how good his raps are

Amazing rapper with beautiful voice, heard his song pretty amazing NAsha, he does really got some thing unique in songs which is pretty more amazing and attractive.

Trust me.. He is the best Rapper in Punjabi. HIs songs nashai, malang are just awesome. Lyrics got a real meanings, his voice GOD gifted, his Style natural the it should be. He is the next big thing.. Like Eminem came in his time. No more words go listen to him you'll know

Awesome Punjabi Rapper, He's My Best rapper

V 6 Comments
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