Top Ten Best Hip-Hop/Rap Albums of 2008

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1 Paper Trail by T.I.

LAX follows closely behind. - hawks12thman

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2 Tha Carter by Lil Wayne

This is meant to be the carter 3, this was Wayne's best album if you ask me, and made some of the best rap songs ever: A Milli, Lollipop, Mr Carter, Got Money, Let the beat build, Dr Carter. Must note the Carter was released much earlier.

The forum says 2008, it should sat the carter i, the carter was released in 2004 or something like that. This is a very good album but perhaps overrated. I don't like many things that were released in 2008 which is why I voted this.

Lil Wayne won a Grammy for best rap album of 2008 so how is this not ranked 1? - Mymanqw

3 Savage Life 2 by Webbie
4 Untitled by Nas

Yeah this album is very fantastic and 808s and Heartbreaks by Kanye West too these two are super I think they must be before papertrail

5 Definition of Real by Plies
6 Theater of Mind by Ludacris
7 Mail on Sunday by Flo Rida
8 Trilla by Rick Ross

Trills, the Carter III, and The Recession were all huge albums in 2008 that dominated radio airplay.

9 LAX by the Game
10 Death Before Dishonor by 2 Pistols

The Contenders

11 808s and Heartbreaks by Kanye West

He steped out of the box. He thought about things he didn't usually do. When this album dropped you were able to name a favourite track on it.

Every single song from this album is crazy. BEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME!

12 Last 2 Walk by Three 6 Mafia
13 Raw Footage by Ice Cube

Ice Cube come back aggresive as ever on this one. Favourite track is Hood Mentality, such a good track.

14 II Trill by Bun B
15 The Recession by Young Jeezy
16 Ego Trippin by Snoop Dogg
17 Attitude Adjuster by Pastor Troy
18 Rising Down by the Roots
19 Killer by Tech N9ne
20 The Leak by Lil Boosie
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1. Paper Trail by T.I.
2. Savage Life 2 by Webbie
3. Definition of Real by Plies



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