Top 10 Best Reggaeton Artists of All Time


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1 Daddy Yankee Daddy Yankee Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, known by his stage name Daddy Yankee, is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, actor and record producer.

Daddy Yankee is the King of reggaeton. When you listen his songs you feels it, even when you don't understand it. His style and music are loveable. He got the best lines in every songs.

He is a all ways will be a king of what he does every song he makes is a hit


My favourite spanish singer...king daddy

2 Don Omar

The absolute best

There is no one better. Simple.

The best.. whole time

Don Omar it's the best of all! no doubt.

3 Arcangel

Lyrically the best

This guy has an amazing voice and has a great talent I think he should make more music. He needs to show the world what he is made of. His talents should be opened up to the world so everyone can see that he has an amazing voice.

Arcangel has a little something different from most reggaetoneros; he is clever and suave in his lyrics, sexy in his delivery, and he has a spunky personality that comes through all of his songs in a great way.

Great voice and has a different flow from other artists. Unique delivery unique artist.

4 Wisin

The greatest

Wisin y Yandel are th perfect match. I love their work!

One half of the duo Wisin & Yandel, great lyrics, and great style. - skullgangjewelz

Should be at least in second place. One of the worlds best urban artist

5 Wisin & Yandel

The Best duo!...their still huge even to this day. they went from selling and making hits as a duo and then they made hits alone

Should be number 1. They've done more as a duo than daddy yankee or don Omar

Wisin y Yandel are the best ever they should be number one on the list

6 Yandel

One half of the duo Wisin & Yandel, great vocals, and great style. - skullgangjewelz

Great artist with great vocals. Only downfall is that he uses autotuning.

Te amo me encanta todos el cancion

He's number one, and holds the most number ones 2016 alone he has 5 #1 hits

7 Tego Calderon

Tego Calderon definitely deserves to be #1. As big as he got, he always kept it 100% true. He can do shows anywhere and it'll sell out. On to of just being a artists, he's also an actor. Even when he turned independent, he still gets hits everywhere. Did I mention that he dropped a mixtape that got nominated a Latin Grammy for best Urban album! He's the only dude that has dropped a mixtape to get nominated for a Grammy or Latin Grammy.

Tego Calderon is the reggaeton artists that has put on the most, keeps it real, and makes great music. He isn't a regular poser. He tells you true story and shows love to where he comes from. A real legend with no doubt.

Actually Daddy Yankee is the best, no doubt about it! But my vote goes to Tego Calderon because I he's to low in this list! Tego is after Daddy Yankee and Don Omar absolutly the best reggaeton artist. Unique in this genre and has an self made great style, while other artists are copying each other. I love Tego Calderon!

If somebody need to be mention like one of the first and best to get international the reggueton music is Tego he is big with lyrics and with the special voice and style that definitely make one of the best contribution to music world in this category

8 Tito El Bambino

He should be one of the tops, he's classics where the best.

Love him and his voice he should be number 2

9 Zion

A super veteran, vocals like no other, and a hit maker. - skullgangjewelz

Is to Reggaeton what, Jordan is to basketball. - skullgangjewelz

The Perfect Melody

Has the most hits. enough said

10 Zion & Lennox

They are AMAZING! That's it.

They're the goat PERIOD,zion brings it every time on the hooks and lennox is a straight savage on the verses!

The Contenders

11 Ken-Y

Ken-Y is my favorite artist... I relate to many of his songs, he has got a great voice and he is simply amazing, all his songs become hits and he sure gets a lot of girls... I would like to meet him...

well the only reason that I voted for ken-y is because he is such a sweet heart and I would like to meet him and be with him so that I wont go to school

Began as a youngster, great vocals, and everything he drops is a hit. - skullgangjewelz

One of the best singers in reggaeton

12 R.K.M & Ken-Y

Las canciones son Buenas la mejor cancion que tienen es TONTA

13 De La Ghetto

A very talented man

This guy is very versatile, the most versatile singer in the game right now.

A young talented artist, with his diferent styles, and song titiles. - skullgangjewelz

he is a great singer and the meaning behind his songs are so sweet. I would love to meet him

14 J Balvin

Best one!

Probably top5

Best of all time

He is next level Reggaeton artist

15 Alexis
16 Nengo Flow

Real g for life

AS good as Daddy Yankee

Nengo flow is the loudest artist out in PR theirs no way any of these others top him he has constant hits all the others are mainstream nengo music has true Puerto Rican ties. All these rapper are main stream their produces give them a topic they make a song and make millions and wait 6 months to reapeat the process nengo has new materiel almost evey month if their real people from PR voting in this thing they will tell you hands down who is running the game right now and better say the last four years or five

He's the realiest rapper in PR I'm Cuban and I love all of his song

17 Alexis Y Fido

Great musica todo moves y todo de todo!

18 Fido
19 Hector El Father

Role model

My favorite

El father, the best

In the generation when reggaeton was reggaeton.

20 Farruko

The best reggaeton artist, it's the artist of the moment. The best reggaeton artist of 2012 & 2013.

Farruko is the future he is on top of everyone

Artist of the new generation.

The best singer in reggaeton hits

21 Plan B

There are the bests please vote for them please heard there music because the know how to sing and make you dance

The best of combination voices singers!

I love plan b they the best reggaeton singer ever:) they make you move, dance and shake your booty. Lol. Please subscribe at YouTube plvblive please. Like they say plan b es plan b!

They got really good music

22 Nicky Jam

Inspiring artist

His lyrics and beats are very compelling.



23 Maluma

The tone of his voice is so cool

Most humblest and prettiest of course the best maluma baby



24 Baby Rasta & Gringo

Baby rasta y gringo are the best duo their music got play every skipping party I when while I was in high school now is 2015 and I still hear this guy making hits after hits this guy will always be remember as all times they should be at #4 on this list they crush gay wisin y yandel n plan b n zion y lennox n of course rakim y ken y put this all the way down on this list

25 Anuel AA

Best youtuber ever better than pewdiepie


Best trap rapper he should be #1

Best rapper alive

26 Jowell & Randy
27 Residente Calle 13

nadia come tu. atrevete-songs that discover reggeaton to me and made me want more. also rene perez looks good :-)

He should be # 1, because he actually has amazing lyrics, better than most American rappers. Daddy Yankee and Don Omar are sellouts. # 1 residente # 2 tego calderon # 3 Arcangel #4 Neñgo flow # 5 Farruko

28 J Alvarez

One of the most compelling vocalists out there...

The best


Best singer of all time...

29 Yomo

The best lyrics in the game period. Also an very original style. - skullgangjewelz

He should be like 6-9 some where in between. He's dope

Can't believe yomo is not top 5... Listen to el circo... That's freestyle

30 Randy

randy has one of the best voices in the game should be #3 on this list

I agree randy should be top 5. Personally maybe number 2 or 3.


31 Baby Rasta

I feel he should be higher on the list. Way better then plan b!

Very underrated, but one of the artists responsible, for making reggaeton what it is today. - skullgangjewelz

Baby Rasta is underrated, he belongs much higher on this list. His lyrics in Spanish are incredible, plus he makes mainstream to underground hits. Listen to the old Noise mixtapes and tell me he ain't the best! Where is Tego Calderon on this list?

The problem with Baby Rasta his involments in the Lobos street drug gang! Everybody in Puerto Rico knows his true colors

32 Angel & Khriz

Their music is fun to listen to and gets my body movin! I'm waitin on their upcoming work

This due got great funky fresh flow in their music love listening to them

33 Cosculluela

cosculluela is the best liraclly he's tied with tempo #1 tempo #2cosculluela #3tego #4voltio #5nejo theyre in the malianteo list

He has the Hottest music out here Mr. Soldout #ripcorrea #riplele #ripElmago #losmejoresdelmundo #kendoycoscu

The hottest and realest out there.

No one is hotter then this man right now call him mr sold out he sold out Puerto Rico's biggest arena

34 Ivy Queen

I love ivy queen she is the best reggaeton singer ever she is the real thing she is the best in the reggaeton world she is not afraid to succeed in a mans world she is amazing and incredible

She is the strongest person and women in reggaeton

She is ones of one the best strong singer come from the low and she keep her toes in floor!

The queen is back wit musa her new album coming out june 9th 2012

35 Tempo

The father of the reggaeton and urban music. When no body believe...

Tempo is hands down a force to be reckoned with! I'm glad he's out

The best ever

This man is a true legend in the spanish world if the man never got cought with no edvidance. That's a man that should be free and out of prison for the fact of no proof of trafficing free the man!

36 Tony Dize
37 Lui-G 21+
38 Vico C

Vico C the real OG!

El papa del show great music!

He's one of the at least top 5
Lyrics take don and daddy to school

Vicodin c he is the man, a lot to learn from him

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39 Pitbull Pitbull Armando Christian Pérez, better known by his stage name Pitbull, is a Grammy (and Latin Grammy) winning Cuban-American rapper, songwriter and record producer.

Best reggaeton artist
He is the most famous and most successful
He is a reggaeton artist and much more
He combines rap with reggaeton which is awesome
He should be number one,replacing the retarted Daddy Yankee

40 El General

Great artist. - Q-ube

Still earth opening

There wouldn't have been a Daddy Yankee, Don Omar or Tego if not by El General. Checkout other Panamanian artists. Their reggae is on a different level. Their flow will have you jamming non-stop.


41 Aventura

Hot and very sexy

42 Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lynn Lopez, also known as J. Lo, is an American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author and producer.

The best of the best!

Unica great music great moves!

43 Lito y Polaco
44 Ñejo
45 Divino
46 Jowell

Best flow del reggeaton no hay nada k ver

47 Noztra

Has some of the best lyrics

48 Nova & Jory
49 Magnate
50 Cheka
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