Top Ten Best Robot Movies of All Time


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21 The Terminator

This movie should be #1 but I voted for terminator 2 because ya know it was already up there and it is 95% as good as #1

Why 30 Should Be #1 Because It Is The Same As RoboCop (1987)

In action the T-800 or if the T-101.

22 Robots

This movie isn't the best, but I liked this movie when I was little. I still sort of like it.

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23 Bicentennial Man

This is way to low on the list, this has to be one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. Robin Williams at his best! The role of a household robot who has something no other robot does, a personality. Best ever!

One of the most creative movies I have ever watched. For a Megaman fan, I love this.

24 A.I. - Artificial Intelligence

This is the best robot movie come on think about it

It is a very sad movie. loved it

The best movie I've ever seen

25 Judge Dredd
26 X-Men - The Last Stand

There's only one robot in one of the scenes, a giant Sentinel.

27 Robocop 2
28 Transformers: Age of Extinction

2 hours and 45 minutes of me wanting to kill myself and Michael Bay!

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29 Enthiran (Robot)
30 X-Men: Days of Future Past

They finally got to fight more robots than in the last stand. BEST XMEN MOVIE EVER!

31 Ra One

The robot is so powerful and got a lot of powers.the movie is awesome

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32 Aliens
33 Flight of the Navigator

I definitely agree. Max is so awesome! This film is phenomenal and needs more attention.

34 Iron Man 2

Why is this not on the top ten list? I can't believe this hit ain't part of the best ten. Iron Man rocks y'all. His metallic scenes are not like other movies

35 The Matrix Revolutions

The Zion battle scene was badass with those machine gun armed robots Vs. the real machines

36 Robocop 3
37 Prometheus
38 Robot and Frank
39 Ex Machina

This movie is so amazing and well structured! I saw it in theaters the other day and fell in love with it!

40 Chappie
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