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21 Catch the Rainbow - Rainbow Catch the Rainbow - Rainbow

This song and title is just amazing. Listening to it from "On Stage" live album is just breathtaking and awesome. What a performer and performance

22 Turn Up the Night - Black Sabbath Turn Up the Night - Black Sabbath
23 We Rock - Dio We Rock - Dio

Fast, anthemic, awesome.. The perfect metal song in my opinion done by the Man on the Silver Mountain

24 The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath
25 The Temple of the King - Rainbow The Temple of the King - Rainbow

Wow. This is top ten!

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26 All the Fools Sailed Away - Dio All the Fools Sailed Away - Dio

The most powerful singing by the voice of metal, in my opinion, the best dio song, followed by stargazer, rainbow eyes, don't talk to strangers, etc.

27 Die Young - Black Sabbath Die Young - Black Sabbath

One of dio's best songs.
Also the riff maker, Sir tony iommi did a great job.

One of the best songs! It should be on the top five

I love this Song so much!
It's a typical Dio Song...
The Feelings in this Song are so awesome and it still Rocks!
R.I. P Ronnie James Dio,
We will never forget you

28 Follow the Tears - Heaven & Hell
29 Starstruck - Rainbow Starstruck - Rainbow
30 Kill the King - Rainbow Kill the King - Rainbow

This song was insanely fast for the 70s and it was/is one of the most influential metal songs. It was covered by many bands:
Heathen, Metallica, Candlemass, Jorn, Primal Fear, Adrenaline Mob, Liege Lord, Grave Digger, and several more. - Metal_Treasure

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31 I - Black Sabbath I - Black Sabbath

How was this song not even included in the list? It's easily in the top twenty.

32 Tarot Woman - Rainbow Tarot Woman - Rainbow
33 Caught in the Middle - Dio Caught in the Middle - Dio
34 Metal Will Never Die - The Very Beast of Dio Vol. 2

Last song he wrote before he passed away..

35 Naked in the Rain - Dio Naked in the Rain - Dio
36 Neon Knights - Black Sabbath Neon Knights - Black Sabbath V 1 Comment
37 Computer God - Black Sabbath Computer God - Black Sabbath
38 Push - Dio Push - Dio
39 Killing the Dragon - Dio Killing the Dragon - Dio
40 Eriel - Dio
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