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81 Atrox
82 Nemesis of the Roman Empire

This is the most underrated game of all time

83 Seven Kingdoms

This is one of the best RTS game. Certainly it should come in list. The graphic aren't great but certainly the players who have played it know it well.

84 World War III: Black Gold
85 Dark Reign

Played them all, internet cafe worker, this one was the best!

Too little advertising made this great game unknown.

Well this isn't a well known game and it hasn't got a good story.
But the it's gameplay is better than the C&C's gameplay.
Just try it.

86 Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends

The game that helped sink BigHuge after the success fo Rise of Nations. It's a shame really, as in almost every way this is the better game. Highly original, madly inventive and lovely to look at, it remains an extremely contemporary gaming experience. It might be the last of the classic old school RTS. It's certainly one of the very best.

87 Kingdom Under Fire Heroes

Most underrated game of all time

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88 Majesty

Man when I looked at all the RTS games on the market and played most of them all or as much as I could take none came any closer to Majesty magnificient and 'majestic' mechanics.. no seriously if you love role playing a King or Queen or just Ruler of a kingdom or town.. this game is it. Mixes Sim-like interactions with overall Kingdom management and fighting like a normal RTS game tells you to do. Only downside is lack of multiplayer in my opinion or at least I never found it in the first one.. the second installment Majesty 2 has some multiplayer but in my opinion they left out the good parts.. one of them being mainly the meta game aka the quirky and funny characters and 'heroes' interactions and etc.

89 Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
90 Armies of Exigo

It's great what else

91 Auralux

Also known as Auroa
I love this game as it is a beautiful mix of melody and RTS ITS A MUST!


92 Empire Earth II

It is just amazing

93 Outlive
94 Gangland - Trouble In Paradise

The best and well... ONLY competitive Mafia RTS out there. It's a shame it never caught on, with a bit of balancing this game could be unique and great. Multiplayer still runs a bit, but single player is very rewarding to play.

95 Pikmin 2
96 Aliens Vs. Predator: Extinction

With three unique factions, bringing three of the most iconic science fictional characters: The Aliens, Predators, and Marines, this game certainly deserves a spot on the list regardless of it's outdated graphics and console restricted title, it still has managed to excite the inner nerdy glee from controlling some of science fiction's bests!

97 Pikmin 3 V 1 Comment
98 Commandos 2: Men of Courage

How can this not be on the list?

99 Dawn of Steel
100 Age of Empires Online
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