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21 Hue & Cry

The brothers Kane from Glasgow. Still going strong after almost 30 years in the business. Scotland's most funky dudes.

Kane Bros - bitter suite - beautiful.

22 Arab Strap

Deserve to be in the Top 10 for "The First Big Weekend" alone.

23 Skids

Crazy - if Big Country (deservedly) in top 3 then the Skids HAVE to be. Check out "Woman in Winter" and their other classics on YouTube and then change your votes!

One of the greatest bands ever from any country in the World!

I am Spanish and I can't believe that nobody added the Skids (even if it was just association because Big Country is there) - Esteluki

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24 Scars

No contest! One of the best bands to come out of the post punk era, lost count of the amount of times I saw 'em -should have been bigger, I ended up doing the artwork for Rob Kings (aka Lip Machine) Solo single "Lip Machine" but...

They have the best rhythm section, with great grooves! the lyrics are awesome, the guitar has a unique sound and so does the singer! what isn't there to like?

Utterly underrated band should have been recognised for the genuis they were!

A great band who should have been massive

25 Scocha
26 Citizen Cain
27 Twin Atlantic

Young, new and fresh, they've added a lot to the music industry nowadays and are current, they'll go far- they're even better live than on there studio albums!

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28 Cocteau Twins

One of the most influential bands in the world, let alone Scotland.

Words cannot express my love for Liz frasers stunningly beautiful voice utterly unique singer and band

#28? What? In a class by themselves if you ask this New Yorker. But hey, perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps these bands ahead of them on this list need my attention. All I can say is the Cocteau Twins are etherial bliss.

29 Frightened Rabbit

Super solid indie rock. Brilliant use of three guitarists, heart on sleeve lyrics... And great accents of course.

Best live band I've seen from Scotland for a few years.
Gman Shoreditch radio

30 Mogwai Mogwai Mogwai are a Scottish post-rock band, formed in 1995 in Glasgow. The band consists of Stuart Braithwaite, Barry Burns, Dominic Aitchison, and Martin Bulloch.

Their music caused my mate to collapse through the sheer volume and sensual assault. Mogwai are the only band which make me smile when I see them live.

A band that can create a wide range of emotions

Beautiful and angry all at the same time

31 Snow Patrol Snow Patrol Snow Patrol are a Northern Irish rock band formed in 1993, consisting of Gary Lightbody, Nathan Connolly, Paul Wilson, Jonny Quinn, and Johnny McDaid. V 2 Comments
32 Glasvegas

Glasvegas are a top band, not felt a Scottish band hit me with a wall of Guitar fuzz since the wonderful Big country

Very strong and true lyrics and then the sound is almost unique, their first album is best.

33 The Trashcan Sinatras

Ridiculously clever lyrics and infectious melodies. They are masters of the art of songwriting.

Cleverer than clever lyrics, guitar parts better than belle sweetest melodies SHOULD BE IN TOP TEN!

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34 The Paul McKenna Band

One of my favourite bands

35 The Blue Nile

These are essentiel and unique. No one comes close to the heartfelt vocals of Paul Buchanan. Pop perfection.

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36 Del Amitri

The best band in the world of all time. Justin's lyrics and vocals never equalled.

One of the great power pop bands of all time. I miss these guys!

Fantastic timeless lyrics. Great live. Sorely missed.

37 Bay City Rollers

Selling millions and MILLIONS of records in the 70s should surely get them higher than #67?!

Come on Laddies show the Rollers some love

Eric's hair makes him look a Chia Pet to be honest

38 Manran
39 Idlewild

Worldwide success. Continue to sell out venues.

40 The Beta Band V 1 Comment
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