Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)


I love almost every single screamer on this list, and those that I don't are just those that I've never taken the time to listen to. But Chester is hands-down the greatest screamer in the world. "Given Up", "QWERTY", "No More Sorrow", "Victimized", "Hit The Floor", "One Step Closer"... Just a few examples of his brilliantly powerful screaming voice. Like I said, I have a mad respect for lots of those listed below, particularly Danny Worsnop, Kurt Cobain, and Corey Taylor, among others, but Chester, to me, is absolutely unrivaled.

No question - Chester is the most intense screamer of our generation, with the ability to also display refined vocal skills. Easily switching from screaming to singing melodically, Chester impresses both album listeners and concert goers at every show. His screams are intense, loud, powerful, and -rare for the genre- completely understandable.

Chester is a great screamer!

Apart from given up's 18sec, with you(reanimation)'s 10sec and no more sorrows' 7sec...

Listen to linkin park's qwerty - chester can repeatedly scream and sing in soft voice without breaking breadth

I think (one of) the most amazing thing (s) about Chester's screams is the power-length ratio. And One, WTH_You, and Across The Line all feature 10-second screams. The legendary 18-second scream of MISERY in Given Up goes without saying. Crawling, No More Sorrow, and War all have 7-second screams. That performance of Wish featured a 15-second scream (live, mind you: just something he felt like doing, because he could). And that's not even mentioning the incredible screams he lets loose every night on Linkin Park's relentless touring schedule. Chester Bennington is just a natural screamer, and no one else can really compare.

All Screamers out there just sound almost the same, can't even sing, Chester is a Screamer and a Singer and he's the master for both, and he can scream a very high pitch and can control all the pitch/keys very well, Whatever Screamers out there do, Chester can do it but not all of them can do what Chester can do, Chester master all the technique in Screaming, Growl, False, Yell, Raspy and many more, The Legend!

Chester is hands down the greatest vocalist of all time, at least in my opinion. The sheer range of his vocal abilities is amazing! I think that while Danny Worsnop deserves second place (I'm a bit surprised Ronnie Radke isn't on here), Chester can't be beat. His screams infect every morsel of your being, making it hard not to burst out into a raging, ballistic scream in the middle of class.

Chester bennington is the best singer in the world

To be honest, He can beat any other. Especially SlipKnot.

SlipKnot aren't even good. Pathetic excuse of metal.

Have you even listened To Mark The Graves?

The End of the that song proves that he has the most powerful voice for screaming.

Also Given up is also proof that Chester can beat any screamer.

18 Second scream for the win! #1

GO GO Linkin Park!

Sings like an angel, SCREAMS LIKE A DEVIL! CHESTER BENNINGTON! No one could ever beat his 18 seconds of brutal scream, I mean NO ONE! He also have the ability to change voice, which is tuned-up to different sounds. Linkin Park Forever! Case closed...

And Chester screams his way to the top. Although I understand a lot of people complaining that he shouldn't be here because he doesn't scream anymore and all that, but frankly, he never WAS in a screaming band and he STILL deserves the spot because he CAN scream like a demon - if the 17 sec scream in Given Up wasn't enough and for those who say he doesn't scream anymore - listen to 'THE HUNTING PARTY' and also, He Has Screamed In Every Album of LP Till Date. His Live screams are stuff of legend, I mean Rock am Ring n Live in Texas - Man his screams can make u finish! And to top it off he can also sing like a god - his vocal range is mind blowing - listen to a song like War or Given Up and then switch to My December or The Messenger (or even his cover for Rolling in the Deep for that matter) and you know he's not someone you take lightly when it comes to skill

Chester Bennington is the greatest. No argument there. Not only can he scream, but he can sing absolutely amazingly as well. He clearly demonstrates that he has the ability and is the best singer of our generation. I don't think anyone can even come close to Chester's singing and screaming ability, ever.

He is the best screamer for sure! Not to mention his amazing voice! He can sing and scream perfectly, it always sounds incredible! And Linkin Park IMO is the best band ever! Guys are all amazingly talented, everything the create is GENIUS!

I can definitely prove that Chester screams louder than Danny Worsnop.
First of all, Chester use his true chords in order to scream while Danny is using false chords which is absolutely common in screaming. To be honest, Chester has a unique voice and unique screams like no other.

He's divine I mean it's crazy even after doing the surgery he didn't stop he's always giving his 100% and I don't think that there will be someone as good as Chester Charles Bennington in every song he promised us to be his best and he kept this golden promise and spending 24 hours listening to his songs whether of LP or DBS and STP he's always the best screamer and why not the best singer of our generation probably ever!

There are no other singers able to compete with him. His voice is simply a gift: He can space from a brutal Screaming (Faint, Given Up, Qwerty) to a melodic singing ( Little things give you away, Iridescent, Leave out all the rest). He has no rivals.

Chester is the reason linkin park is as good as it is, his voice in my opinion is by far the best I have ever heard. I am not trying to offend anyone by saying this but in my opinion Chester deserves first place, and I hope to see in 10 years time he is still there

Yeah chester is the best. Listen to given up he screams for 18 seconds with out stopping. Almost all metal bands doesn't perform good during live. But Linkin Park does just same with studio version watch Linkin Park live in Texas...

Chester has the most unique voice that ranges from screams to growls and melodies and harmonies. Chester Bennington will always be my favorite vocalist and as a person he's an amazing man. My votes will always got to Chester Bennington

Chester bennington of Linkin Park. Just simply amazing. Amazing recording in the studio, but even more amazing live because of his and mike's energy.
He's an awesome screamer but the 2 most recent albums don't make full use of that. I wish LP would go back to their original style. The style we call Linkin Park because it is something by itself...

With out a doubt Linkin park is still standing strong in this day an age there's a reason for it that they are still doing what they love to do. 1. Mike Is a very precise person when it comes to the music they do. 2. Chester is an echepchnal vocalist who balance out so well he's trained his vice and has mastered his craft. He is like no other and he will go down in history for his voice and stage presence

East or west Chester is the best. The pride of Linkin Park. He got the talent, he got the right way & he got the best support here. But I think Austin should also be in the list.

Chester voice has a sweet scream. When I listen to other band song through headphone my heads starts to pain but when it comes to chester (linkin park) my head dosen't pain because chester's scream has a nice tune in it, I think it can't be expressed by writing only

Chester deserves in the number 1 spot because he always rock my world and he is the best screamers ever in the world he screams 18 seconds can danny worsnop do that the answer is NO! Chester kicks danny's ass always

Awesome voice with his best screaming abilities has made us to get addicted to Linkin Park as well as their awesome song... I love him... CHESTER YOU ARE THE BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST EVER GREAT SINGER... GOD BLESS

I like how many of the newer singers below were INFLUENCED by Chester's screaming. Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, Suicide Silence, Devil Wears Prada. I can go on.

Best singer at all. He has brought a new era of band music... He is ruling all over the world and going successfully. GO GO Chester... With out you I shall Lost in the Echo.