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21 Sick or Sane
22 Between the Mountains and the Sea

Should be #1 or 2, such an amazing song, the lyrics are so touching.

The most beautiful senses fail song, makes me cry every time ❤

I love senses they are such an awesome band CX

One of their best new songs! They're an amazing band! All my love to theese guys! ❤️❤️❤️

23 Lungs Like Gallows
24 187
25 Battle Hymn
26 Hold On

One of their best, massively underrated, between the gut wrenching and fist pumping chorus and overall energy it's a great song

This songs needs to be higher on the list to be honest

27 Still Searching
28 Map the Streets
29 Angela Baker and My Obsession with Fire
30 Bonecrusher
31 Mi Amor
32 Renacer
33 The Martyr

Hard to find since it was written for guitar zero but there's a few good videos on YouTube and its well worth a listen. I'm a drummer and it's so fn hard to play I quit tryin

34 Lost and Found V 1 Comment
35 Slow Dance
36 War Paint

Best song for sure

37 Blackout
38 Martini Kiss
39 Wounds

Off their newest album, indescribable instrumentals, amazing vocals. Very unique.

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40 Pull the Thorns from Your Heart
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