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21 Convicted in Life

Classic! - Wrongway1985

22 Sarcastic Existence
23 Escape to the Void

Disappointed to see this so low, deserves at least top 15! Some of the best riffs ever - wolphert

24 Under Siege
25 Dusted V 1 Comment
26 Murder
27 Bestial Devastation

One of the best Sepultura songs ever!

28 Lobotomy
29 Infected Voice

Amazing, fastest song from Arise, I was surprised it wasn't on it yet.

30 War
31 Slaves of Pain
32 Kaiowas
33 Bullet the Blue Sky
34 Amen
35 Altered State

Top 5 work. I vote for this song while it's criminally low rated.

This song should be in the top 10. it's my favorite song by sepultura. such a good songs. how come it's so low ranked.

36 To the Wall

A beast of a song and hellishly underrated.

37 Biotech is Godzilla
38 Mask

This song is awesome. I lost count on how many times I played this song. The best song off Kairos.

39 Chaos B.C.

One of the grooviest beats in a metal song ever to be made. And definitely among the best in the Sepultura catalog. At the very least it deserves an honorable mention here.

One of the grooviest beats ever to be put into a metal song. Definitely one of Sepultura's best, in my opinion. At the very least I think it deserves an honorable mention.

40 Nomad
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