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21 Cicada Cicada
22 Without You Without You

Awesome Vocals, Brilliant Bass, Unbelievable Drumming, Rockin Guitar and just the whole combination!

23 Abuse Me Abuse Me

This song deserves to be in the top 5 for sure

24 Slave

Best drop d tune song by them for sure

This song is one of their heavier songs. I love it - Sabbath

25 Tuna In the Brine Tuna In the Brine

Agree so much with the last comment. I think this is their best song.

Such a creative and catchy of the greatest songs ever

Ack... Seeing Tomorrow at the top of this list makes me want to puke.
You'd think after 12 years it'd be obvious to anyone what Johns' intentions as a song writer were, but nope, apparrently we're all just revelling in our angst with a song literally by a 12 year old playing on repeat.
Tuna In The Brine is by far the peak of Johns' and Parks' collaboration, and as far as composition goes, Johns' best, possibly Australia's best.

26 The Door The Door
27 One Way Mule One Way Mule

How is this song not in the top 3? How is tomorrow and Freak in there? Because they were on the radio? One of the top 3 best bands in the 1990's should get more love than this.

28 Findaway Findaway
29 Madman Madman
30 Acid Rain
31 London's Burning
32 Lie to Me

Classic Grunge track off freak show deserves to be in the top ten

33 Asylum

This song sadly can't be found anywhere iTunes or google play. It was part of the second disc to the "Diorama box set". This song was brilliant, definitely deserves a place on the list.

34 Do You Feel the Same Do You Feel the Same V 1 Comment
35 No Association
36 Across the Night Across the Night

Nice hooks, great vocal gymnastics.

37 Reflections of a Sound Reflections of a Sound
38 Cicada Cicada
39 If You Keep Losing Sleep If You Keep Losing Sleep
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