Best Singers in One Direction

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1 Zayn Malik Zain Javadd Malik, born on 12 January 1993, who records mononymously as ZAYN, is a British singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Bradford, ZAYN aspired to pursue a career in music from a young age leading him to audition as a solo artist for the British reality television music competition The X more.

Zayn's vocals should never go unnoticed. His control over his voice is so captivating. His high notes leave me speechless, and they continue to surprise me with every new video I come across. He is a true saint brought into this world, and his success is well-deserved. He has a great heart, along with a brilliant voice, and he has a long way to go in his career still.

There is something I have noticed about Zayn, he never tries and sings his parts with such ease, while Harry is screaming on top of his lungs. But, Zayn is just not cut out for fame, he auditioned for x factor just to know if he can sing, whereas his band mates wanted fame. Even though he is way better as a singer, If he wanted he could go solo, but he doesn't have the right attitude, personality and confidence. If he had liam or Harry's personality he could have been a solo singer rather than being in a band. The only reason he has stayed in the band is due to having other people around him because he is also really shy. On top of that all the racial & religious slurring he gets might make him hesitant. Which is why I doubt he will ever become a solo singer after the band disbands. It will be such a disappointment if he doesn't, because that voice will be wasted on him. I hope he does, he can do things with his voice that even most of the mainstream solo artist can't do.

Zayn has a much better voice than the rest of the boys, even Harry. His range is unmatched. This is apparent in songs like You and I, Best Song Ever, and Right Now. While Harry and Liam do have good range, they cannot compete with Zayn's (listen to Liam try to hit Zayn's high note in You and I). His voice is so much stronger. He is given the difficult and impressive parts of their songs (Best Song Ever, Ready to Run, come on come on, Steal My Girl). However, these often go unrecognized because they are in the background. This does not make them any less impressive, however. The strength in his voice is very apparent, and it seems like he is always able to do exactly what he wants to with it.

Zayn has got it going on. He obviously has the most vocal range, not to mention, the boy is absolutely beautiful. Liam was my favorite at first and of course everyone loves harry but I gain more admiration for Zayn every day. For those of you who think zayn can't make it as a solo artist, you're sadly mistaken. I guarantee he will have a solo career. I think once he embarks on his solo career he will become more outspoken. Plus half the time the other boys don't give him a chance to speak!

I will say one thing though, Liam is hands down the most under appreciated band member in one direction. I am happy to see him as number two on this list because he deserves it. But I follow a ton of Instagram and tumblr accounts and damn this boy does not get enough credit! He's amazing.. Come on girls, get with it!

Regardless, I love them all. Can't wait to see them in august

2 Harry Styles Harry Edward Styles is an English singer and songwriter, known as a member of the boy band One Direction. He has since become well known as a solo artist with two albums; "Harry Styles" and "Fine Line".

Harry Styles; what a powerful name. Not only does he have the voice of an angel, but he has a heart of pure gold. He will continue to shock me every time a new song comes out because his voice is so captivating and wonderful, it's almost unreal. He has made an impact on many people, saving peoples' lives in the process. His voice feels like a comfort method, a safe place, and a home where you can safely put your heart.

Harry has a rasp to his voice. He gives emotion, every time I listen to him, live especially, I feel myself tearing up. Other than the fact he is attractive, is it the hair or eyes? He puts pure passion and that will get him somewhere where only a few have gone, cheeky boy too, so charismatic! He has grit, he gives emotions, he is a baritone/tenor but he is simply put the young man in One Direction I believe that Simon in the beginning could have let off as a solo artist. You listen to him once, you are addicted and this is coming from a non fan, Harry Styles is a special man and the world deserves to see what the boy has to ofter. He hits his notes but he himself has vocal damage throughout the years of constant singing but he has had the break, all of them and I can not wait to hear this special boys music!

I honestly think Harry's voice, in a way, is the best, at least along with Zayn. And I'm not only saying this because he's my favorite. He always hits the right notes, and he has this raspy thing going on, that makes it all the more attractive to listen to. He can also do better note changes than anyone from the group. Although, I agree that Liam can also do good note changes. And Zayn already left, so he shouldn't even be on this list anymore. And Niall and Louis can't do them very well. So I just think Harry has the best voice. If you want any evidence, look up "Harry Styles best vocals," and "one direction fourfiveseconds cover live lounge," and skip to 1:33. Even though he was a little sick, he could still sing and do beautiful note changes.

Harry shows more emotion and passion in his music, he has a completely different style then the boys. I truly think that he gives a different vibe when he sings, you just want to let go,and you truly feel comfortable. Don't get me wrong Zayn has an amazing voice but harry has more than just a great voice he shows passion in everything he does and he shows us how iconic he can be. He has always been the different one in the band, and I truly think that he should get more credit. He's different the music he puts out there for us to listen is inspiring and he's always shown us that side of him giving us a taste of what he's about but now he's just showing us more of it giving us the fool meal.

3 Liam Payne Liam James Payne is an English singer and songwriter. He made his debut as a singer when he auditioned as a solo artist for the British television series The X Factor in 2008 with "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra.

Liam Payne is the best vocalist in one direction and has the most beautiful and crazy voice. I love his vocals and he has natural God given talent that God blessed him with.

Liam is so much more than a singer. He is an inspiration, a star, and an incredible person who has changed and saved lives. His voice is strong and powerful, and it leaves me craving more whenever I hear him. He can sing any type of music, and he sounds good doing every single one of them. He started as a teenager and turned into an amazing man who deserves the world. His high notes and confidence on and off the stage are something to be intensely admired.

I love Liam Payne vocals, very incrediblely gift and crazy vocalist. Which has God given talent and I wish him nothing but the best.

Liam has good sense of rhythm and pitch which is very important and not a lot of people have. It's called musicality that only some singers and some dancers have. Liam himself said in an interview he is easily able to pick out the notes in a song just by listening to it. He has an excellent ear for pitch and tone which was the reason why he started almost all of One Direction's songs earlier on. He has the largest range among ALL the boys including Zayn. He sings both the lowest parts and the falsettos too. Crystal clear falsetto and deliciously smooth voice. His voice sounds good on traditional pop songs as well as jazz and swing and R&B songs. He is the most versatile singer. He makes most of the harmonies in the songs and he transitions easily from low pitch voice to his head voice as seen in "Kiss You'. In harmonies, he does both low and high harmonies. He actually sings a lot more than we think. Don't understand why his voice and talent is so unappreciated. He raps and beat boxes ...more

4 Niall Horan Niall James Horan is an Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist, known as a member of the boy band One Direction.

Niall has this raw talent inside him that I can't quite describe. His voice makes me want to laugh and dance in the rain, and, at the same time, it makes me want to cry my eyes out. No matter what he sings, his voice speaks volumes louder than any other sound I've heard. He has this thing about him that can't be put into words. His lyrics and vocals shock me every time I hear him, and he should be so insanely proud of himself for how far he's come in his career so far.

Niall Horan deserves much more attention than what he's getting right now.

He has TALENT, yet he's left out a lot and that's disappointing and sad.
Maybe some girls don't like the fact he seems "normal" and not a full blown rock star? Niall is talented, honest, cute, polite, humble and is not just a good looking face to tape to your wall.

If people could get passed the "Looks surpass Talent" state of mind, I wouldn't be surprised to see him at the top. Not saying that everyone who voted for the others were just based on their looks, but I know that a lot did because that's normally what most fangirls point out.

Niall sings great and has a voice that stands out from the other band members and he can play guitar. Also has a great personality and seems to be least likely to have the fame go to his head.
Zayn is a good singer, but his voice is similar to Harry's and just doesn't seem unique to really stand out. I can't say much about his personality because I ...more

I can't even begin to say how amazing Niall is. His voice was usually just used in the chorus's and he didn't have much solos the earlier years but they made such a mistake doing that.

His personality shines through his voice. He can hold his solo and also very good at backing vocals, which no offense not every member can do it justice. It's definitely, because he has a very crystal clear finish to his voice (because raspy voice is strong, but doesn't match to almost everything) Niall is just very versatile with his voice and can suit to Harry's, Liam's, Zayn's or Louis' voice.

5 Louis Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson is an English singer-songwriter, known as a member of the boy band One Direction. He was born on 24 December 1991 in Doncaster.

Louis's voice is unique in the best way possible. He has such passion when he sings and he makes you feel safe when you listen to him. His music speaks louder than anything, and he is criminally underrated. His drive is incredible, and it is so incredible to hear him improve not just his voice, but his confidence. It is also incredible that he continues to be strong after all he has been through with losses in his life. He should never be put down by anyone because he stays smiling even in the toughest of times. When I hear him sing, I'm home.

Guys, the others are really good, and I know that they were on X-Factor, but look, I feel like the others are talented but there are other people who they could sound very similar to in the music industry, but when you listen to Louis, you have no doubt that it is Louis, because his voice is so unique and special and just because you can't appreciate that doesn't make him a bad singer. I think a lot of people voted for the others because they like them overall better. Everyone LOVES Harry, Liam is pretty hot, Zayn has a dangerous thing going on that girls like, and Niall is adorable in a semichildish way. And that's why they like them, and I think that they didn't try to look past that to figure out who is the best SINGER. I think Zayn might be the best, but Louis SO does not deserve to be last.

I love louis! I think his voice is so underrated and he gives the band that sound that everyone loves. Without me the band would be flat. Not saying that all the other members are bad singers they just have around the same pitch, while Louis has more of a higher pitched voice. I don't think he should be in last.

Of the five of them, though they all display admirable qualities in the studio, the best live singer tends to be Louis. Even though his voice may be a light, bright tenor, and his range is the most limited, he is the only one that sounds consistently comfortable singing both on the high and low ends of his range. Take Zayn - great middle range and high belts, but a virtually non-existent low range, and his falsetto is weak. Liam and Harry both sound strained and uncomfortable belting above a G4 (G above middle C), and Niall, though he has a nice voice, doesn't really have a distinctive sound. Louis really works with his voice and has the best technical approach to his instrument.