Louis Tomlinson

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The thing about Louis' voice is that, while it may not have the largest range, or while he may not possess the most 'musicality' in the group, it's certainly distinctive. And, for me, that's what matters. When I listen to a One Direction song, I'll admit that I can get mixed up between the similar tones of Harry's, Zayn's and Liam's voices at times. But when Louis sings, I always /know/, because his voice is just so different, and so beautiful in a unique way. There's an almost feminine quality to it, whilst it still retains the 'rugged' style that's so popular at the moment. It's honestly lovely, and if they all had solo careers, Louis' single would be the one I would buy, simply because it would sound so different to the norm.

I think that in the new album he has more of a chance to shine, especially since he wrote twelve of the songs, and I hope that his voice gets a little more appreciation because of it. He doesn't deserve to be last.

I think that everyone just thinks the others are better, because they sound like they're good when they are recorded. Although all of them are good, Louis so does not deserve to be the last because he, zayn, and liam sings the most accurately even on live. To be honest, I think niall might be last. When I went to their take me home tour concert, my whole family admit that louis was the best because although he might not be able to sing as high as zayn, he sings better than when he's recorded as for the other guys, they sound better. Also louis has that unique raspy voice which we all love. Maybe auto tuning or something messes up his voice when being recorded

I personaly LOVE Louis's voice. The first song I ever heard of one direction, I stop on Louis's solo and it just made me want to know more about him. He's the reason I became a one direction fan. His voice makes me melt each time I hear it. When I'm mad or something his voice calm me down instantely. And I just so not understand why people are always saying that he doesn't sings well. I mean yes is x-factor audition wasn't the best but he as inproved so much since. People just need to give him a chance. I love Louis and his voice so much.

Why does everyone think louis' the worst singer?! Yes, he mucked up his audition but after that he's been really good and consistent! Everyone else gets the impression that he's the worst singer because he don't have many solos so they don't pay no attention to him and just listen to the others and presume that their voices are better! And actually, it's louis' voice that's usually turned up in concerts which proves he's better

Louis is so cute and he has a really good accent in his voice that makes me sad when he sings sad songs.

Simple: His voice stands out the most and it's unbelievably raw that I can't help but feel what he is going through while he sings. It's not always about the best voice but who can provide the better connection and emotion while performing, and Louis Tomlinson definitely proves himself doing so. He is by far the best. I listen to his cover of "Look After You," by the Fray everyday and before I go to sleep. It's absolutely beautiful and stunning to the ears.

This is so pathetic!
I just wanna clarify this points so you can all understand why Louis is so special in this group.
First: He sings the best in live. Why? Because he's the only member of the group who can sing the same as the studio version of the song they are singing
Second: If he sings we all know its him. Why? Because he got the most unique voice in the group. You know all people says that in every group there's always this member that differs compare to others because of their vocal. Louis' voice is the most special in all the members.
Third: In their latest album Midnight Memories he co-composed almost all the songs in the album which is 12 songs out of 18 but the thing is he got the least solo part. That, I don't know why. He's the most underrated.
Fourth: He's the only member that can properly harmonize each voices of the member of the band.
This list will go as far as I don't know where but if I'll write all the reason it will take days to write. That ...more

I would say every single one of them has a great voice. Zayn is awesome at hitting the high notes, Liam has the best technique, Harry's voice is sexy, Niall has a soft heart melting voice and Louis' voice is beautiful and I'm voting for him just cause I don't think its fair that he is last

Louis' voice is unique. You can always tell when he's singing and he makes the 1d interesting. I'm not a fan of them but the times I heard their songs I always remembered him and not the rest of the boys. His raspy high pitched tone makes every thing he sings sound sincere, raw and emotional. One Direction would be nowhere without him. They would just be another monotonous boyband with voices that sound pretty much the same. He leads pretty much every single chorus and gives them a full and complete sound at live performances. People underestimate his singing skills but I'll tell you, he can do high notes, he can do low notes. He's the best one from 1d.

Louis is given the least parts, but his voice is very light and soft a little different from the rest. but I love him the most. it's just different from the rest

I think louis is a really good singer. Louis is under appreciated. He is a really good singer. He is funny, nice, good looking, and super sweet. You people who are putting hate in him, STOP. You wouldn't like it if he was doing that to you. He wouldn't because he is so nice to everyone.

I think he and Niall have the best voices ever and they're the only once you can differentiate them from the ready of the band plus they're hot and amazing singers I think they should get mire solos which they deserve even thought they can't hit low and high notes that much they'd still the most amazing singers II know

I think Louis has the cutest voice out of all. It is not too loud but is smooth and soft. The way he stands on stage with the microphone putting the best effort he could ever make. He is really proud of himself and we are proud for him to be a great person always smiling, good hair, super cute, lovely and a angel singer. Just saying I believe that everyone is voting by the beauty of the lads but instead just focus on the way they talk and sing or scream this is why they made this voting page. Louis did many soccer games for charity and dyed his hair red. When I see videos of 1d live performing I see louis shining in the midle like an angel. SO PUT YOUR THUMBS UP FOR THIS BABE!

I feel like Lou deserves a little more attention. Even if it means Larry. Lou is an amazing person! I feel like there is too much attention on Harry that no one else focuses on Louis. He is a very good singer and his eyes are just the most amazing thing ever! Everything about Lou is perfect.

The rest of the band is great, but seriously, when Louis sings you KNOW it's him. Without a doubt he has one of the best voices. Harry & Liam have quite similar voices, along with Zayn. Niall's is quite unique, but he is Irish, after all. But then you hear Louis. He sounds like an angel. Come on, he's the best.

I feel like Louis is so underrated. People still think of him as the boy from the X Factor. Yeah, he was a weak singer back then but he's definitely improve. He puts so much emotion into his singing. Also his voice is really distinctive, you always know its him. I'm not saying Louis is the best singer in One Direction, but he definitely doesn't deserve to be on the bottom.

I just hope people know the difference between 'better voice' and 'better singer' like to be honest I don't know why liam, harry and zayn got the most solos when they almost sounds the same, specially zayn and harry. Look in no control and drag me down, last first kiss and one thing and act my age. Those songs sounds good, they're all lead by louis or niall, because those two sounds different from the rest of them. No offense but that's the truth.

Louis has such a beautiful, warm voice. Most singers in the music industry have similar, generic, voices, but Louis' vocals are SO unique and lovely. He carries the melodies. Sometimes I. The studio version his voice is just layered on the others at a lower volume because management sucks, but in live performances of acoustic versions, HE CARRIES THE MELODY. His voice is the one that can be heard singing the catchy bop or the slow ballad. Not Harry, like in the studio versions. Louis. This smol baby sunshine does not deserve to be last by any means. His voice makes me emotional every time I hear it.

To be honest their isn't a best they are all really good, but if I had to choose it would be Louis because when you here him sing its like an angel, the second best is Niall because since he has an Irish accent it sounds so cool

Louis' voice really brings the connection I always look for when I listen to songs. That raspy quality makes you want to listen to it over and over. You know when you're listening to music and you find yourself going back again and again because you just can't help yourself, that's me when I hear him singing.

Louis's voice is extremely underrated. His unique, quirky voice sets him apart from more classic-sounding bandmates Harry, Liam and Zayn. The soft edge to his voice makes it nice to listen to and even better when he has passion. He also sounds the least auto-tuned, maintaining an authentic voice while performing songs live. HIs leading vocals in "No Control" prove to anyone who thinks Louis' voice is bad that his voice is incredible. Given the chance to do more prominent solos, I think Louis' talents would shine through.

He may have the most limited range in the group but I really love the fact that his voice is so pure. Listen to the acoustic version of some of their songs and you can pick his voice out even if they are singing as a whole. He gives them edge as none of the other boys can sing as high as him.

I will never understand why Louis is at the bottom. Yeah, maybe he shouldn't be at the top but I think that he definitely has a very unique voice that he does not get enough credit for. He is not the boy from The X Factor, yet that is how people see him. His voice has matured so much but people fail to notice this. Even though he usually has the smallest amounts of solos, his voice always seems to shine through. I always feel
Like Louis is so underrated.

He is the only one who has the real live vocals like as in the audio. The other lads had different voices when live especially Harry

Louis' voice is definitely the most unique one, yet the most underrated one. No doubt he is the last one on this list! His voice might not be the strongest or the deepest in the group, but its definitely the most emotionally effective. His voice is an amazing mixture of soft, raspy and high-pitched. Plus, his voice is the easiest to recognize. Sadly, I feel like his singing abilities have not been explored to their full potential!