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1 Story of My Life Story of My Life

Cool song!

The best song from SD ever. Deserves to be number 1. Great Guitar riff, amazing vocals, great solo what more do you need?

This is simply one of social distortions greatest songs. And I'm trying to figure out why it's not number 1

Tells an excellent story and has a really catchy beat. Instant classic!

2 Machine Gun Blues Machine Gun Blues

Machine Gun Blues it's a modern rock/punk masterpiece!

I think this song it's cool and the best SD song ever!

Machine Gun Blues! This has to be number 1 it's an amazing song with great lyrics

Great hard pounding beat and the video immortalized it.

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3 Ball and Chain Ball and Chain

Good Track

Better than Machine Gun Blues and Story Of My Life - CedreticFomento

In my opinion this is the best Social Distortion song.

Great song! Easily number 2! Amazing lyrics

4 Reach for the Sky

Great song, great band

A Great Song with a Great Meaning behind it!


My favorite song,i relly love,should be on #1

5 Don't Drag Me Down

AWESOME song, never get tired of listening to it. - Amz_P

How can this be at number 8? Great lyrics, an incredible energy, and possibly my favorite guitar riff of all time. A punk rock masterpiece.

Lyrics make perfect sense, riff is awesome, punk rock at its finest.

Ok I agree that the lyics don't make that much of a sense, but they do bring out emotions, esp of sadness & FRUSTRATION... The leads and rhythm are truly amazing...

6 Cold Feelings

this is a great song, I really like it, as well as most social distortion songs- one of my favorite bands!

Number one. This is the one that turned me on to SD.

7 I Was Wrong

Got to make money to support the band, and this is a crowd pleaser. Love it. I'm also a Beatles fan.

I love it.. Nice song!

8 Angel's Wings

What? How is this not on the top ten? It's such a tender and genuine ballad. It's so beautiful and sweet.

Good song, with even a little bit better memories unified.

I't was the best song at my sons funerel :(

9 Ring of Fire

This is by far one of the best cover songs I have heard. Great interpretation of a Cash classic, period! Adds so much character to their eponymous debut. I have not heard all Cash cover songs, but I would say this is likely among the best.

This is 1 of the best song by them it should have been in top 5 list

Best remake of a true classic song EVER! So good!

Stupidest song I have ever heard in my whole entire life, and I mean I'm forty three and a musical genius. Playing several instruments. This song is really stupid and I really do not like any of it.

10 Through These Eyes

Great melody. Love it.

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11 Mommy's Little Monster
12 Another State of Mind

This song started it all; it is so good - SliderRob31

13 Bad Luck

Great song- should be much higher

14 Prison Bound

Amazing track, receives no support on radio or satellite radio, catchy hook, story telling lyrics... An absolute classic, best SD song out there... Plus, it basically was their come back to the music scene after being out for about 5 years...

Their best song... Great story telling... Sung with a lot of emotion and its great live also! Awesome lyrics!

One of their greatest songs in my opinion. Makes me want to go to lockdown! Plus it tells his story.

Their best song, punk rock story telling at its best, gets better with age!

15 Highway 101
16 So Far Away

Great song

Awesome guitar work

This song should of been a hit song

Wait never mind it can't be a hit cause it has no music video

Well the song is still awesome!

17 Sick Boys
18 Winners and Losers

Should be rated higher.

Best Social D song ever!

19 When the Angels Sing

Easily a top 5 song for me. Great vocals and relaxing instrumentals. I just love it!

20 Making Believe
21 Playpen
22 She's a Knockout
23 Ghost Town Blues
24 Indulgence
25 Far Behind

Many good SD songs in the top tier but Far Behind needs to move way up on the list! Mike Ness at his best! - SociallyxxDistorted

We all know someone like this. Great lyrics and even better riffs

This is such an amazing song!

One of My favourite songs to stick on, proper Rock N Roll tune! - daarman01

26 Sometimes I Do
27 1945.0
28 Don't Take Me for Granted

Great song!

Why you can forget this first best song os SD?

29 Let It Be Me

How is their most kickass tune only at 29? It was the first track of theirs I heard, great vocal, killer guitar, I can't understand why it isn't one of their greatest hits.

I Love every single one of Social Distortion's songs, something about let it be me is above the rest for me. I find myself repeatedly playing this song on my guitar, repeatedly listening to it on the phone when I ride the bus or the train. funny enough, this song's got the simplest of patterns, only two chords with the same progression for the entire song, verse and chorus, but tight timing for all the instruments, the guitar sound never sounded better, the bass is doing it's work perfectly, the lyrics are deep but catchy, the singing is top notch especially in the end where mike ness reaches his highest notes, and the guitar solo is a perfect combination of hard rock and blues, the best solo mike has ever done in my opinion. this song is the perfect image for social d. the rhythm and heaviness of punk rock with melodies of country and blues thrown in and it feels so right. - - AvivDavidSD

30 Born to Lose
31 King of Fools
32 Bye Bye Baby
33 California (Hustle and Flow)

Great traffik jam... Laugh out loud

34 Still Alive

Found this song years ago. At just the right time.

35 Round and Round She Goes
36 Road Zombie
37 Gimme the Sweet and Lowdown
38 Diamond In the Rough
39 Telling Them
40 99 to Life
41 When She Begins
42 It Wasn't a Pretty Picture
43 It Coulda Been Me
44 Writing On the Wall
45 Hour of Darkness
46 Anti-Fashion
47 All the Answers
48 Moral Threat
49 Alone and Forsaken
50 Take Care of Yourself
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1. Story of My Life
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1. Angel's Wings
2. Machine Gun Blues
3. Highway 101

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